Almost Ready…..

This is Friday evening as I write.  In 48 hours I should be relaxing in my first camping spot!

Oh what a day it’s been.  I backed the truck up to my front door and started loading this morning.  Just the ‘necessities’ right?  Then why did it take me ALL DAY to do it and why is the back of my truck full to overflowing?  How willI I ever find anything, ever again?  What am I going to do with all those extra cloths?  How many tee shirts can one person wear?  Why do I have 15 bags of dog treats?  

Oh my goodness…there are no answers to these mysteries…I’m just rambling.  I suppose as time goes on it will all work itself out.  I’ll donate some of the tee shirts and the dog treats will eventually be eaten.  (by the dogs).  I’ll discover that I really don’t need two brooms, 7 jackets, 6 pair of jeans, and 12 cartons of soy milk.  Thankfully some friends stopped by for a visit throughout the day…Tess and Terese, Jo and then Phil.  That gave me a chance to catch my breath and have a few laughs.  

Over the past week I had 4 Retirement/Good-Bye parties.  Each one was precious in it’s own way.  The Grande Finale was given by the girls I work with.  Excuse me….workED with 🙂 ….the best nurses you could ever hope to meet up with if you are going to have a baby.  Besides being great nurses and knowing their stuff, they are kind, caring, generous, creative and sweet friends.  I’ve been so honored to work with them over the past 17 years….hope some of their attributes rubbed off on me!

Had a warm and loving gathering with some friends I met through The VegHeads of Monterey Bay. That is a group I joined when I went vegan a few years back, and was looking for like minded folks.  I’ve received so much help and guidance from these people, and in return, I’ve been able to pay it forward a little bit.  

A friend here where I live arranged a little party with neighbors….some of which I’ve known for many years.  We shared laughs and memories….

Last but not least….you may not know (but you’re about to find out:-),  I’m an ‘out of control’ Rolling Stones fan, and yes, there’s a gathering place for the likes of us, too.  I’ve belonged to an internet group called “Undercover”, with Stones fans from around the world, since about 1996.  Some of the local folks got together and wished me Bon Voyage to the tune of non stop Stones music and we had a vegan birthday cake for Mick Jagger’s 71st birthday….wow.  (He’s not getting older, he’s getting better! 🙂

SO….the parties are passed (but will never be forgotten)….the packing is almost done, and Sunday Joy, Shiloh and I will be on our way!  

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11 Responses to Almost Ready…..

  1. Reine says:

    In 48 hours you will be ON YOUR WAY. Well actually by that time you will have arrived at your campsite but your adventure will have started. NO worries. The excess will eliminate itself one way or the other, either by being consumed or donated. And I promise you that some time in the next several months, you will wish you had something that you got rid of and you will ask yourself why on earth did I bring “this”. The key is to enjoy the process and remember that roses have thorns and dreams have bumps too! Happy Lift OFF..

  2. “Enjoy the process..” Yes! I think there really isn’t any ‘goal’ in all of this….it’s the process…the living and learning every day. There is nothing to attain, no deadlines to meet, no classes to pass, no race to finish. All I need to do is see what today brings and enjoy it in all ways possible. Well, if one feels they need a goal, I guess it’s the process that is the goal. 🙂

  3. Reine says:

    You actually do have goals but they’re stops along the way and are part of the fun. As RVSue’s blog demonstrates stuff happens and responding to it is part of the adventure. I think having the right attitude is the true key to enjoying the process.

  4. JillyB says:

    Micky….sorry I missed the last hurrah at Amy’s…..I heard about and can’t wait to see the video!! A least we were able to say “until we see each other again” the last night you worked. I love you and am looking forward to reading/living vicariously through your postings. What a GREAT adventure!! I will be awaiting your adventures!! XXXOOO!💙💜💚❤️

    • And I did miss you Jilly! But yes, we did get to have a parting moment, and if you remember, I took your picture….not to be compared to the picture of you in the video though! Hehe! 🙂 Oh my goodness, that video is beyond fantastic and funny! And so fitting, when I think about my first time on the night shift when I walked into the nurses station and you and Jeanne started singing to me “Micky, Micky, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind! Hey Micky!” I was so anxious and nervous and your melodious voices put me at ease! 🙂
      So glad you are with me via the blog! XOXOXO

  5. Ruby Red says:

    My friend…..after all the planning and partying – – with tears of happiness and parting for the moment, you are on your way. You are a hero to us you know…and we will be following you and thinking of you constantly. So write to us often and keep us close by – – we can be together with the starts every night like they did traveling across the country for the first time. Let the adventure begin!

    • Yikes! I don’t think I make much of a hero, but I’m really glad you are here….it really helps knowing you have my back as I step out. I’m totally excited right now (therefore not sleeping at 2:30am). I’ll be looking at those stars tonight, and that great big August full moon that will be shining down on this new beginning, at my campsite a few hours north of here. See you there! 🙂

  6. Almost time to hit the road. Have a good night’s rest (yeah, right…I know that’s gonna happen, huh). I’m always so excited to be on the road again that I can hardly sleep.

    Don’t forget to stop for breaks every couple of hours, walk around with your fur babies, have something to eat/drink and just chill going down the road. I’m quite sure that, contrary to your favorite Stones song, you and your pups will be able to get a great deal of satisfaction headed out to meet and greet your new life. I’m sure they’ll enjoy your travels and new adventures as much as you will. My dog absolutely loved traveling and staying in the motorhome.

    Take care.

    Cat Lady

    • Glad to hear your pupster enjoys the traveling! I’m counting on Joy and Shiloh feeling the same way, although I imagine it’ll take some getting used to being away from what they have known as home for most of their lives. All those bags of treats should come in handy for making them feel right at home. 🙂
      Actually my favorite Stones song from back in the 60’s is “Going Home”, and now my home will be where ever I go, so that works!
      Thanks for the reminder about stopping for breaks….yes, so important. Today it will be especially nice to stop because I’m visiting friends who live about half way to my destination….more about that visit in a future blog.

  7. ZenOnWheels says:

    Oh how exciting! Today is your departure day I just want to wish you a wonderful first day on the road. I am very happy for you! There are so many adventures ahead and new friends to meet. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to your updates.

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