Time Flies!

It’s been a long time since I’ve written!

After driving up the Big Sur coast November 12, with a stop at Napenthe to enjoy the view and a cup of their wonderful coffee, we make our way to Salinas where I’ll be staying with my friend Mary. I park WS on the street beside her house, and stay in Mary’s extra bedroom.

Vegan pizza at Mary's house!

Vegan pizza at Mary’s house!

November 15 I go with Jason and Mandy to Modesto for the engagement party her parents are giving them. Before the party Mandy and I go to the bridal shop where all the girls in her wedding party meet and pick out the dresses they will wear in the wedding. What fun!

With little time to spare we go to our hotel and get ready for the party, then take a taxi to her parents home. The sight that greets us when we arrive is about as romantic as you can imagine. It’s dark outside by now and the front of the house is lit with well over 100 candles, and there are white flowers planted for the occasion.

Can you say Romance!

Can you say Romance!


Inside the house is also lit with candles, as is the canopy covered back yard. Seventy to eighty people welcome Jason to the family. There is lots of dancing and lots of champagne. Also a lovely cake.

Getting in practice for the next cake.  :-)

Getting in practice for the next cake. 🙂

Inside, a nice picture of the happy couple.

Inside, a nice picture of the happy couple.

We get back to our hotel about 3am!

Sunday afternoon I’m back in Salinas. Mary has taken good care of Joy and Shiloh for me and I appreciate that so much!

Monday the 17th I pack up WS and we head to Seaside, about 17 miles away, to stay by Terri’s house for the week. Back in the ‘home place’ again I have lots of errands to run, doctors to see (and the vet), and I visit my mom every other day or so.

My South Dakota license plates have arrived in the mail and friend Phil puts them on WS and JR for me.

Phil putting on the SD plates in such a way that they are not easy to remove.

Phil putting on the SD plates in such a way that they are not easy to remove.

I should be very officially from South Dakota now!

I should be very officially from South Dakota now!

Saturday November 22 I hook up before the rain starts and head back to Mary’s house. She left this morning for a dream vacation to Hawaii and I will be house sitting for her while she is away.

Sunday morning Patty and I meet for coffee and compare notes on places we’ve traveled. She and her husband have been to some beautiful places in Utah and Nevada.

Later in the afternoon Laura and Joel (Pole) come over for a visit, and bring the ingredients for the most delicious margaritas with a syrup they made from blackberries they picked on Bainbridge Island in August. They also bring all the fixings for a wonderful vegan meal….and they prepare it. Joel has been gathering parts to fix the speaker system in WS, and that project now comes together and IT WORKS!! It was broken during one of my good bye parties so I’ve never gotten to use it….till now. It hooks up to my iPod and sounds wonderful!
Also, I just received a new wireless printer from Amazon and Joel programs that for me, and it works perfectly! Thank you Joel for all your help. (He is also the creator of the Joel Pole.)

You can see the Joel Pole in tis picture.

You can see the Joel Pole in tis picture.

I shopped at Whole Foods the other day.  I love to shop there!

I shopped at Whole Foods the other day. I love to shop there!

Lots of dog walks, as usual.

Lots of dog walks, as usual.


The last roses of summer?  Not really...not in this neck of the woods anyway.

The last roses of summer? Not really…not in this neck of the woods anyway.

My next project between visits to my mom (oh and a soak in Mary’s hot tub this morning:-), is to figure out where I go from here. Now I will be able to travel more like I had in mind from the beginning…take my time, spend longer in an area, and relax. I’ve been spending LOTS of money on gas, and haven’t really had time to figure out much about boon docking areas….until now! Last night and this morning I’ve been pouring over maps, and reading old posts from RVSue. Two years ago right about now she was in the area of southern CA, and AZ that I’d like to spend some time in, before I go on to the Tucson area.

This is fun, and I’m excited!

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11 Responses to Time Flies!

  1. Cat Lady in Baton Rouge, LA says:

    That pizza looks delicious. What all do you have on it? I’m trying to cut down on my meat consumption and this does look appetizing.

    Glad you’re finally slowing down and will be able to travel at a more leisurely pace for you and the fur babies. I’m really happy for you. Enjoy…you’ve earned it.

    Cat Lady in Baton Rouge, LA.

    • Hi Cat Lady,
      The pizza! I do have to say it was YUMMY! I make the sauce with a can of tomato paste as the base, and then I start adding things in. I put the juice from marinated artichoke hearts in there, juice from some olives, Italian spices, about a teaspoon of usage, minced garlic, salt and pepper.
      The veggies on the pizza were various olives, the marinated artichoke hearts, red bell pepper, baby spinach, mushrooms, and green onions. I used two kinds of vegan cheese which were Daiya And Tofu Rella. It was the first time I used the 2nd one.

  2. Reine says:

    Good to hear that the party went well. It’s always exciting to be around for the milestones in our kids lives. Enjoy planning the next several months.

  3. John says:

    You will enjoy boondocking near Borrego Springs CA at Peg Leg Monument, and Mittry Lake , Redondo Pond, and Kool Corners all near Yuma AZ. There are lots more but these are great safe starters.

  4. ED says:

    Blocking out the license plate in a photo has some merit IF you live in a sticks-n-bricks and you are afraid that someone is going to use the plate to find your address. However, when living full time on the road in a RV I am curious what the reason might be?

    If I know your license plate number is that going to help me find you at Mary’s where you are house sitting?

    Happy hunting for a place to stay in southeast CA or southwest AZ!

    • Thanks Ed! Ideas for places to go next are starting to come together.

      The reason for blocking my license plate number was not to keep YOU from seeing it Ed. It’s the fact that ANYONE can look at this site and to tell the truth, I don’t know what they might want to do with those numbers. You are probably right and it’s likely no one could do me wrong by seeing those plates on line, but I’ve experienced identity theft in the past and I figure I can never be too careful.

  5. Laura says:

    Lovely lovely post, and it’s so nice to see so many photos! Mandy and Jason’s party sounded so romantic, and of course it’s always nice to see a mention of the Joel Pole 🙂 (He’s happy to hear that your sound system is rocking you again!)

    Ironic ad on your page – for the frozen meat products at fast food McD. I am using someone else’s laptop – but I’ll load this page on my own later and see if I get the same ad. My vegan friend pushing frozen meat? I think not!! 🙂
    hugs – L

    • Aaaurgh!! Thanks for letting me know Laura! I don’t have control over the ads that show up on my blog, and I never see them. I thought about that when I understood that ‘there may occasionally be an ad in this area of your blog’. I cringed to think what might appear there.
      What ever ad you see there is not approved by me, ever.

      Loving that the sound system is working!!

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