New Friends And Very Old Friends!

Hold up your left hand with the back of it facing you.  There you have the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

IMG_2425Use your imagination.  That’s Michigan surrounded on 3 sides by lovely blue lakes!

As we leave Lakeport State Park we are headed west, towards the Lake Michigan side.  We are crossing at about the middle of the palm.  We could make it in one day, but I’m slow, and besides we have plans to meet some new friends while we camp at Birch Run.  That would be Dawn and her Sheltie princess, Katie.

FullSizeRenderDawn and Katie…and Joy too.

We discovered each other because we both read RV Sues blog.  Dawn (and sometimes Katie) write their own blog called ‘Change Is Hard’.  Dawn and I have been following each other’s blogs and when she read in mine that I was going to be near her neck of the Michigan woods, we decided to meet up.  The weather was so drenchingly wet that we came close to calling it off, but we had both prepared food for our little celebration (vegan food!), and we were hungry so darn it, we decided to go for it during a break in the rain, and when the flood around my site receded!

IMG_4497The flood…we can’t even get out the door!

We had a nice visit and lunch and the pupsters got along just fine.  By ‘just fine’ I mean that they were all very casual and peaceful about being in the presence of each other’s royalty.  🙂

Dawn is an excellent photographer and she took some very nice pictures:

IMG_5195How did she get everyone to look right at her?


IMG_5186In these two pictures I feel like Dawn picked up my kids personalities exceptionally well.

After a couple of rainy days in Birch Run, we travel on, mostly west, a little north, to Muskegon, to a KOA on a small lake there.  While in the area we check out Muskegon State Park.  It’s crowded with campers but the beach and the dunes are empty.

IMG_2382Sand dunes at Muskegon State Park with Lake Michigan beyond.

After a couple of days in Muskegon, we are on the move again.  So many places I want to see in this state where I lived half my life but never saw much of.  We spend 2 days at Silver Lake, not too far from Ludington ( still on the ‘left coast’).

IMG_4554Silver Lake.  Beyond the lake are sand dunes and beyond the dunes (which you can’t see in this picture) is Lake Michigan.

FullSizeRenderThe Petite Pointe Au Sable Lighthouse on Lake Michigan near Silver Lake.

FullSizeRenderJoy and Shiloh take a quick dip in Lake Michigan.

And then…

FullSizeRenderAwe man.  Well what did I THINK would happen?  Can you even imagine how much sand I got out of her coat?

Then finally, we make it to Petoskey.  I’ve been looking forward to this time at Petoskey State Park because there is another meet up planned.  Marie and Ray (the friends I stayed with in Tawas) are here already and another friend of Marie’s and mine from high school is coming to join us!  I haven’t seen Diane in about 12 years, and before that our meet ups have been brief and few and far between.  We three umm…girls… spend Friday non stop visiting.  We go waaay back.  These are the ‘girls’ I went to see the Stones with in 1965 and 66…my first two Stones concerts.  Well, in those days I guess ‘concerts’ really wasn’t the right word, but we went to see them…and try to hear them…play songs like Not Fade Away, Satisfaction, Get Off My Cloud, and like that.  November of 65 our seats were right in the center of the 5th row and we paid $3.50 each for them.  In July of 66 we scored the 12th row for a couple dollars more. Some great memories there, but mostly we didn’t talk about things like that.  We were catching up.  Fifty years…there’s a lot to cover.

IMG_4599Fifty years later…

Saturday Marie and Ray have to leave early, so Diane takes Joy, Shiloh and I on a little walking tour of the very lovely down town Petoskey.  She doesn’t live here but she’s worked here in the past.

FullSizeRenderNice day in Petoskey.

I’m SO VERY GLAD we were able to pull this off! What a great time we had!  Time…whatever it is…seems to fall away.  We are the same but different.  Shaped by life experiences good and bad, we are different but the same.  We’ve all worked out our lives and done ok.  It’s good to see that.

And kudos to Ray for backing WS into my site at the park.  Left up to me I’d still be working on that.  It was preplanned…those sites are tight  and small and he volunteered to do it when we were making plans to go there.

FullSizeRenderRays excellent back in job.

I have one more meet up planned with a friend while I’m in Michigan, but there are some other people I sure wish I could see again too…

We are going to hang out in the upper part of the Lower Peninsula for a couple more weeks.  I’ll keep you posted!




