The Bear Went Over The Mountain…

And all that he could see,
Was the other side of the mountain!

Both sides were beautiful! In all my worrying about the weather, I forgot how beautiful Donner Pass is. It wasn’t very easy to look while driving, but I was able to stop at view places and at the Donner Pass rest area, so I got to take it in.

If people would just not be in such a &%$#+ hurry! Gosh, everybody seems to be going at least 80mpg. Ok, I sound like an old lady. Well, I am, so there!

Anyway, we made it, and we also made it through Sacramento, and we are in Lodi, at an RV ‘resort’ that takes my Passport America card for a discount of 50% off the regular price, which is really nice. They have the biggest fenced, off leash dog area I have ever seen anywhere. Joy rolled, Shiloh ran, and now they are sacked out in WS’s air conditioning. (so am I). We’ll go back and play later in the cool of the day.

I’m trying to download pictures to show you but the free wifi here is v-e-r-y slow, and I am not willing to use my own just yet. Maybe later I can add a few pictures.

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25 Responses to The Bear Went Over The Mountain…

  1. Reine says:

    Yippee!!! Glad you’re over the mountain and through Sacramento. The rest of the trip should be a breeze. Glad you’re resting, hopefully without airplane noise.

    • No airplanes Reine! No rain either! Dog towels, leashes, the rugs….everything is dry now. I washed the bedding. We are good! It’s a beautiful evening….just warm enough, just cool enough. The dogs ran wild in the huge dog area when it cooled off this evening. They really needed to run!

    • Like I said Linda, the only fruit I have here are freeze dried strawberries and blueberries:-) You know, those are working out well, since I can’t get fresh fruit when ever I want it. They work well with the Cheerios!

  2. Cari in North Texas says:

    So glad you made it safely over the mountain! And it sounds like you found a great place to land for a bit.

    • Hi Cari, yes we’ll just stay here for one night and tomorrow I’ll be parked at a friends home near where I used to live. I’ll be staying there for about a week….then off to Texas! SO glad this place has the gigantic dog run area!

  3. Patty says:

    Yeah for Passport America!! If you have time here in Monterey, would love to buy you a coffee and chat!

  4. Phyllis says:

    Can hear the joy in your words! Sacramento, that is the capital of California and you drove through it…..impressive.
    How did the veggie police treat you? Did you have to give up anything?

    Phyllis in Oklahoma

    • Hi Phyllis. Yes, I made it through Sacramento! I obeyed my GPS, stayed mostly in the right lane going 55-60, and I made it. If it weren’t for the fires I’d have gone a different route and avoided the big cities, and Donner Pass too. There still would have been many, many mountains though. In CA the speed limit on the freeway if you are towing is 55MPH. I love it! šŸ™‚

  5. ZenOnWheels says:

    Congratulations on making it over Donner Summit! Such a beautiful drive. I’m glad you were able to enjoy it.

    I’m up at Steamboat State Park in Washimgton. Luckily, the weather is cooperating, though there is no doubt that autumn has arrived.

    Wishing you safe and happy travels!

    • Hi Michael, you know I’m still not getting email notifications about your blog. Is anyone else experiencing this? It’s probably just me. When I re-subscribe it tells me it will come to ‘reader’. I don’t know what ‘reader’ is!
      Glad your weather is good. Seems like Washington isn’t having the rain that it usually has.
      Autumn in the air is nice….

  6. BadgerRickInWis says:

    Good job getting “over the hump.” I have a couple of questions if you would be so kind. Where do Joy and Shiloh ride when you are on the road? Do you have a bed made up for them in the crew cab part of the truck? Also I love your truck and trailer combo, do you have enough storage in the bed of the truck?. Lovin your blog, thanks for letting us tag along.

    • Hi Rick! I read in one of your comments on RVSue’s site that you are planning to full time too! That’s great!
      Yes, the crew cab….it’s the biggest one….is all set up for the dogs. The way I have it now, there are plastic bins on the floor in front of the seat. I used bins that are as close to the height of the seat as I could find. I have water jugs and dog things stored in them. I have the seat covered, and then I have some large rugs on the seat, extending over the bins so their feet don’t slip between any cracks.
      One problem….Joy is 11 and can’t jump up into the back seat anymore. I have a ramp of sorts with me, that isn’t working great. I have another one that isn’t with me that was too big and heavy and I had no where to put it. I just ordered another ramp from Amazon (Sue’s site), that I’ll be getting tomorrow. I’m HOPING this one will work better for Joy, and be of a size and shape that I can conveniently carry close at hand.
      Another option is that I can put the seats up in the back, or one of the seats up, and make a bed on the floor for Joy. Shiloh likes to look out the window constantly, so I could leave his part of the seat down. I’d lose storage space that way though.

      No….not enough storage space in the bed of the truck! But….it’s because I have too much stuff! At least that’s how I’m trying to look at it. Since I’ll be ‘home’ for a week now, I’m planning on going through everything and trying to figure out what I don’t need. It’s hard! I downsized so much, but it wasn’t enough! The problem is that I can’t get to a lot of things that are back there. If I can’t get to something when I need it without removing half (or more) of the stuff in the truck, then I might as well not have it with me.

      I know this reply is getting long but Rick let me tell you one more thing about the Ford F150/Casita combo. When the Casita is hooked up, you can’t put the tail gate down….not enough room. VERY inconvenient. It’s fixable, and when I get to the Casita Rally in Texas in October, Larry Gamble is going to fix it for me. In the mean time, it’s been a big pain! Otherwise I love towing the Casita with the F150, and I have the Eco-Boost, 6 cylinder, 2012.

      • BadgerRickInWis says:

        Thank you so much for the reply. I’m still a few years from full timing but if all goes according to plan my next vehicle will be my tow vehicle so info like this is very valuable to me. I won’t make this too long since you have a new post but maybe the continued downsizing / doggie ramp / organizing could make a future blog post? I would love to learn your philosophy of letting go of ‘stuff”.

  7. Dave & Skruffy ( says:

    Glad you made it over…and you are right, it is a real site to see! Also agree about the too fast drivers, it bothers me more when they tailgate our tow vehicle while we are using it for a day trip than it does when it is being towed. Had a guy from California today as we were going through Mesa Verde N.P. Grrrr. –Dave (

    • Hi Dave. Those California drivers! šŸ™‚ Sometime in November I should have my South Dakota license plates to match my South Dakota drivers license. Seriously though, when I first moved to CA about 27 years ago, I remember coming into the state on I80, towing a small UHaul trailer at that time, and it seemed like as soon as we crossed the CA state line the drivers went wild! Insanely fast driving over Donner Pass….I wondered if everybody had a death wish!

      I love Mesa Verde N P. I was there once for a very short time….like a day….and it is on my list of places to go back to and stay awhile. Enjoy!

  8. Debbie says:

    Just wanted to say I am enjoying reading about your adventures and new life. I am a longtime reader of RVSue also. I like how you write about everyday life and what is happening. Have fun.

    • Hi Debbie, so nice to find you here. I’ve noticed your comments on RVSue’s site. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog! I started writing in a diary someone gave me when I was in 4th grade, which became my journal when I was a little older and continued on with that through my life. Now it’s become my blog!

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