The Beauty Of Nature

Beauty is everywhere.  We only need to open our eyes, listen, sniff…



We can see it, hear it, smell it, touch it, taste it, and even feel it in our souls and spirits.



It’s present in spring, summer, fall and winter.





Day and night…where ever there is nature.



The beauty of nature helps open our hearts, relieve our stress, and see the bigger picture.  It gives us a small glimpse of our Creator.



Meditate on a wildflower in the forest…or a rose in your garden for two minutes and see what happens in your heart and mind.

IMG_0970 IMG_2535

Let the birds speak to you…


Plant a little garden and taste the freshness.


It’s easy to be thankful for beauty all around me….and so I am.

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5 Responses to The Beauty Of Nature

  1. Ruby Red says:

    Thanks for sharing that breath of spring and life

  2. Kathy says:

    I would like to hear more about Mary’s adventure with her Prius. Does she have a blog? I’m thinking about keeping my house and traveling in a minivan or prius. Thanks

  3. rambler2b says:

    Hi Kathy, this is Mary here. I have a blog, it is I am still working full time and I have really be dragging my feet to get the blog entries in. I am so inspired by Micky’s blog that I will try and start posting my adventures more regularly. I have a small RV. A Toyota Sunrader which i love, but it is about 30 yrs old and getting harder and harder to keep up. Plus, I hate to drive it to places I might like to visit, like a museum or store. The Prius RV thing really satisfies a lot of criteria for me. It is easy to drive, fairly comfortable and easy to maintain. Just takes a bit of planning to organize and take just the bare essentials with you. I would love to discuss it with you anytime!

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