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A Few Trips Down Memory Lane Part 2

Warning!  This is long!

⚓️ Port Huron.

On the east side of the mitten that is Michigan, just about where the thumb attaches to the hand on the outside, sits the city called Port Huron.  On its eastern boarder is Lake Huron and the St Clair River, with Sarnia, Ontario on the other side of the river.

IMG_4281Canada is there on the far side of the river.  To the far left, the lake flows into the river.

The two countries are connected here by the Blue Water Bridge, which is now actually two bridges, one going in each direction.

IMG_4444A picture from under the bridge.

What makes me gasp though isn’t the bridge, but the color of the water that flows beneath!  I can’t describe it, and pictures don’t do it justice, but the blueness is just amazing.


I have a ‘thing’ for Port Huron.

IMG_4290Downtown Port Huron.

Various reasons I guess.  I bought a house with a view of the river,  and lived here for a very short time once.  It didn’t work out and I went back to California, but still, I have a ‘thing’ for Port Huron….and Lake Huron….and the St Clair River.

Lake Huron is one of the five Great Lakes.  It’s the 2nd largest by surface area and the third largest by volume of water.  It’s average depth is 195 feet, and it’s maximum depth is 750 feet!  That must have been a mighty big glacier sliding by, digging that trench.  The lake was named by the French, for the Huron people that inhabited the area.  The lake flows into the st Clair River, which is 40.5 miles long, 800 feet wide at its narrowest point, and between 30 and 70 feet deep.  The beautiful blue water travels through it, down to Lake St Clair (where I grew up), then into the Detroit River and on into Lake Erie.  Besides the water flowing through, there are the freighters, these behemoth ships are….I don’t know….something to behold….mesmerizing.  I love watching them travel silently down the river, and as a child I used to love listening to their fog horns mournful blasts, when they made their way through the mist and fog that hung over the waters of Lake St Clair.


FullSizeRenderMore wow.

FullSizeRenderGosh!  Actually those pipes that look like they are sticking up in the middle of the ship are not.  They are over in Canada.

Did you know that Thomas Edison spent part of his boyhood living in Port Huron?  He was the most prolific inventor in American history, and he only went to school for a few months.  His teacher considered him a poor student so his mom taught him from home.  Also he became deaf during his childhood.


IMG_4412Here is the rock mentioned above and his childhood home behind it to the right.

We think of him as the inventor of the light bulb and the phonograph, and those world changing inventions must have taken a long while, but he actually held 1,093 patents in the US, and many in other countries as well.  He was 7 when his family moved to Port Huron, and today the city honors his memory with the Thomas Edison Depot Museum.


FullSizeRenderNot a bad looking guy. ☺️

Oops.  Again I digress…but he’s kind of a hero of mine…along with Mick Jagger. (😁 Wonder how he would feel about that?)

☕️ Friends

I have some company!  Tuesday, June 13, my dear friend Denise comes to visit me at my camp at Lakeport State Park.  She brings her little tiny 7 pound dog, Macie.

FullSizeRenderDenise and I pick up like we’ve never been apart, though we have had rare contact since I moved from Michigan in 1987.

IMG_4353Denise and I, together again. ❤️

We talk non-stop.  She has very recently experienced a traumatic event in her life, with the death of her husband…’Buddy Boy’ to my kids back in the day.  We were church friends.  Remember the picture of Bethany Baptist Church in the previous post?  That’s where we met when I was about 20, and she a tad younger.  We got married around the same time and had our kids around the same time, except she had three and I had two….all boys.  Denise knows all my deep dark stuff and loves me still…as does Marie.  Thank you guys…friends like you are worth much more than gold.

On Wednesday another friend from ‘out in the sticks’ was planning a visit but that fell through at the last minute, which made me sad.  We were ‘that close’ to seeing each other again for the first time in 40-45 years.  I ate your lunch Jackie.  😐

Thursday, June 15, what a beautiful day!  And another chance to visit another old friend whom I met in Junior High.  Mary and her husband John invited us to their home.  These two were actually going together when we met, and they are still in love and it shows.


First we had an extended coffee time on their big beautiful front porch that looks out on the St Clair River.


Then Mary and I walk the dogs along the river to a place she knows of where they can take a swim.





When Joy and Shiloh are cool and comfortable Mary takes me to lunch.  We never stop talking…catching up.  What a sweet woman she is, and I swear, I REALLY swear, she looks the same as she did when we were in school…except even cuter.

