Into The Great State Of Nevada

I get a late start this morning.  I’m doing some research on line for a dog ramp.  I’ve tried two different ones in the past, and neither are what I need for Joy.  I order another one from Amazon.  It should be waiting for me at Terri’s house when I get back to the Monterey area.  Hope this one works better.

We drive through Provo Canyon, which is just beautiful with colorful mountains rising on both sides of us.  Every curve in the road brings another awe-filled scene.  My GPS takes me right through down town Provo, but really it’s a nice city and a pleasant ride.  I15 is next….just a short jaunt, but full of huge trucks that all pass me at incredible speed.  I reach Nephi where I get gas and take state road 132 until I meet up with hwy 50/6.  Somewhere in there we come to the little town of Delta and stop at the park for a walk and some play time in the stream.  (The dogs play in the stream, not me:-)).

Back on the highway, more beautiful mountains, then a l-o-n-g stretch of flatness.  No towns, nothing at all, but scrub sage and some cows here and there.  It seems like a long drive….

Finally we cross the Nevada line and soon reach Great Basin National Park. This is Plan A.  We’ve driven over 200 miles now…that’s more than enough.  I’ll be glad to find a nice camp here.  I stop at the visitor center, where the ranger tells me there should be lots of camping available.  He tells me about the different camping loops.  One is at 10,000 feet.  “Oh I don’t want to go up there!” I tell him.  He gives me a map and I’m off.

But things don’t work out so well.  Yes, there are some camp sites but the area is tight, crowded and I can’t find a site I feel comfortable getting in to.  I try at 2 of the 4 loops….and then accidentally find myself on the road to the top….to the 10,000 feet camping/viewing area!  No way!  I don’t want to do this!  I’ll turn around as soon as I can!  But for now I’m on a steep upgrade,  there is NO guard rail, the road is narrow and I’m on the outside…the side that goes straight down.  This is supposed to be a scenic drive?  I dare not take one single glance at the scene below!  I never look…just cling to the road and the wheel and wait for a turn around spot.

Closing in on 9000 ft the chance to turn around arrives and down I go.  Aw come on, can’t you go another 1000 feet up?  NO!  Now on the inside of the road I do sneak a couple of glances at the sight below.  It’s the long flat plain I drove across to get here!  Amazing!

I don’t bother with the Baker loop campground, suspecting it will be  similar to what I’ve seen here already.  I go on to plan B which is to boon dock at Sacramento Pass, not too far away.

Plan B fails when I find that the area is “closed for construction”.  Ely is still 60 miles away and I don’t want to drive that far so I watch for possible boon dock sites. Plan C then… I find an area that might work and explore on foot.  I even drive back into the area, but I find it just doesn’t feel right.  I leave after using another half hour.  It’s getting late…

The dogs are not happy.  I am not happy.  I’m about 11 miles from Ely when I see a sign “Cave Lake State Park 7 miles” with a narrow to the right.  Spur of the moment, I make the turn, and it’s a paved road, yay!  I turn in to the first camping loop I find.  Nice roomy sites with picnic tables,  and only 3 of the 17 are taken, a ranger on duty, water spigots, showers, $7, yay again!

Ok it takes me 15 minutes to back into my site and I’m crooked.  Whatever.  I’m home.  I walk the dogs and meet all my neighbors.  Joy, Shiloh, and neighbor Goldendoodle Jack romp and play for awhile.  Wow they needed that.

Back at camp I finally eat (I fed the kids as soon as we arrived), and sit down to watch the sun set and the stars come out of hiding.  What a beautiful night! Plan D=Delightful!



The view from camp

The view from camp

image                                                                  Still learning to back up!

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29 Responses to Into The Great State Of Nevada

  1. John says:

    Long Day! I should have mentioned that Great Basin has an abundance of too short camp sites. We found a handful in Lower Lehman that worked for our Scamp 19, nothing else worked except the overflow area which was closed.

  2. ZenOnWheels says:

    Oh, I know that road up to the peak! Yes, it’s quite scary – I sure wouldn’t attempt it in anything but a regular sedan. I know you are probably not heading back up there, but there is a lovely walk up to the bristlecone pine forest. There are also a lot of aspens there which I imagine are a lovely yellow color right about now.

    Great Basin NP is a pretty area. Are you just passing through or are you planning to stick around for a bit?

