Sunset, and the night

Such quiet drama!

Such quiet drama!





I hope you aren’t getting tired of sunrises and sunsets. Each one is so individual…such majestic, awe inspiring announcements to the day and to the night.

Rain was in the forecast, so before we come in for the night I put things away in case it starts during the night.

Around 4am I awake to the sound of thunder in the mountains. Thunder in the mountains just rumbles on and on, never ending…gusts of wind through Owl Canyon gently rock us. No rain yet, but it’s coming. So cozy in here…I start to drift off… Then suddenly I remember the Joel Pole! It’s still up out there and where there is thunder there is lightening. Probably not the best idea to have it up and hooked into my tv antenna outlet….which means…I grab the flash light and the wrench and out I go into the night at 4:15. Of course Joy and Shiloh won’t have any part of staying inside with all the excitement, so I hook them to their tie out and they join me, sniffing the wind.

In a few minutes we are back inside. I unhook the tie outs and help Joy into bed. She needs a step which is also a storage container under the bed. I pull it out, she steps up. I turn and shut the door, turn off the flash light and get in bed. Shiloh had been sleeping in a dog bed near the door.

I’m in bed listening to the wind and feeling cozy. Fifteen minutes or so goes by, and I hear a new sound….I hear a dog bark. Could this be my first Coyote ? But it doesn’t found like a coyote…no…it sounds like…SHILOH! What the…??

I turn on the light and sure enough he’s not here. I jump out of bed and open the door and in he bounds! He must have gone back outside when I was helping Joy into bed, and since I was only using the flashlight I didn’t see that he was missing.

He gives me the saddest, most hurt and forlorn look he can muster. I shower him with many ‘ohhh, pooor baby’ type phrases, and he only looks even more forlorn. Not to be forgotten again, he jumps up on the bed to spend the rest of the night cuddling.

Taken as I write this

Taken as I write this

And yes, there is still room for me in there! 🙂

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6 Responses to Sunset, and the night

  1. Reine says:

    When it rains and we’re cozy inside I’m always grateful that we’re in our cozy Casita and not in the tent we used to have. Warm and dry with bathroom and kitchen at hand is the best way to spend a rainy day.

    • And that is how we spent our day! When it stopped raining later in the afternoon we finally went for our walk. When we came back I ran the generator for about 45 minutes. That was a quick easy way to get the battery nicely charged up. No one near enough to hear it anyway.

  2. caroline in Seattle/ LasVegas says:

    Had to chuckle about poor Shiloh, but I don’t feel too sorry for him …. he’s certainly spoiled and loved. I think all of us have accidentally locked a dog outside at some point. Easy to do when you have more than one.
    Great photos. The desert certainly has it’s own beauty and certainly some remarkable sunsets and sunrises. Look forward to hearing about your experiences this winter.

    • Yes and he’s the one who jumped out the door when I had my back turned! Tonight I see he’s decided to sleep on the bed rather than by the door. Less likely to get missed that way. 🙂

      And I’m looking forward to writing about my experiences this winter….learning as I go along.

  3. Laura says:

    Poor Shiloh, but I’m glad he didn’t run off, and returned to the warm ‘pack bed’. Thank goodness that Shiloh is more of a cuddler than a wanderer.
    I wonder if there is a way to make the Joel Pole into a lightning rod as well, if a ground wire would work. I guess your tires are the ‘ground’ but I’m just generally wondering about how to stay safe while in weathering a storm in a tin can 🙂 I know, I’ll ask Joel!
    When we’ve traveled on the tandem and run into lightning, we’ve gotten off the bike and sat down in a ditch at the side of the road. The first time that happened was during our honeymoon. It’s happened since. Romantic, huh?

  4. Yes Shiloh is quite the cuddlier isn’t he. My thought is that when he got out the door he ran off for about two minutes thinking what a fun joke this was, then when I didn’t call or come after him probably came back to find the door shut and waited around for awhile for it to open. When it didn’t, he barked, thank goodness.

    The trailer is fiberglass, which I think is a good thing, but I’ve seen discussion about that somewhere…Casita Forum or RVSues blog…about the advantages and disadvantages of that in regards to lightening, but now I can’t remember what they were.

    Snuggled up in a ditch, probably wrapped in plastic? Mmm, sounds great! 🙂 The ditches here start filling with brown muddy water quite rapidly. I hope that’s not what happened with your ditch!

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