Being Alone Out Here

Do you remember that I mentioned in the last post that I met a lady and her dog, at the dog park twice?  That was Kerry and Annabelle  (not their real names).  The third time we met there ‘by accident’ we decided to exchange phone numbers, because we really hit it off well and here we are in similar situations, and you never know….you just never know when you might need someone…

That was Monday afternoon.  Wednesday night, December 2, about 10pm my phone rings, and it’s Kerry.  She is in the hospital in Parker, having been taken by ambulance with kidney stones.  There is no hospital in Q, and Parker is about 35 miles away.  Her dog is in a crate in her truck at the Q fire station.  Besides the acute kidney stone pain, she’s having huge distress worrying about Annabelle, plus, she’s embarrassed to have to call me because we hardly know each other.

Hey!  No…this is what it’s all about, and wow, our meeting and hitting it off well and exchanging phone numbers was certainly no accident, was it?

In the ER she gets antibiotics for infection, and they get her pain under control, but they have no urologist at this tiny hospital!  She will need to go to Phoenix to get the right doctor to take care of the problem.

After a few phone conversations we work a plan.  Joy, Shiloh and I drive to Parker, pick her up tonight, we go to the fire station in Q and retrieve Annabelle and Kerry’s truck, then I follow her home to Hi Jolly, one of the big BLM areas near Q.

Early in the AM I come by to learn how to take care of Annabelle, then I go back home to Tyson Wash, break camp, hook up, dump at La Posa North, and then go set up camp next door to Kerry’s 5th wheel at Hi Jolly.  While I’m breaking camp, Kerry leaves for Phoenix.  ( Had she been in major pain, I would have driven her to Phoenix. but she feels ok to drive.)

Now Annabelle gets to be near and in her own home, and she, Joy and Shiloh are good company for each other, a good distraction since I’m sure Annabelle is missing her mommy.

So it’s all going to be ok.  But look, these things do happen!  This is one of the things to consider when you full time or camp for extended periods in places where you know no one.  It’s good that as a rule, other RVer’s are usually friendly and kind.  For me, my concern is the dogs, just like it was for Kerry.  I’m seriously thankful that I am able to do this for them!


Meet Annabelle!  Chocolate Lab

Oh.  You might wonder, since I broke camp and set up camp, about the…CLAM.  Taking it down was easy, and really only took a minute!  Putting it up again took me about 10-15 minutes, so I took a half hour off my original time. 🙂  I’m getting the hang of it!  Yay!



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27 Responses to Being Alone Out Here

  1. Ego says:

    You are so right!

  2. Cat Lady says:

    You’re good people. I know you gave her great peace of mind that will enable her to relax, no stress worrying about her fur baby to impede her recovery time. Thank you so much for helping her and Annabelle.

    Cat Lady

  3. serendipity at work…..meeting like that. Hmm makes you think – communication leads to unexpected friendships. .hope all ends well…

  4. Cozygirl says:

    What a wonderful gesture….meant to be. JUST PERFECT!

  5. Maureen O'Connell says:

    No accidental meetings 😉 So happy she met such a golden girl!

  6. Glad “Kerry” can get the medical help she needs, while “Annabelle” is in good hands. Kudos to you for helping out!

  7. Hi Cindy,
    It really feels good to be able to help!

  8. AbelInAustin says:

    You just never know….thanks for being there. Praying everything ends well, which I’m sure it will.

  9. Cat Lady says:

    Please do a follow up later with an update on her and Annabelle.

  10. ED says:

    More information needed. You say that Annabell was in a crate at the fire station. Does that mean that the Fire Department EMS ambulance was who arrived on the scene and the FD has crates for this situation? If that is how it worked that is good news. I have had worries about what would happen to Patches in a similar situation.
    I have made provisions for her if I were to die but didn’t know how she might reach her new designated home in that eventuality.

    • Hi Ed. We must all think about it…a lot. What happens to our pets if we are on the road and something happens to us, if we are traveling alone?

      In this case, Kerry managed to drive herself to the fire station, a couple miles down the road. I don’t know how she did it….sheer determination. Annabelle was in her crate in the back seat of the truck, and there she stayed until we picked her up. From calls Kerry made to the fire station from the hospital, it doesn’t seem that they let her out or planned to. I’m not sure but what must have happened was that the ambulance stationed there took her from the fire station to the hospital in Parker.

      I doubt the fire station has crates but wouldn’t that be a good idea?

  11. pmyv says:

    Good Job!!! Good friend !!!😊

    • Hi Peggy! Nice to hear from you! I guess you of all people can imagine why I didn’t just bring Annabelle into my home. Can you imagine THREE big dogs living in here? And Annabelle is young and bouncy. 😀

  12. caroline seattle/las vegas says:

    serendipitous indeed. What a great story (except of course for Kerry’s pain and surgery). Please keep us posted.

  13. Carmen Moore says:

    Ah, Micky – your true spirit is always showing itself – you are kind, caring, considerate and the sweetest person I’ve met!! The Brightest of Blessings to you Always! Love you

    • Hi Carmen,
      Honestly I think all who have commented here, if in my situation, would have done the same. It was so obvious this was for me to do, and I wanted to! Even all the dogs have cooperated and they get along beautifully! It’s been fun…well except for when I fell this morning while walking them. (Sigh…). Now I’m all scraped up again. But that’s nothing new for me!

  14. BadgerRickInWis says:

    No coincidences in this life. Any yes, you is one of dem good people. But that has been obvious for awhile.
    So glad that it’s working out and I bet Joy and Shiloh love having a bouncy, furry next door neighbor.

    Also congrats on your Clam progression. See, no genetic manipulation required. 🙂

  15. Hi Badger Rick,
    I’m willing to bet you would have done the same thing! As well as most everyone who commented. I mean, given you were here in my situation with no commitments.
    No coincidences…I do believe that.

    Yes The Clam process is moving right along….IF ONLY the backing up learning curve was so quick!😂😂

  16. Deborah White says:

    What an awesome story Micky! Great that you were able to help. XO

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