California Here I Come!

Right back where I started from!

Tuesday November 4, I stop in Tucson. Where there was nothing but desert 16 years ago, there is now an RV park, and I choose to stay at this one because it’s right across the street from where my mom lived from about 1986 to 1996. I’m excited to see the place and take pictures to show her!

But everything has changed so much! Where there was nothing but desert there are now homes and McDonalds and gas stations….and this gigantic RV park. I’m shocked at the changes. It’s right next to Tucson Estates which is a huge and very nice manufactured home area for age 55+.

I find her old street, Red Sky Circle, on Google Maps because I can’t recognize anything, even though I know it has to be right across the street. Joy, Shiloh and I walk there…and I find a completely locked community. I can’t get in. I’m trying to recognize her home…it was right near the swimming pool. I lean over brick walls to take pictures! What’s sad is that some of the businesses and homes have bars on the windows and doors now…the neighborhood has changed…

Next I walk to the hardware store. I ask if Joy and Shiloh can come in with me, and they are welcomed. They LOVE the attention they get! I make a purchase, and we go home. I leave the dogs in the air conditioned WS and hurry back to a little gift store…the only store I actually remember. I want to buy my mom something there. I don’t know if she will remember the place, or even remember living here for that matter. I watch the retired couples walking around, tending to their business. I fight back the tears. My mom, and my dad when he was alive, loved living in Tucson. I wish that they could both still be enjoying this. All kinds of emotions and memories come up. After I am done in CA in November I’ll be returning here at some point soon. There are more things I need to do here…

Wednesday I end up in Tonopah, AZ. If you blink you missed it. The couple next door love the dogs…their Golden passed recently. They invite us for wine under the full moon. Well… Joy and Shiloh get a snack. We talk like we’ve known each other for years.

Thursday morning, November 6, I have decided to cross back into CA today. I collect my fruits and veggies and take them to the couple who shared wine with me last night…can’t take those items into California. At the agricultural inspection station I’m the only one around on Hwy 62. The young ladies ask me about my produce and I tell them I gave it away this morning. They are pleased with that news but they keep me a few minutes as they play with the dogs. Joy and Shiloh are delighted to have people come up to the window and hug them! One gal has 4 dogs, all rescues and one is at the vet being neutered as we speak.

On we go through the California desert. I’ve been driving through the desert for 3 days now but the landscape never gets boring. Sometimes hills, mountains, buttes, some wild and crazy rock formations, flat, various colors and different plants. What an amazing earth! I’m so in love!

(Having trouble with pictures again! Will try to put them in a separate post.)

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5 Responses to California Here I Come!

  1. Phyllis says:

    Beautiful, descriptive, and heartfelt post. I could envision you trying to get a glimpse of your parents old neighborhood. My one and only time in Tuscon was about 5 years ago. It was a brief stop at the In and Out Burger Joint. My son, his girlfriend, and I were trying to avoid the blizzard on I-40 going back to Oklahoma from Las Vegas during Christmas.

    Your always connecting with people and drinking wine. Dogs sure do start a conversation with people that is for sure.

    Looking forward to your continued adventures you lucky woman!
    Phyllis in Oklahoma

  2. Pam says:

    I so enjoy reading about your adventures, Mick. I didn’t know your mom and dad lived there. Last time I heard they were living on North Ave in Mt. Clemens. And I don’t understand one thing, you can’t have fruit in Calif??? Seems odd to me that you can’t have a few pieces in your RV or whatever to munch on when driving there. Enjoy your wandering!!!!!

    • Laura says:

      Hi Pam, I’m a California friend of Micky’s 🙂 The deserts and mountains that ‘surround’ California make for natural breaks and barriers for agricultural pests, but the highways allow for all sorts of stuff to get here easily. Our fruit and vegetables are a huge part of the economy (virtually all of the almonds, lettuces, and many many fruit varieties come only from California) so special care is taken that we humans don’t bring in potential problems. Hence, the agricultural inspection. There is currently a bug infesting citrus near San Jose, so there is a quarantine on taking any of your home-grown citrus away from the quarantine area. Hope people listen to it, I don’t want those little guys attacking my orange, lemon and lime (cocktail!) trees! Hope this all makes sense – I know Micky would reply, but I couldn’t help myself. I take it pretty seriously, obviously 🙂

    • Hi Pam,
      Hope you saw where Laura answered your question about fruit and veggies. Once I’m back in the state I can get more, keep them here, take them out of state…it doesn’t matter. But you can’t bring anything in. I’m sure people do. They probably hide it, and the inspection people can’t tear apart everyone’s trailer searching, but as someone who cares about the situation, I’ll give it away, cook it, eat it, or whatever. I made cole slaw the day before I crossed into CA, fried potatoes and onions that morning and refrigerated it, and ate an avocado and and orange for breakfast.

      Finally tomorrow I’ll get to a decent grocery store in Mojave, CA.

      My mom and dad moved from North Ave to Tucson. Before they moved they were snow birds for 2 years. They moved in Oct of 80 and my dad passed away in the spring of 81. A few years later my mom remarried, and Billie passed away in 96. Shortly after that we moved my mom to CA. She brought everything except her fruits and veggies. :-))). Sorry, couldn’t resist.

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