Our Walk Today

We take our regular morning walk today….before the rain started.


This trail actually joins with Port Ludlow RV Park, the small RV park where I’m staying.


Off we go! So much sniffing to be done!


Moss grows thick on the trees…on most everything that doesn’t move.


Hmmm…fork in the road. Which way shall we go? We keep right…follow the river….IMG_3790

It’s a stream really, and it forms a gentle falls that sounds so nice.


We leave the woods and head into town. This is pretty much the size of it.



In the parking area is the town recycle center. I haven’t seen much action at the stores, but it’s the recycle center where folks seem to meet and greet.


We head back to the RV park….


I pick some breakfast on the way.


Our cozy home in the forest awaits us.


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One Response to Our Walk Today

  1. Marcia GB in MA says:

    It looks very peaceful and idyllic.

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