Giving It All Away

Downsizing. Minimizing. Letting Go. Decreasing my worldly goods. Lightening my load.

Whatever you want to call it, I’m doing it. Again. Still.

So what do I do? I buy another storage space. But now wait a minute, give me a chance to explain!

My new space is 5×5. My old space is 10×10. Whatever I can’t part with is going into the 5×5 space…1/4 of the old space. Whatever doesn’t fit into 5×5 is going bu-bye.

I’m giving it all away. We don’t need much to live our chosen lifestyle.

Jason and Mandy took some things off my hands yesterday. If you are in the Monterey, CA area and would like to see if there is anything you want or need, come by my storage space today after 1:30. All I ask is that you take it away.

Contact me for location.

PS if you are interested but can’t make it today, contact me and we can set up a time in the very near future.



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4 Responses to Giving It All Away

  1. Patty says:

    Micky, 5×5 is a very small space, the size of some trunks haha Good for you!!

  2. Reine in Plano says:

    If you haven’t needed the stuff in the past year, it’s likely that you won’t ever need it. Take pictures for the memories and bless someone with the stuff. And you’ll enjoy seeing your things at Jason and Mandy’s more than having them in storage.

  3. ED says:

    I agree with Reine in Plano. If you can not get anyone to take the ‘stuff’ that you are going to put in the 5×5 then just how valuable is it? If you make a mistake and give away something that you find that you do need I would be willing to bet you can buy it again for less than the storage fees will be. Let Go!

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