Between visits with friends I spent time around the Port Huron area, watching the freighters, shopping, and taking the dogs to a little riverside park I know of, where they can take a dip….and I can watch more freighters.

FullSizeRenderWatching freighters with the ducks!

🏕 Lakeport State Park


The little camping I did (in a tent) when the kids were young, was here at Lakeport.  My son Jason’s best friends mom Sue, liked to camp, and she literally taught me how right here.  The park also has changed however, and all I recognize is where the trail leads down to the beach.  Nothing else looks familiar.  It’s a really nice…and popular…state park with electric at each site and always a water spigot nearby.


IMG_2309Our campsite at Lakeport.

There are showers and bathrooms, and a fair amount of pull through sites, one of which I had reserved.  Also there is a nice camp store with a little bit of everything.

The only problem is that there are no dogs allowed on the beach, so, needless to say, there is no ‘me’ on the beach either.  I remember it to be quite beautiful, and rocky at the waters edge, which is not unusual at Lake Huron beaches.  Swim shoes are needed.  But beware, the water is COLD!!  Always.


One thing I’m seeing here at Lakeport, and at other campgrounds since I’ve come east, is that the hook-ups can be in some very unusual…and inconvenient…places.  I’ve traveled awhile now and camped in various kinds of places, but here in Michigan is the first time I’ve seen 30 or 50 amp extension cords used on a regular basis.  Good thing Marie and Ray bought me one for my birthday, because I needed it at Lakeport!  In fact, I pulled into my site and didn’t even see an electric box.  As it turned out, it was on the other side of a ditch and a small forest.  As we go for our walks here, I check out other sites and see similar situations.  So a word to the wise, keep an extension cord that carries your amperage, and an extra water hose with you.  If you don’t have an extra long poop shoot…err…dump hose….carry an extension for that too.

I am here in my old stomping grounds for only 5 days.  I need a much longer time. The problem is that I didn’t make reservations far enough ahead, and it really didn’t look  like there was anywhere else near ‘home’ that seemed a good fit for me.

We head out on Friday, across the middle of the ‘palm’ of the Michigan mitten.  There are more places to explore and more friends to meet up with!


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A Few Trips Down Memory Lane – part 1

‘I’m baaack!’

It’s what I whispered to the earth and the trees and the lake and the rivers.  Oh, I don’t guess they missed me, but I missed them, in this particular neck of the woods.  Sunday, June 11 we arrive at Lakeport State Park, about 10 miles north of Port Huron, Michigan, and maybe 40 miles from where I grew up near Lake St Clair in Harrison Township ( at least that’s what it used to be called).  We just said we lived ‘out in the sticks’.  Back then when we moved in there was no city water, or even gas lines to our home.  We had oil heat for the house and a small coal furnace for heating water….water piped in from the canal…I kid you not. Daddy brought drinking and cooking water from my aunts well about 12 miles away.   We could swim and ice skate right behind our house  or at the lake across the street.  Most of the houses were small by today’s standards, and there was lots of empty space between most of them.  Their were fields to play in and we took our dogs there, built ‘forts’, and played on huge willow trees that had fallen over on the ground because they grew too close to the edge of the canal and the wet ground wouldn’t hold them.  We rowed Pams pram down the canal in search of turtles….

Oops.  I digress.  Monday I drove back there, to my old house out by the lake.  It’s been added onto and is now twice as big as it was back in the day.


Still, it seems to be a miniature among the gigantic newer homes that completely line both sides of the streets now.


We used to play on this bridge all the time.  Do you know the game called ‘Pooh Sticks’?  We would ride our bikes up and down it, or use our roller skates.  There was little traffic back then. To get out to the lake my dad drove our boat from the canal on the left, turned and went under the bridge, and then we were on Lake St Clair, bouncing on the waves, with the wind blowing through our hair!

If I didn’t know where I was, I wouldn’t recognize the area.  My grade school is twice as big now too, and what used to be the playground with huge oak trees in it, is now a parking lot.

IMG_4299South River Elementary School.  They rebuilt the whole school, but used the entry way from the original building, I’m told.

I’m glad I went back, but I don’t think I would have the desire to go again….or to live there again.  At least that’s how I feel now.  It’s not home anymore.  ‘Home’ is now only in my memories….and some black and white photos somewhere.

