We cross the Colorado River into Arizona shortly after leaving camp in the morning.  The day is pleasant as we cross more bountiful desert and more beautiful mountains.  The colors of the rocks are slightly less subtle now as various shades of red and pink come into play.  As the elevation rises to between 5000 and 7500 feet in elevation the many small scrubby plants are replaced with small and hardy pines, and the temperature stays in the 70’s.

Our destination is Bonito Campground in Coconino National Forest.  The campground is situated beside Sunset Crater National Monument, the cone of a 1000 year old volcanoand a 32 mile loop that includes the Wupatki National Monument where there are ancient Anasazi ruins.  I’m concerned about getting a campsite there however, because it is a popular campground, and this is the weekend.

We finally arrive (just a tad over 200 miles today), and that concern turns out not to be a problem.  There are many empty sites and when I pay the camp host ($10 a night with Senior Pass) I find that many National Park Campgrounds in this area are closing Monday at 11am.  Bonito is one of them. I pay for the final two nights of the season.

There is no wifi here at all I am told.  It says “no service” on my phone and IPad.  I try the Joel Pole anyway, but as it turns out, no service really is ‘no service.’

I have set up camp so we hop back in JR and head back towards Flagstaff so I can post this.  I don’t want anyone worrying!  We’ll be here until Monday and if I decide to take a detour through the Navajo Reservation I may still not have wifi…it will depend on where I am there.  If I’m not on line for a few more days, you know why.  We will be back with stories and hopefully pictures when we return to the wifi world!

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9 Responses to Arizona

  1. John says:

    My recollection is that I was able to get some Verizon contact from a boondocking location directly west of you on the other side of the highway. If you like the area and want to stay a little longer you might try there. If I’m not mistaken, there is a Verizon tower at Gray Mountain – Bonito is in the mountain shadow but the other side of the road would be open.

  2. Hi John, the camp host told me I’d need to go 15 miles, but as it turns out it wasn’t anywhere near that far. Thanks for the info about the other campground.

  3. Ok was it Dusty Springfield who sang Needles And Pins, or was it Jackie DeShannon? Peggy found it by Jackie not Dusty so I think I goofed!

  4. Reine says:

    FYI, if you add Goldthwaite, TX as a via point in your Garmin it will route according to “Reine’s Route”. You’re making great progress. I figure you have five or six days of driving and at least 10 days to do it in if you leave Bonito on Monday.

  5. Isn’t it great how followers give fantastic information & help. I am certain if you went of air (so to speak) there would be a search party out lead by word of bloggers. ? Or grapevine as we say – enjoy yourself CHEERS. …

  6. Lynda Jerome says:

    Wow. You are in my back yard. There is so much to see in your area. Have you seen the Grand Canyon. North and South rim. Page, and Lake Powell has so much to offer. I could go on and on. Wish we could hook up, and that you had time to play tourist. See the San Francisto peeks near you? I have hiked to the top. What a view from up there. Lynda

    • Wow Lynda you have hiked to the top! OMG! They (The SF Peaks) are beautiful and covered with golden aspen now. I didn’t have time for very much sight seeing this time, but plan to do that as much as possible (allowing for weather) when I come back in November. I have visited AZ a number of times so have seen various places, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see them again. This time I want to be able to take my time.

  7. Hi Leslie, yes people are helpful, and I need all the help I can get! 🙂

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