On The Move


Well, not far.  Fourteen miles to be exact, to Dome Rock BLM, where the “Fiberglass Rally” will be held.  There will be many Casitas, along with Scamps, Escapes, Olivers, among others.  After a month here at The Scenic Road, after our walk in the wash this morning, I’ll be packing up and hitching up.


Morning walks in the wash cast long shadows!

Joy and Shiloh had another playdate with Annabelle in Blythe yesterday.  Much romping and rolling was done by all.



Joy and Annabelle want the stick.


Oops.  Now Shiloh wants it too.


Joy getting tuckered out.


Shiloh.  Water play makes happy campers!


Since the last blog, Sharron and I  share 3 happy hours.  The first at her ‘house’, the second at mine, and by the third, the weather is nice enough to sit outside and enjoy an afternoon glass of wine.  Yesterday Sharron leaves The Scenic Road in her Casita to join the Dome Rock group.

In the midst of all the fun, a tooth starts to bother me, and I think an old filling may be crumbling.  One tooth has become suddenly cold sensitive.  OUCH.  Kerry gives me the name of the dentist she saw in Aldogones, Mexico a couple of weeks ago, and I call to make an appointment.  I’ll be crossing the boarder on Tuesday morning.  I realize that  sometimes a cold sensitive tooth gets better with time, but I do feel the need to get things checked out while I’m in a convenient spot fairly close to Mexico, AND I have a babysitter.  Kerry volunteers to watch Joy and Shiloh for me!  This is as good as it can get since Joy and Shiloh know and like Kerry and are good buddies with Annabelle, AND Kerry even offers to come to our ‘house’ to babysit.  SO glad that I’ll have peace of mind about the fur-kids.

If you are reading this wondering why I would want to go to the dentist in a Mexican boarder town, it’s because excellent dental care in modern offices is available there for a fraction of the cost we pay in the states.  I’ll be parking the truck in Winterhaven, CA, and walking across the boarder, then about 3 blocks to this particular dentists office.  Just need to remember to bring my passport so I can come back home again!

I plan to erect the Joel Pole later today to get internet reception at Dome Rock.  (The Joel Pole is my internet antenna, crafted and created by…Joel, of course:-)  Hopefully that will go well and you will hear from me again soon.

So here we go….onward to another adventure!

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12 Responses to On The Move

  1. Lynn says:

    So glad you are still enjoying the journey !
    I continue to be thrilled with you , Reading your blog and devouring your wonderful photos!
    You are smart to go to the dentist for a lot of reasons . Debbie White always raves that the dental care she has been getting since she moved to Mexico !
    Journey and blog on my friend !

    • Hi Lynn! Yes, I’m still enjoying the journey, and really glad that you are here with me…in a way.
      Good to hear that Deb Is happy with the dental care she has had in Mexico. According to Google, there are over 100 dentists offices in Algodones. Must be good business, and they must be doing something right!

  2. edlfrey says:

    That is going to be a loooong walk from Winterhaven, CA. I think you will park in the Quechan Parking Lot in Andrade, CA that is only a couple blocks from the border crossing.

    Take a book! You will not need it while waiting for the dentist, probably no wait, you need it while standing in line to cross back into the good ‘Ol US of A. If you have never been to Algodones before it is going to be an experience.

    • Yes you are right about the parking lot Ed. Google called it Winterhaven, but the name of the lot is Quechan and its right at the boarder. My friend who went for her dental appointment a couple weeks ago was able to spend a fairly short time in line due to a morning appointment, which I also have. I’ll be prepared to wait, but hope for the best.

      Yup, it s my first time there.

  3. BadgerRickInWis says:

    Great shots of the kids. Be sure and let us know how Algodones goes.

  4. Sharon says:

    Oh my gosh Micky , you are too much! What fun you are having! I have enjoyed reading about your adventures.
    Please be careful in Mexico! Let us know how the tooth is.
    Love, Sharon

  5. Hi Sharon, I miss you!
    So glad you are with me in these adventures now. Always nice to have girlfriends. 😊. Speaking of which, we have lots of them here. Here at the rally, there are at least 5 solo women within 100 yards of us, and the rally doesn’t officially start till Monday. While taking a short walk yesterday afternoon I met people from Florida, Texas, and Canada, to name a few places. And here we all are gathered together in the desert because we all have fiberglass RV’s. Everyone has either solar power or a generator, or both, plenty of water storage, and some form of cellular and/or wifi, because we are off the grid as far as those things go. And it’s just…fun! I feel like a kid in a candy store!

    • Patty says:

      “a kid in a candy store” love that Micky!!! You are great. So happy for you!!
      My cousin who solo’s in his 40′ rig speaks highly of having dental work done in Mexico. You will be fine, I just know it!

  6. Mary Vought says:

    Hi Micky! Loved the post. The dogs look so happy playing in the water! Just what I needed for my Joy and Shiloh fix! Sounds like you are really having a great time and meeting some wonderful people. So nice to have this blog to “peek” over your shoulder a bit! Camp on girl friend!

    • Hi Mary,
      I think about you all the time and wish you were out here too. Ok so you aren’t yet, but the reason is that you have youth on your side. So enjoy your youthfulness! 😀
      It won’t be long and you will be hitting the road.
      Everyone isn’t here yet, but when they all get here I’ll take pictures and post them in the blog. This looks like Egg City! Non edible, thankfully.

  7. Hi Patty, yes, I’m met quite a few people who have had good things to say about dental work in Mexico. I feel pretty good about it. Well, ok, I never feel good about going to the dentist, but if you gotta go, you gotta go!👍🏻😀

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