I also drove around Mt Clemens, the nearest ‘big city’, which is now even bigger of course.  I looked at many of the landmarks of my life…the ones that are still there….my grandparents house, places my mom took me, like Miller Bros Creamery for a Blue Moon ice cream cone. (I never liked it much , but gosh, it was blue ice cream!).


The bank we used and the dimestore and Art-O-Craft (sp?) are all gone.

IMG_4347The County Building in Mt Clemens is still there!  This was the biggest building in my life back then!  My mom took me to the top of it once and we looked out the windows.

I looked at friends homes, and schools, and a couple of homes I lived in when I was newly married.  I went by the library where I used to go when I was way pregnant and I needed to get out of the 90 degree muggy heat in our upstairs flat.  I read every book on natural childbirth and breastfeeding back then.  I went by the church where I was married and attended for many years.

IMG_2322Bethany Baptist Church.

Then on to the city of Fraser where we moved when I was 16.  I saw what I thought was the high school where I graduated (FIFTY years ago) but it was twice as big…no wait, now it’s the junior high!  The high school is down the road and monstrous!

IMG_4334Fraser JUNIOR High, behind the trees.

Yikes, I guess I REALLY AM almost 68 years old!  This section of Memory Lane wasn’t as happy as I expected it to be.  It was very nostalgic but also on the sad side.  Seeing certain places and things triggered memories of people and happenings that I hadn’t thought about in many a year.  What didn’t add to this adventure was the weather, though it brought back memories too.  It was 94 degrees with similar humidity this day.  When I was a kid it was just the norm in the summer…that, and the mosquitos.  I’d just jump in the water for a swim and all was well with the world.  Now, not so much.  Joy and Shiloh and I took comfort in JR’s air conditioning, only leaving it for short potty breaks.  I didn’t find anywhere that they could take a swim, and no empty fields to play in, even if we had felt like playing in that heat.

But…we travel farther down Memory Lane over the next few days and it gets lots better! I was able to have lovely visits with a couple of old friends!  Also I want to tell you a bit about the Port Huron area and Lakeport State Park.  This is coming up in Part 2.

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Before Leaving Tawas

Well, actually we’ve already left, but there are a few more things I feel the need to write about….and a few more pictures to share….

FullSizeRenderStill plenty of Lilacs blooming here!


And these beautiful white flowers. Pretty….

This might be boring if you know all about engines and such, but might be helpful if you don’t…..

Before we even arrive at Tawas I make an appointment at Dean Arbour Ford because it’s time for JR’s regular servicing.

When I drop the truck off for the appointment at this small dealership,  talking to the service rep, I feel that I’m leaving her in good hands.  I always tell the guy at the counter that I’m a full time RV’er and tow a small trailer most of the time.  I want them to check whatever it is that needs to be checked for those kind of conditions.  Jim at Dean Arbour must have actually been listening because I got a call later on.  He said the recommendation for changing the transmission oil for towing like I do is at 60,000 miles instead of at 100,000 miles for regular driving.  I’m at 71,000 miles, so would I like to have the transmission flushed and new oil added?

How much $$, I ask.


Wow!  But yes, absolutely. Do it.

He explains to me that they use full synthetic transmission oil, and at about 100,000 miles I’m going to be told that I need this done, but Since I’m doing it now, I won’t. Next transmission service will be at 131,000 miles.

They do “The Works” which is an oil change, tire rotation, and a multipoint inspection.

When I pick up JR later in the day, Jim goes over the whole inspection with me and writes down on my paperwork the info about the 131,000 transmission service so I won’t forget. I marvel that my 5 year old battery still tests at 12.7 volts…like new.  Jim says it’s from constant use.  Huh.  Then he takes out a little break measuring tool and shows me exactly how much wear there is on my breaks.  They are all around the mid range right now.  Tires are great, fluids have been topped off and everything else is A-ok.  As I leave I feel reassured that JR has been well taken care of.  When I walk out to her I find that she is sparkling clean, too!  Great!  She needed a good wash!

Next I want to talk about Michigan State Parks.  First, you need a Recreation Passport to gain entrance.  These out of state permits are either $9 per day, or $32 for the year.    When we go to Tawas Point State Park I buy the yearly one, since I plan on staying at a few state parks while I’m in Michigan.  Now it’s free for me to get into the parks, but of course I have to pay to camp, and remember, Senior Passes that give such great discounts at national parks and other places, don’t work at state parks.  I find that dumping is free with the pass though, so when I leave Marie and Rays house that’s my first stop.  Interesting…both state parks I’ve been in so far have their own dump hoses hooked up, so you don’t have to fish yours out and struggle to put it away while at the dump station…very convenient.  Wear disposable gloves though! I buy them by the box at Walmart.

