What Do You DO All Day?

What does one do all day, when camped at an RV park?

I’m not sure what you would do, but I’ll tell you what I do…but first I want to post this picture for Kathy. In ‘comments’ from my last blog she was asking about getting a van vs. a truck. She is on the short side, as am I, and she was wondering about getting in and out of the truck bed.

tailgate step, open

tailgate step, open

This is the tailgate step I was trying to explain. Normally it lives inside the tailgate. It pulls out very easily.

Also Kathy, since you asked about vans, I’ve met my neighbors who tow with one. They gave me a peek inside theirs, which is a commercial type with no second seat. There is loads of space and they like it because they can keep their bicycles back there…two regular ones and a ‘bicycle built for two’ fit easily with lots of room left over.

**Ok, so back to the original question….what do I DO all day? Well, one thing is that I get to meet my temporary neighbors and learn all kinds of things, as you can see above! RVer’s tend to be a friendly bunch. I’m quite a bit on the shy side, but I find if I smile, often enough conversations can start easily. My dogs especially, are excellent conversation starters.

**I’m planning our summer! I’ll be in my home area until the end of May, and then the plan is to head north, and first spend some time with the Big Trees along the California coast. Last year when I went through the area I didn’t have much time to spend there, but after reading “Zen On Wheels” blog about his adventures, I knew I wanted to take my time in that area this year.

In July I’ll be on or near the Oregon coast. My vision is for Joy and Shiloh to be running along those empty, wide, sandy beaches that they enjoyed so much last year. Then on we go into Washington, this time spending a couple of weeks on the Olympic Peninsula in the rainforest and on the beaches. August should find us slowly making our way to Glacier National Park, where we will spend a week at St. Mary before heading up into Canada to visit friends Shirlee and Doug, and camping in some spectacular, super dog friendly places near their ‘stomping ground’.

Plans after I leave them around September 1 are still fuzzy, but I’m thinking along the lines of Banff National Park, and Yellowstone, and ???

I’m working on reservations now, for critical times and places. Independence Day and Glacier NP are taken care of so far.

**There are always walks to take. Our walks here have revealed some pretty spring wildflowers.

Morning Glories!

Morning Glories!

The flower lined walk.

The flower lined walk.

It rained two nights ago, and by walking time in the morning, the sun was shining. The fragrance of the flora was amazing, as the sun warmed the wet leaves and wildflowers.

See the raindrops, still clinging to the flowers?

See the raindrops, still clinging to the flowers?

Uvas Pines RV Park has been a nice place to stay for a week. We are situated beside Uvas Creek, where the dogs have enjoyed dips on warm afternoons.

Uvas Creek, a nice place for Joy and Shiloh to cool off.

Uvas Creek, a nice place for Joy and Shiloh to cool off.

A couple of miles down the road is Uvas Reservoir, where they have also been for a couple of swims.

Uvas Reservoir

Uvas Reservoir

**Reading! I’ve started my 6th book this month. ๐Ÿ™‚

**Morgan Hill Dog Park. We’ve been spending a lot of time there recently. It’s not too far a drive from where we are camping, and was just slightly farther from Betabel RV Park, where we were the week before. Part of next week we will still be in the general area, so I hope to get Joy and Shiloh there a couple of more times. It’s a great place for them to run and play and roll in the grass. Last time we were there , there were 7 Goldens there together! Plus there was a Husky, some labs and plenty of mixes…just no end to the playmates. The park has a separate area for small dogs.

An then there are always the less fun happenings:

**I get my glasses fixed…again! One day at the dog park I bent down to greet an excited 1 year old Golden, who in his exuberance, sent my glasses flying off my head. A lens popped out, so my next stop was at a local optometrists office, where they fixed the problem in 5 minutes.

**We almost had a flat tire! Driving into town one day, JR started making dinging sounds and gave me a message “Low Tire Pressure!” Thank goodness she warned me that she was having an issue, because I hadn’t noticed. I held my breath and drove to the nearest gas station which was 2 or 3 miles away. I checked the tire pressure and found the right front one to be about 10 pounds down, and I could see the nail that was causing the problem. I was directed to the nearest tire repair place, a couple more miles away. Twenty minutes and $10 later, the hole was plugged and we were on our merry way. I’m watching it now, and so far, 6 days later, it’s maintaining pressure. I could have the spare put on, but I’m not sure if that’s necessary. Anyone have thoughts on that idea?

So these are a few of the things that I do, while camping in an RV park. Today I’ll pack up and hitch up and move on to a new place not too far away. Not sure about internet there, but I’ll let you know what’s up when I can.

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7 Responses to What Do You DO All Day?

  1. BadgerRickInWis says:

    Sounds like a great life if you ask me.

    I’m not a mechanic but I have driven thousands of miles on a tire after it was plugged and we routinely plug tires on the fleet vehicles at work. As long as you have the tire pressure monitoring system and worse case if there’s a problem deep in the boonies you know how to change the spare yourself I wouldn’t worry about it.

    Also I’m thrilled to hear that you are headed north. I to followed Michael;s adventures last year and can’t wait to see what;s in store for you and your gang.

    Question: Early on you mentioned how you were struggling to keep everything in JR organized and felt you had too much stuff. Are you feeling more organized about that? I ask because my next step is to buy the TV and I’m struggling between a truck and a SUV. I want to have a travel space for one dog but still have enough room for what I need. As always thanks so much for taking the time to share your adventures with us.

    • Thanks for the tire info BadgerRick. I had a plugged tire on my Civic for a long time too, and it was fine, but I’m happy to have thoughts from people who know something about this.

      I’m doing much better with the organization now that I’m carrying less stuff with me, in both JR and WS. At first I spent a great deal of time finding things, and in the case of jr getting to things, even if I thought I knew where they were. It’s a lot better now and I hope to make it better yet when I set off in June again. I’m still continuing to decrease my load. ๐Ÿ™‚

      You reminded me that my first thoughts about a tow vehicle, even before I thought about the truck idea, was that I was going to use a Honda Pilot. After I thought about it, I realized there was just no way there would be enough room in a Pilot for me, Two big dogs, AND my stuff. Then I went to the truck idea. I’d forgotten about that until you mentioned the SUV. A Pilot is a very small SUV though, and you are planning on one dog, so if it’s what you feel comfortable with, an SUV could work very well for you!

  2. Kim says:

    Your summer plans sound wonderful!

    It always amazes me how full the day is when I’m on the road (even without the chores entailed by a stix and brix). Sometimes there are tasks on the road too (grocery shopping, dumping tanks etc ….) but mostly it’s: have fun, relax, putter.

  3. Hi Kim, yes I didn’t even mention the regular things like grocery shopping, laundry, dumping tanks, etc. and then there is setting up camp and taking down camp. And there is still some housework…especially for me with the two big hairy dogs. If I’m not careful, I could drown in dog hair in my tiny home! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Kathy says:

    Thank you for the info and the picture of your step. Your help is appreciated. Glad to hear you were able to get the tire fixed. Sounds like you have a wonderful couple months planned. Enjoy.

  5. Carmen Moore says:

    So reminds me of our 6-month road trip in our R.V. Enjoy your blog very much!!

  6. Hi Carmen, nice to hear from you. Yes, it sure is a different way of living, isn’t it?

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