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A New Beginning

New beginnings are refreshing.  On the positive side they bring feelings like: excitement, anticipation, and hope. Do you make New Years Resolutions?  I never really called them by that name, but I do try to set some positive goals for … Continue reading

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The Cemetery And The Campground

My mom was buried in Tucson in June and I want to visit my parents gravesite.  I want to make sure all is well with the headstone and place some new flowers there. As I approach Tucson and Gilbert Ray … Continue reading

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Thoughts And Plans

The Sound Of Silence.  Simon and Garfunkle (1965?) There is a lot of the sound of silence out here, 25 miles beyond Gila Bend, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. This quiet, peaceful time is allowing me to think over this … Continue reading

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Trust The Force But Always Buckle Up

So say the overhead lighted signs along I-10 between Q and Buckeye.  Made me smile. ☺️. I love Star Wars…well, especially Han Solo…(bigger 😀)…but I won’t be seeing “The Force Awakens” for quite some time, I’m afraid.  I don’t care … Continue reading

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Leaving Q…for now

We will be back in January, but for now I need a change. Kerry is feeling much better.  She returned from Phoenix on Tuesday, minus kidney stones.  She brought me a big bag of groceries, festively wrapped, from Whole Foods … Continue reading

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Kerry Update, Kind People, and More Tire Problems

Kerry drives back to the hospital in Phoenix this morning.  Her procedure is scheduled for late in the day, and as I write this I’ve just heard from her that it is over and she is ‘sore but upright.’ In … Continue reading

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Annabelle Has A Close Call!

On Tuesday, December 8, we leave Hi Jolly BLM and head into town to The Scenic Road RV Park, where I made previous reservations.  (The road is honestly not the least bit scenic here, to my way of thinking, but … Continue reading

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