Route Changes

I’m only too happy to leave Bottomless Lakes State Park on Sunday morning. It actually does get seriously spooky for me there on Friday afternoon. Shortly after I pay for 2 more nights, a guy pitches his tent next to me who is giving off some very bad vibes. My intuition tells me to steer clear of him and I do but having him right next to me doesn’t feel comfortable at all. It’s the first time since I’m on the road that I feel this way about anyone.

I hitch up Saturday evening so I can leave early Sunday. It takes me all day Sunday to get over the creepy feelings. I’m heading into the rain but that’s better than staying where I was.

I arrive in Bernardo, NM in the pouring rain. I’m greeted warmly by the ladies at Kiva RV Park and Horse Motel. Their kindness and warmth wash away some of the anxiety I’m feeling. A glass of wine with my feet up in WS while the rain falls helps too. I recheck weather reports for Gallup, where I’m heading tomorrow. What! Sixteen degrees on Monday night! When did this develop?! I can’t voluntarily drive into 16 degrees. I’d be warm enough inside, but what I’m concerned about it the pipes on the outside.

I begin searching for another route. Gallup is the coldest but there seems to be a wall of cold air heading east…a very long wall, north to south. I consider doing a double day of driving and just plow on through it, but even 400 miles west, Monday night will be in the 20’s. It looks like my best bet is to head south west, to Deming, NM, about 35 miles from the Mexican boarder. Monday night temps there are to be in the low 40’s. Tuesday night I can be in Tucson if I want to be, and hopefully safe from sustained sub freezing temperatures.

On Monday it’s a pleasant drive south on I25, then Hwy 26, where I run into a few raindrops, but when I arrive in Deming, the rain has passed and the sun is starting to shine.

I check into a senior RV Park…ha!…walk Joy and Shiloh, do laundry, shower, and decide to make butternut squash soup! Yum! I also used a big yam, and some carrots in the soup. Really tasty!

I have a deadline to meet to be in Monterey, CA, but it’s still 10 days away, (8 or 9 would be better). If I had loads of time I’d love to explore this area and on into my route into Arizona. I’ll be saving most of that for my return, starting in December!

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8 Responses to Route Changes

  1. Ego says:

    Heads up, watch your phone for roaming when you’re near a borderline (Canada – Mexico). The phone may jump towers and you’ll be charged. We are looking at trailers next week, I’ll keep you posted.

  2. ZenOnWheels says:

    I’m really glad to see that you are listening to your gut with regard to whether it’s safe to stick around when you get a creepy vibe from a neighbor. That was a very smart move!

    Good luck keeping ahead of the cold.

    • Hi Michael, im in Tucson tonight and it’s in the mid 50’s, so my tactic is working so far.
      Wondering how you are feeling about your time on the road now that it’s over, and are you excited about getting back on the road again? Anything major that you would change?
      I hope I haven’t missed a blog where you address things like this. 🙂

  3. Marsha says:

    We’ve had that too with vibes from a campground or person in the campground. On our Fall color tour we wanted to stay at one of our favorite campgrounds, but the only other person there gave off a bad vibe (this from just driving around). Didn’t help that it was rainy.

    We also prefer not to be the only person in a rustic campground with no host. Had a bad experience years ago with a motorcycle “gang” pulling in after dark, drinking, swearing and being generally obnoxious.

    You may be able to change the settings on your phone to “deny data roaming access.”

    • I. checked the settings on my phone and see that I have ‘data roaming’ turned off, so I guess that’s something I don’t have to worry about. Thank you for making me aware of that!
      One thing about camping, you don’t know who your neighbors will be. Usually they are fine.
      Listening to gut feelings is important, and so is common sense. I don’t want fear to rule me. Finding a balance where caution is involved is a learning experience. It must have been way uncomfortable when the obnoxious group joined you!

  4. Phyllis says:

    There are always things to learn, I am going to check my phone. Not that I am getting close to any borders but to learn how to find it when I need to.

    Roswell folks or people that gravitate to Roswell are just special. My son had a baseball tournament there years ago. When you think about it, people who believe in extra terrestrials can be all over the spectrum. Nice to have 2 big scary dogs when scary man in tent is next to you. I sure was disappointed you weren’t able to hang around that campground for a while. Your making me dizzy, your traveling so much. Sounds like you have to get back to California.

    Safe travels,

    • Yes I do have to get back to CA. Actually I am now, but have a ways to go before I’m in the right part of CA. This is not how I want to continue my journey. I don’t want to be running to and fro like I am now. I want to be able to settle. I’m LONGING to be able to sit still for awhile. After Thanksgiving I should have some time to just relax. Looking SO forward to it!
      I love having my dogs with me. Most people don’t find them scary, but Shiloh actually does play the guardian role very well and I know he would protect me. Joy would too if she sensed danger. Under normal circumstances she just licks people to death.

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