IMG_4257The main intersection here is a three way.  This is where M-55 ends.  Or begins.  Depends on which way you look at it.  Continue on and you will end up in Lake Huron!


Marie and Ray on the morning I leave.  Marie is On her way to volunteer at the hospital gift shop this morning.


Joy and Shiloh have certainly had a great time romping in the yard during our visit.  Joy has even done her best at running….not like in the old days, but she’s been giving it a good go!

So we leave Tawas, but we will be meeting up elsewhere with Marie and Ray soon.  For now we head first north, then south, up into the tip of Michigans thumb.  In real time I’ve already left that area.  The plan was to stay at Albert Sleeper State Park for 3 nights.


Lovely site at Sleeper State Park…..except for…..

The flies!  Flies like I’ve never seen!  It was impossible for Joy and Shiloh to walk out the door without being covered with them, and as they came back in, I literally had to wipe flies off them as they came through the door.  Yuck, just terrible.  We stayed the first night, then I got a refund on the next two nights and we were outta there.

We end up at Krystal Lake Campground near Vassar, for the week end….Friday and Saturday night.  This turned out to be an interesting experience.  As it turns out, this is a party place!  Who-hoo!  Live band Friday night till almost midnight!  😂😂😂. Now honestly, I kinda liked it.  I liked the music they were playing, mostly classic rock.  They were quite close to my site so I had no trouble hearing….😂😂😂.   Saturday night it was Karaoke, and oh my, that was a mixed bag.  There was one guy who did a killer job on Janice Joplins ‘Me And Bobby Magee’, and then there were some…well…less than ear candy type stuff.

Now we have moved on, and I’m near the area where I spent most of my growing up years.  Today I’m going to see the house we lived in from the time I was 5 until I turned 16, and the nearby area.  I anticipate a very sentimental day ahead.  Starting Tuesday I’ll be visiting with some old friends.  So looking forward to this!




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Sweet Times Around Tawas

Tawas City and East Tawas lie along the east coast of Michigan, in the middle to lower section of the index finger, right up against Lake Huron.


We are at the blue dot. 😁

Its a lovely little area with various parks along the shore, affording lots of lake access to residents and tourists. This isn’t the case everywhere, as much of the Michigan coast is private property.  ‘Down town’ is a couple of blocks of quaint little shops, but yes, there is also a Walmart nearby on M-23, with great lake views from the parking lot!

FullSizeRenderThere’s even a Ben Franklin!

Marie and Ray live a couple of miles from town and Marie volunteers at the hospital gift shop, and and the little library, which, thanks to her design and decorating talent, has become the sweetest, coziest little book nook you can imagine.

FullSizeRenderThe 20 bed hospital.

FullSizeRenderTawas City Library.  So cute inside, thanks to Marie.

Ray is constantly busy fixing, building ( including making things for the library), mowing, and enjoying retirement in general.

IMG_4102Ray enjoying retirement!

Tawas has a huge art fair over Memorial Day weekend.  Marie and I wander through it, and I buy this sweatshirt with a cute design.


Now on to the natural beauty and more green and blue!


Tawas Point State Park has a very nice campground, a lighthouse, and a dedicated dog beach!



Look at that clear water!  Dogs are allowed off leash here, (how often do you see that at a state park?) but this overprotective mom didn’t comply.

We check out the Lumbermans Monument area in Huron National Forest.



The lumber industry stripped most all the trees from Michigan in the late 1800’s.  They came back, both by nature or by being replanted.


One of the trails near the monument.  If you are thinking these trees look evenly spaced it’s because they are.  This part of the forest was recently replanted.


A view of the Au Sable River from near the monument.  There are some hundreds of steps you can go down to get a closer look, but that wasn’t for us at this time.


We drive some back roads…really, truly back roads….and find ourselves at Loon Lake for a little swim.

IMG_4158Pretty little Loon Lake.



And of course, the obligatory roll in the grass!  That’s Joy, enjoying.

We’ve also been to Oscoda….


There is a boardwalk and a nice pier at the beach.IMG_4199

so we walk out to the end.


Wanna see my new Michigan hat?