    • No Michael I’m just not getting the urge to go back there right now! You know, when I was going up, hanging onto the edge, what’s coming down but a BIG dump truck! Well darn. I thought…well, it’s a good day to die. He just whizzed on down the road and I survived.
      The walk sounds beautiful but I’ll see the aspen in some safer places 🙂
      I tried to stay closer in the area but nothing worked out until I got to this State Park, 50-60 miles away. Or more. I’ll be staying here again at least tonight. Oh and it’s $17 a night, not 7. Oops.

  3. Dave & Skruffy ( says:

    Don’t know if you need to do laundry or not, but we found the BEST laundry mat in Ely last year, near the casino but across the street and on a side road. It is called Soak n Suds…very clean, lots of stainless steel, and the price was not bad. We did a night or two at the Casino in Ely, nothing great but had full hookups. Have been enjoying your blog. –Dave (

    • Hi Dave and Skruffy. This is one of the comments that for some reason, I didn’t find until today which is Friday Sept 26. It’s good to know about a nice laundromat though, and I’ll keep that one in mind for next time I pass through the area. Thanks for the info!
      I’m glad you are enjoying the blog!

  4. Patty says:

    There will come a time when your not straight backup will be what you want – looking good from here!

    • It’s actually just fine the way I’m angled in here and I have the awning up now. But even this took 15 minutes. The man in the Scamp said he had trouble getting into his site too, and jackknifed and put a tiny ding in his truck. A warning to me to be careful about jack knifing.

  5. Willow says:

    Plan D turned out to be perfect….your backing up will improve with time. Actually, it’s pretty good now. Enjoyed your post

  6. Cari in North Texas says:

    I’m glad you were finally able to land for the night – what a scary drive up the mountain!

  7. Mo says:

    I don’t know how you’ve planned to get through California, but be careful, there are lots of road closures due to fires, especially the King fire. Check and as you get closer. Mo

    • Hi Maureen. I’ve been pondering for a couple days now, trying it figure out how to get back into CA. Between the fires, the smoke, and now a forecast of possible snow in the mountains, it’s really touch and go. Thank you for the websites.

  8. Shirlene says:

    Wow Micky, I am glad you finally found a place to land….I will probably be afraid of that when I am on the road….someone say Wal-Mart?

  9. You know Shirlene, I was checking to see if there was a Walmart in Ely, and there isn’t! There are no other towns out here big enough for a Walmart. There is a KOA there. I haven’t had to go to one of those yet but I was thinking I might end up there. SO glad I found this little place!

  10. It sounds lie your persistence worked out very well indeed! I loved your descriptive narration as you crossed your over two hundred drive, it is indeed a good thing to finally find ‘home’!
    I found your blog reading RVSue, love it!

    • Hi LeeJ, glad you are here! Yes I’ve seen you at RVSue’s place too.
      It really was rewarding to find a nice spot to settle that evening…especially since I was beginning to have my doubts about finding anything at all!

  11. Ray says:

    Remember what I told you about backing up if its not right pull forward and try again take your time. Your doing great!!!
    Ray XXX

  12. DeAnne in TN says:

    I love your new blog and I am excited to follow someone else starting new. I hope this comment gets through; the last one I posted says its still in moderation! I love your parking job!

    • Hi DeAnne. It is probably my fault if your comment didn’t get through. I just now found quite a few I hadn’t seen before and some needed to be approved…not sure why unless it’s the first couple of times someone comments. Anyway, I’m really glad you are here and that you like this blog. And thank you for being kind about my parking. 🙂

  13. cozybegone says:

    White knuckles for sure…A DUMP TRUCK!!!! Thank goodness for other options….and glad everyone fed and enjoying some R&R!

  14. Hi Cozy, yes can you believe it? They must be doing construction up there or something. Felt like a bad dream. Very glad to find home that evening!

  15. Marcia GB in MA says:

    Your back up looks pretty good to me. Glad you found a good spot to be.

  16. Mandy says:

    Oh my gosh Micky!!! Thsnk goodness u found a place to stay! I really felt like I was there with u! You have such a way with words! I know where Jason gets it from:)
    Take care! Cant wait to see u!😘

  17. Thanks Marcia! It took me 15 minutes to do it though. Thought I ‘know’ what I’m supposed to do, actually making it happen in a timely manner is still eluding me!

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