Down In The Boondocks

Do you remember that song from the ’60’s?  Wasn’t it Billy Jo Royal who sang it?

Well I was UP in the boondocks…8000+ feet up.  I’m not feeling very well on the second day.  I have  some flu like symptoms on and off, and I have trouble taking a deep breath at times, and I’m tired.

It takes me until the second evening to realize the symptoms could be altitude related.

At any rate I decide to leave my boonie place this morning.  I snake my way down 191…the signs warn you that there will be 10 hairpin turns in the next 8 miles or so, at a 5 to 8% downhill grade.

We land at the Walmart in Vernal…the one RVSue told me about in her comment from the last post.  I run in to do my shopping, and when I come out of the store parked right next to WS is another Casita!  That’s 18 I’ve seen now on my journey.  At first I think perhaps it’s  RVSue because I think she will be aiming for this Walmart when she comes down out of the mountains.  But no, it’s a different TV.  While I’m walking the dogs the owner comes out with her bags…another woman on her own.  We talk.  She’s heading for Moab.

It takes me awhile to decide the route I’m driving now.  I need to get back to Monterey, CA for a little while and in the past I’ve used I80 through Utah and Nevada but this time I think I’d like to do something different.  I write on the Casita Forum, an internet group, asking for route advice.  I make my decision with the information from the helpful folks there.

The rain teases all morning but as I leave Walmart it starts in earnest….and continues…

Driving the mountainous roads in that weather gets old quick.  I call it quits when I reach Deer Creek State Park, overlooking the Provo River but it looks more like a lake here.  It’s a small park with full hook ups, and showers.  I take advantage of all those amenities!

From the taste of boon docking I had, I know I love it.  Getting off by myself with nature…the beauty…the peace…the spiritual uplifting…the opportunity for growth, for learning about life and myself,  for strength and independence.  There is nothing like it.  But….

I will always like the convenience of electricity and lots of hot running water too!

I see myself living joyfully in both these worlds in my little Wandering Spirit.

Deer Creek Campground

Deer Creek Campground

Wild flowers by our camp

Wild flowers by our camp

Provo River or possibly lake

Provo River or possibly lake

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22 Responses to Down In The Boondocks

  1. Cari in North Texas says:

    How exciting that your journey continues! how funny that you saw another Casita.

    Your flu-like symptoms and shortness of breath may have been altitude sickness. I had the same thing happen to me this summer on a mission trip to the Appalachians.

    Your State Park camping area looks lovely.

  2. Marian says:

    Hi Micky!
    I’m loving your blog. Oh so gorgeous the places you’ve been. And it sounds like deeply nourishing and inspiring, too. I hope to see you when you come to Monterey!
    Love, Marian

    • Hi Marian! Yes I hope we can get together. In Oct it will only be a week that I’m there, but probably 2 plus weeks in Nov due to family things. Then I’ll head south. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog. It’s like having friends along and we are all enjoying all this together. Well except it was me alone washing ” cow pie Shi”. :-))))

  3. Reine says:

    “I see myself living joyfully in both these worlds in my little Wandering Spirit.” What wisdom to understand so soon what lifestyle will suit YOU the best.
    I’ve read that sometimes you can handle the altitude better if you sort of step up to it. Spend a week at 5000′, then a week at 6000′, and so on until you get to the higher altitudes. Just a thought for next year when you want to spend more time in the mountains.

  4. John says:

    I’m looking forward to reading your posts about Nevada. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

    • Hi John,
      My plan A and B and C didn’t work out today so I’m doing plan D which was total spur of the moment in an out of the way State Park in Nevada that I hadn’t heard of till I saw the sign. There are only 3 other camp sites occupied out of 17 so it’s very peaceful and oh so dark with just the stars and no moon. Might stay a second night!

  5. Denise says:

    I think you’re at Deer Creek Reservoir, which drains into the river as it heads out of the Wasatch Mountains and down into Utah Valley and the Provo/Orem area. I lived in Provo back in the 80’s. I miss those Sunday afternoon drives up into Provo Canyon. Enjoy!

    • Yes it had to be that Denise! What a beautiful area! After I left the campground this morning the continued drive with the mountains surrounding was just breathtaking. That must be Provo Canyon. Loved it!

  6. Linda D. says:

    Am enjoying your blog, your pictures and your journey. I think that is what I would want to do also. Boondock part of the time, and have hook-ups part of the time. Blessing & enjoy!

    • Linda I Just found your comment this morning, Sept 26. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog! Yes, the convenience of electricity and lots of hot water can be very welcome, and it’s good to have that option when you want it.

  7. rambler2b says:

    Beautiful pictures, Micky. So nice to have that Casita comraderie where ever you go!
    Remember, you always have a ” Casita” here if you need it🐸. Looking forward to seeing you when you get back this way!

    • Thank you so much Mary! Maybe a few days in Nov…that would be really nice. I hope you are doing…as well as can be expected.

      • rambler2b says:

        Thanks Micky, miss my girl terribly, but life goes on. This “Circle of Life” thing really sucks. I hope we can connect in Nov. I will be gone the week of Thanksgiving, but you can still stay here if you need to. Miss you!

        • Hugs Mary. It’s so hard to lose a beloved furry child. She’s at peace now though. We have that. Last night when I watched the sunset, Bonnie…my last Golden, reminded me it’s been almost 11 years to the day that she went to the Rainbow Bridge. And now Joy is 11. Where does the time go?

  8. Terese Ueno says:

    Those are such beautiful peaceful pictures Mickey. Thank you for all your wonderful posts. You are very brave! I’m impressed. Happy Trails to you;)

  9. Hi Terese,
    I’m glad you like the pictures, and I’m glad you are here! Honest I don’t feel brave….just determined to follow this dream and experience life in this new way. Hugs to you! Miss you! Say hi to the girls for me. Wish more would get on board here…I love sharing this. 🙂

  10. Mandy says:

    Absolutely breathless!

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