IMG_4204Isn’t this an interesting picture of the water?

FullSizeRenderAnd here is the same water, farther out.

IMG_4239Is this Jonathan?

Feeling peaceful and quiet inside as I write this…like I’m in the right place at the right time.  Marie and I suddenly realized yesterday that it was 50 years ago this month, we graduated from high school.  Now that’s a rather stunning thought.  We seem to be having our own little reunion.  So many memories and people have come up in our minds of those long ago times.

Im so happy we are having this opportunity to reconnect.

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Green…Green…(And Blue!)


When I moved from Michigan to California many long years ago, one of the things I missed was green-ness.  Now I remember why.

FullSizeRenderLake Michigan from Lakeshore RV Campground in St. Ignace above the bridge.  I’ll be staying there again in the upcoming months.

So much beautiful green here!  Wide expanses of green lawns, backed by trees in endless variations of green, from the bright new spring foliage just leafing out, to the deep dark greens of pine forests.

IMG_4034A Maple tree decked out in her spring green finery.

IMG_3940A forest trail.

For me, green is a peaceful and restful color, and my eyes relax when I focus on it.  That’s just one of the reasons I love trees…


The Mackinac Bridge was built when I was a child.  It’s 5 miles long.  I’m excited to see it again.


IMG_2227The Mackinac Bridge on a moody, gray day.  FYI…some places/things here are spelled Mackinac, like the Bridge, and some are spelled Mackinaw, like the city.  They are all pronounced the same and end with the ‘awe’ sound and never the ‘ack’ sound.

Crossing the bridge Friday morning is exhilarating for me.  I roll all the windows down and breath the cool, fresh blue air as we cross the Straits of Mackinac….the huge expanses of very deep, very blue water where Lake Michigan and Lake Huron come together.



We drive down the east side of the state, and stop for a dip in Lake Huron.


Burrrr….not me of course, but Joy and Shiloh love it.

We arrive at Marie and Ray’s home as the Memorial Day week-end starts.  Marie and I go way back to about age 15, when we became besties in high school here in Michigan.  We lost track of each other for quite a few years and reconnected when we were both living in California.  Since then we’ve been in constant contact, with phone, email and some visits.  When we sit down to talk on Friday evening it’s as though we’ve never been apart.

IMG_4031Ray tucks WS into a nice cozy spot beside their garage.

Out exploring on Saturday we see this….

IMG_4030A tall ship on Lake Huron.


Later we celebrare our reunion. 🙂🙂


With my signature Margritas.

Good times!

So now we are in here in Tawas City for awhile, soaking up the green….and the blue of Lake Huron…and some rain too…no shortage of water in these parts. Lots of blue sky’s are forecast for the days ahead though.  Looking forward to some fun times and simple pleasures….

IMG_4017Did you know that the Apple Blossom is Michigans state flower?  The Apple trees are in full bloom right now.


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We made it!


Not to just Michigan, but “pure” Michigan.  You have probably heard the slogan, meant to draw tourists.

Am I a tourist?  I lived almost half my life here, but mostly, yes, I feel like a tourist….though, home is where I park it.

We came in this morning from the north west, from Wisconsin, and then traveled south east on Hwy 2, to Iron Mountain.  Who knew we would need to come to Michigan to get warm and dry?  It’s  not actually warm or dry here, but it’s warmer and drier than we’ve been in days, and I actually saw the sun for a few minutes a little while ago!  Everywhere I’ve been for the last week there has been fog, mist, wind and rain.  I’m thankful we have not experienced flooding, snow, sleet or ice.

IMG_2204A freighter on Lake Superior, but the picture was taken when we were in Minnesota.

There will be loads of Michigan pictures to come, but I haven’t taken them yet.  We are at a lovely little RV park now called Summer Breeze, and I’d come back here in a heartbeat. $28 for grass, trees, and full hook ups.


Tomorrow we move on and spend the night next to Lake Michigan, as we make our way through the Upper Peninsula across Big Mac, and over towards the outer edge of the index finger to visit friends Marie and Ray.

Ok, you know how Michigan is shaped like a mitten, right?  You hold up your left hand with the back of your hand facing you, and there you have the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.  Sooo….when I’m in the Lower Peninsula, I’ll use hand land marks to explain where I am.

Thats all for now!  More soon!

IMG_3873Joy napping.

IMG_2208Shiloh wide awake.

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