As in ORANGES. As in Orange Grove RV Park, where I am now, near Bakersfield.

I think orange is my new favorite color. There are oranges everywhere in and around this RV park, and campers are allowed to pick the ones in the park.

I got carried away taking pictures of oranges. Aren’t they beautiful?





Something I wanted to mention….

Laura mentioned that there was a McDonalds ad here on my site. Sad Sad Sad! I don’t have control over what ads WordPress uses here and I don’t even see them, so I don’t know what they are unless someone tells me. Just so you know, I don’t endorse McDonalds.

I do endorse oranges though! 🙂

When we leave the oranges, we’ll be heading to the boonies! Yay!

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10 Responses to Orange

  1. Pam says:

    It’s orange season here too. I love the ruby red grapefruit

  2. Krystina says:

    Hey there. Great pics! Are you going to stay in an RV park all winter? I am in the Tier Drop RV Park probably until March in Wellton AZ. About 30 miles East of Yuma. Love it here….so much to do. I am exhausted!!!

    • Hi Krystina. I’ve been wondering what you are up to! Sounds like you found a nice place. If it works out, I’m heading for BLM land near Barstow next. I’ll wait till the week-enders start heading home before I try this.
      Lots depends on the weather for me. After I attempt this dispersed situation I may go on to the Joshua Tree area or I may beeline down to Az somewhere…just playing it by ear!

  3. Else says:

    Which boonies are you heading to next? Although, if it is the boonies, I probably wouldn´t know where they are even if you tell me…
    Keep up the reports- so enjoyable to read! When I grow up, I want to be brave like you and go on a similar adventure!

    • Hi Elsa. The thing is, I don’t think I grew up, cuz now I get to play!

      The area I plan to head for is near Barstow and it’s called Owl Canyon Campground. It’s run by the Bureau of Land Management. (BLM). It has campsites with covered picnic tables. No hookups, and you have to pack your trash out. If by chance that doesn’t work out there are some other BLM areas around Barstow that I can try.

      As far as brave…naa. I’m just determined to do my dream. What takes being brave is to do the job you do every day at CHOMP. After that, life on the road is a piece of cake.

  4. Marcia GB in MA says:

    They are beautiful! What a nice place to be.

  5. dawnbmoore says:

    Gorgeous! Have never seen oranges on a tree before! Happy camping! We’re headed down to Q & then Yuma the first of the year after a stop at AM Solar to get our install done!

  6. Hi Dawn. That’s great to hear about your solar. What kind of setup are you getting? Also, where are you coming from?

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