Texas, And More Texas!

On Sunday the 18th, after a few disappointing attempts at a place to spend the night, we find a place that I like so much, we spend two nights; that is Cedar Ridge Campground, near Temple, Texas, a COE park (Corps Of Engineers).  These parks are usually, or maybe always, built around a reservoir , and the really nice treat is that they honor the “America The Beautiful” senior pass for a 50% camping discount.  In the section I stay in with 40 campsites, 4 are occupied.  The bathrooms in this area are closed, but I have my own bathroom so that isn’t  an issue.  I drive to the other camping area for use of the shower.  More people are camped in that section.

Lesson learned…if you want less company, camp where the bathrooms are closed. 🙂

Sunset on Sunday night

Sunset on Sunday night

Monday morning we take an early walk.  Shiloh is preoccupied with watching deer.  There are lots of deer to watch.  When they see us they stop grazing and stare.  Sometimes a few bound off and I know Shiloh wants to follow…uh-oh…I remind myself to let go of the leash rather than fall again, struggling to hold him back. There are no other dangers here, and no traffic.

Sure are enough, it happens!  He sees deer, ignores my commands to ‘stop!’ And when I realize trying to hold him back could land me on the ground again, I remember to let go of the leash.  Joy would like to follow him, but she obeys the ‘stop’ command.  She would have gone with him in her younger days, I’m quite sure.  I’m upset with Shiloh but rather than stand there and call, I turn and walk away.  He’s back by my side in about 60 seconds, though it feels like a long minute to me.

(Recently, when I’ve been concerned he will run off, and we are in an area with traffic or other dangers, I’ve been holding his collar, which gives me more control.  I’m also using the ‘Gentle Leader’ more often, which he doesn’t like, but he’d rather wear it than not go for a walk.

Joy says, ' I was a good girl, can we play now?'

Joy says, ‘ I was a good girl, can we play now?’

I’m running low on dog food, and there is a Petco in town, which is one of the reasons I wanted to stop near the city of Temple.  Joy and  Shiloh do well on Natural Balance food and Petco carries it. I bring them in the store with me since we have that option and it’s getting hot in the truck.  They are like kids in a candy store, and they have to touch everything…with their noses.  I let them have their fun…there is no rush.  And yes, they end up with some toys. 🙂

Back home again, they each get a bath.  Funny, they love slogging around in any muddy pond or stream we find…any water is great…except bath water!  But when the baths are over they love being towel dried, and become very excited and invigorated.  Oh boy….they wear me out!

As I write this, we have moved on and at last reached our destination of this Texas adventure, the Pine knot Casita Rally. (Why is it called ‘Pine Knot’?  I don’t know but I’ll try and find out:-). Wait till you see pictures of this little Casita village…so cute!

Next time!

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19 Responses to Texas, And More Texas!

  1. Mo says:

    So much fun to follow your travels with the fur babies!

  2. Ah! getting excited – here at last – will be interesting for sure -I bet u get a lot of info. & tricks on rv life here – the bloggers all appear to be sharing, caring folk – have a great time l am looking forward to pic’s. ..cheers for now

    • Had all kinds of mods done today on WS by the one and only Larry Gamble…the man who knows Casitas inside and out better than anyone else on earth. :-)))
      Everybody has info to share and it’s all good info. I’m here to learn, and I tell them that. I want all the advice they have to offer.

  3. I love it that Shilo came back within sixty seconds! His bond with you and Joy far outweighs his love of chasing deer~

  4. jonesgirl42 says:

    You and rvsueandhercaninecrew are inspiring me to follow in your steps or RV perhaps says it better.

    • Well alright Jonesgirl! It’s a big lifestyle change and I’m just getting started but I’m REALLY liking it. It’s a big learning curve…well it was for me with no experience camping in any kind of RV. I’m learning though and we are all adapting well, and I feel like this was the right decision for me at this point in my life. Think about it, learn about it… It takes time to prepare…especially the letting go of ‘stuff’ part!

  5. caroline in Seattle/ LasVegas says:

    It’s great to have the perspective of a fulltimer with large dogs, so I enjoy reading about the doggie escapades. Life with big dogs is much different that with little ones so I’m reading and learning. Mine would definitely not come back after 60 seconds, probably not after 60 minutes! Especially the border collie/cattle dog …. the chase and herd instinct outweighs anything else! Good boy, Shiloh!
    Where/how did you bathe them? do you just use a hose in the campground?
    Look forward to hearing about the rally and the mods. Keep the details coming! carol

    • Hi Caroline, yes, this time I bathed them using my hose with a nozzle attached to it, and hooked it to the campsite water. There are also do-it-yourself doggie washing places in some locations….even some Petcp/Petsmart’s have them.
      Then of course there was Shiloh’s first bath on the road, after he rolled in the cow pies, done with jugs of water and my shampoo.
      Two big dogs are definitely a challenge, but doable, even in a little Casita. My vet pointed out to me that our dogs ancestors live in caves and dogs instinctually like small dwellings so it’s something they would easily adapt to. He was right!
      They need to be walked frequently, and I try to let them run free when I can. Finding safe places for them to run free has been the biggest challenge on the road.

  6. Carol Jungwirth says:

    I am so enjoying your adventuress, photos and comments. Thank you for bringing me along on this journey.

  7. dawnbmoore says:

    Whew! So glad to hear Shiloh came back! I’m glad our dog Ari is trained to the collar and whistle. What fun to be in a Casita village–it’s always so incredible to be in a community of folks with common interests!

    • Hi Dawn,
      Mom didn’t do so good with teaching these kids to come back. I tried….not hard enough apparently.
      I’ve learned a lot being here with these Casita folks! Not about teaching dogs to come back though. 🙂

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