Exploring Ajo and Why

January 28

After a walk with Joy and Shiloh, we set out early to start exploring the area. Too early, because the Ajo visitors center isn’t open yet. I don’t feel like waiting around…so off we go to find the two main BLM camping areas nearby.

First we come to Darby Wells Road. No problem to find it, since there is a big road sign a short way out of town. We drive down the road a bit before I start to see an RV here and there. There are not many, yet there is one in every space that is fairly ‘convenient’, and won’t require pulling WS over a difficult road area.

I’m not feeling good about the place like I thought I would, which is a disappointment. I’m learning to go with my gut though (thanks Gibbs, NCIS). 🙂

I get back on the main road and head south towards Why which is less than 10 miles from where I am. Ajo is small with a population of less than 4000, but Why is infinitesimal with less than 200 folks.

I use Allstays on my iPad to find the BLM area that I’m looking for. When the dot that is ‘me’ gets to the spot on the map where BLM area is I pull over and look around. Between piles of gravel and dirt by the side of the road I see the way I should go…I see the cattle guard I need to cross and then I see RV’s dotting the desert. I already feel better here! I see a sign board and a group of people and their dogs, talking. No the dogs aren’t talking, I mean the people are. I’m not in Narnia. I stop to talk, too. I tell them I am scouting for a spot and they tell me there are lots of spots, and they give advice as to which roads to try. They tell me there has been a lot of road erosion here in the past couple of years.

The roads I try are ok, the desert is beautiful, and there are enough people and RV’s around to make me feel comfortable, but not so many as to make it seem crowded.
This place gets my vote!

I also stop into ‘Coyote Howls’, a unique RV camping area nearby. It has two parts with about a half mile between them. ‘West’ has hookups and is small. ‘East’ has no hookups and is 200 acres of land, dump sites, water spigots, showers, laundry, and trash removal. East is $9 a night, $40 a week, or $130 a month.

We head back to Ajo and now the visitor center is open. I stop in for maps of the area, and ask a few questions. The most pressing is, “I’ve heard there is a dog park in town. Where is it?” I’m shown Bud Walker Park on the map and off we go.

We spend two hours there! When we arrive, the other folks there are gathered around the picnic table. Turns out they are all from the same RV park where I’m staying. While throwing balls we compare notes on travel. The dogs are enjoying themselves and it’s a nice visit for the humans, too.

Before going back to camp I stop at Olsens Market, mostly too look, though I do buy some greens. Oh, and some chocolate. :-). It’s a grocery store that doubles as a hardware store. I make two more stops before heading home, at resale shops. I end up with two books.

Speaking of books, I’ve just finished “The Children Of First Man”, by James Alexander Thom. It’s the third book by this author that I’ve read. This story is a Native American history (fiction based of fact) that takes place between the years of 1169 and 1838. Thom does a huge amount of research for his writing, so there is a lot to be learned by reading his books. More than 20 years ago I read his book “Follow The River” which is just excellent and left a lasting impression on me. The other one I read recently was “Panther In The Sky”, which I also enjoyed.

Anyway, back at the RV park I’ve decided to stay here for a full week, mostly due to rain forecasts. I go to the office and pay up! $144 for the week. After the rent I’ve paid in California for so many years, $144 for a week almost feels free.

My current plan…next week head out to the BLM near Why! In the meantime, explore the area near me and spend lots of time at the dog park!

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16 Responses to Exploring Ajo and Why

  1. Linda Duncan says:

    Oh, I loved that book “Follow the River”! I loved it so much, I bought my own copy…and I reread it every year or so.

    • I had a copy of “Follow The River” too Linda! I loaned it to someone years ago and I don’t remember who. It’s on my Amazon want list and I will buy it again eventually. I can’t remember if it’s Kindle, but if so, I’ll end up with that one.

  2. Dave & Skruffy (GoingRvWay.com) says:

    Don’t know if you follow the “Wheeling it” (www.wheelingit.us) blog, but Nina just posted her first of four parts “Boondocking For Newbies”. It is wonderful, and a must read for you. –Dave (GoingRvWay.com)

    • I do follow Wheeling It Dave! I saw Nina’s Part 1, it was great! I even commented on it, and that may be the first time I commented there. 🙂
      Wheeling It is a great blog for anyone interested in learning the ropes of RVing…especially full timing and boondocking. Nina has written so many reviews of boondocking camp areas, and they are really excellent reviews, complete with pictures. She also gives practical advice about everything to do with RVing.

  3. Ruby Red says:

    So glad to hear you are somewhere you like – – and that you really follow your instincts and leave a place you don’t get a good feeling about. The books sound wonderful thanks for the recommendation – look forward to reading them!.

  4. Hi Marie. I wanted to feel good about Darby Wells Rd, so I was disappointed when I didn’t. BUT…it was really clear this wasn’t the right place for me. It was a strong feeling.

    The books…yes! I think you would really get into Follow The River, and the others too, actually.

  5. Lynda Jerome says:

    Hi. Lynda Jerome here. I am interested in your Alexander Thom books. Will order Follow the River tonight. Right down my alley. Happy to hear you are enjoying the Why, Ajho area. I went through there the first of December. Interesting area. Have fun.

  6. Reine says:

    Glad you’re listening to your gut and not camping somewhere because someone else said it was great. Not everyone is comfortable in the same surroundings. Some folks don’t want to see anyone around and others like a little bit of not too close company. The key to enjoying the RV life or camping in general is to find the best fit for you.

    • Hi Reine, for so long I’ve tried to learn to listen to that little voice inside…and I’ll always be trying to learn, I think. But this like it kind of shouted at me. 🙂

      One thing that I think is interesting though…spending a lot of time alone out here, relying on myself a lot, I think I’m finally at long last, starting to get to know me. Strange as that sounds…

  7. Hi Lynda, let me know what you think of Follow The River after you read it, ok?
    I’m really enjoying experiencing the different ways of life, climates, and terrains as I travel. This planet and all that is upon it …so much diversity in the small bit of it that I have seen…amazing!

  8. Carmen Moore says:

    It’s always good to listen to your gut! Gip and did that often when we spent 6 months RVing around the United States. Glad it has been enjoyable for you…keep safe and well!

    • The challenge is to quiet my head that is busy yacking at me. Would like to learn to meditate now that life is not as full of distractions as it used to be…or at least I am more at liberty to choose the distractions.

  9. Rambler2b says:

    Hi Micky! Love reading about your adventures. I really need to fix up the RV, take some time off go camping. I am having withdrawal symptoms! Miss you and your babies!

  10. Hi Mary, I miss you! I can’t encourage you enough to do just that! I often think about how much you would be enjoying this or that if you were here…

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