Zen Things

Ok, I saw this posted on FaceBook, but it really reached out to me as retirement looms and I prepare to make large lifestyle changes. The FB site “The Mind Unleashed” gets credit for this list:

Zen Things

1.  Do one thing at a time

2.  Do it slowly and deliberately

3.  Do it completely 

4.  Do less

5.  Put space between things

6.  Develop rituals

7.  Designate time for certain things

8.  Devote time to sitting

9.  Smile and serve others

10.  Make cleaning and cooking become meditation

11.  Think about what is necessary

12.  Live simply

Obviously one does not need to retire to live by zen principles, but because I’m reorganizing my life as well as my thoughts, this might be a good time to work on putting these practices into effect, no?  

Any thoughts on this?

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8 Responses to Zen Things

  1. Patty Kennedy says:

    Words of wisdom! Great words for retirement!! We are off again Thursday for a week up at Tahoe for John’s family reunion. I will be in touch after that and perhaps we can get together for a chat?


  2. I thought of one more thing to add to the Zen list. Be thankful. As I was walking with Joy and Shiloh this morning I was feeling thankful…thankful for waking up this morning…thankful I can walk…thankful for the dogs…for eyes to see the blue sky…
    Like Keith Richards says “I’m glad to be here…I’m glad to be anywhere!”

  3. Ego says:

    I don’t know how to do number 10

    • Micky says:

      Ego, I think it’s a very individual and personal thing. For example for me…..cutting up a potato for soup, thinking about the potato plant with beautiful green leaves, nourished by the sun and the earth and the rain, and now it will nourish me and those that I love…

  4. Reine in Plano says:

    I don’t know if it should be a separate item or part of several of the others but especially as we approach retirement “Take the time to connect with the important people in your life” Tell your parents, your kids, your grandkids you love them. Tell friends how much they mean to you. Give hugs. You won’t always have all of these people in your life and you’ll be glad you connected while you can. I don’t know if that’s really Zen, but it’s important.

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