In And Around Prescott, AZ

We stay at the Point Of Rocks RV Park for a week.  I do laundry, get a hair cut, go shopping for food and essentials….and not so essentials too, I guess you would say.  Half way through the week Kerry and Annabelle join us here.  This RV park was Kerry’s find, but she has  some other commitments that kept her from leaving Quartzsite when I do.

This RV Park is right up against Watson Lake, and is surrounded by many trails.  It’s a 10 minute walk to the lake and a nice city park, from our front door.


Joy views the lake thoughtfully.


And then they both take a dip with….


the ducks and the geese, who don’t seem to mind too much. Do they understand the concept of extendable leashes??


Rolling in the dry grass after a dip in the lake.


Then Kerry and Annabelle join us and you will never know how hard we worked to get this picture, with all three of the kids sitting, and facing in one direction!



Kerry was able to get this picture of the full moon reflecting on Watson Lake.

After a week by the lake and the park we move on to the forest….Prescott National Forest. Kerry and I caravan to White Spar Campground, only a few miles from town.  We find ourselves in a pine forest with towering, slender trees all around us.


And guess what!  I backed into this campsite….with much guidance and direction from Kerry, but I DID IT!


When I sit in my chair by WS and look up, this is what I see.

There are no hook-ups here and the water in the campground is turned off for the winter so the price is $10 a night, and $5 a night with my senior pass.  The sites are paved, and there is a picnic table and a fire pit with a grill over it at each one.  Pit potties are available. Time limit to stay here is 14 days.  If the weather holds I plan to stay the limit, but just in case, I pay for one week for now…$35.00.


Trees everywhere!  I must say, I have missed trees.

Last night the temperature went down to 25 degrees.  Casita’s have an excellent propane furnace but I’ve always limited my use of it to when I’m awake.  Last night I warmed us up before bed, woke at 3am and warmed us up again (it was 42 degrees inside at that point), and at 6am I turned on the furnace again.  Many people set the thermostat and let the furnace run on and off during the night and there is nothing wrong with that, it’s a very safe furnace, and you just need to keep a window and/or the vent open a bit.  There are two reasons I don’t set the thermostat.  I’m always thinking about the battery because the furnace fan uses a fair amount of power, AND, well, just the idea of propane when I’m sleeping, even though I just wrote about how safe it is.

So….today at Walmart I purchased a Little Buddy.  Yes, still propane, so I won’t run it when I’m sleeping, but at least I won’t worry about running WS’s battery down.  The Little Buddy can sit on the table when I need it.


The Little Buddy throws a lot of heat!


But this is the little buddy I see watching and waiting for me when I approach my truck from where ever I happen to be shopping.  He helps keep me warm too.






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9 Responses to In And Around Prescott, AZ

  1. ZenOnWheels says:

    The Little Buddy heater is a great solution. I went through the same thing last year. Like you, I do not like running the furnace at night because I worry about battery drain. My portable propane heater has been a handy addition to my rig. One thing that made it work even better was a small battery powered fan I picked up for $9. I point the fan at the ceiling to blow all the warm air up there down toward the floor. It helps!

    I am glad to see you found some green. Enjoy the forest!

    • Hi Michael, what a great idea about the fan! Can you give me a little more detail about where you got it and brand? I’ll be keeping my eyes open for something like that because after one evening/morning I see the need for the heat distribution. I started off with the furnace this morning to get things warmed up fast, then turned on Little Buddy and turned off the furnace. It’s not what I’d call toasty in here but I’m wearing a sweatshirt and I’m comfortable and not worrying about my battery.

  2. einercnm says:

    Oh Lordy! I am filled with envy. That lake,the doggies swimming and drying,the rocks! You must feel renewed with each move.

  3. Sharron says:

    Beautiful campsite with the awesome lake! Keep practicing that ‘backup’! I knew you could do it! Peggy Sue and I miss you and Joy and Shilo. Hedgehog is still Peggy’s favorite toy.

    • Hi Sharron, yes, a much needed change from the desert. Not that I don’t love the desert…I do. For awhile, then I need a change.
      So glad Peggy is enjoying her hedgehog! Peggy Sue, Peggy Sue. Pretty pretty pretty pretty Peggy Sue, oh Peggy, my Peggy Sue-u-u. u,U u-u-uu…..😊☺️

  4. edlfrey says:

    We are all different so what I say is not a criticism of you.

    One of the very first things I did when I got my Class C was have the furnace taken out and I replaced it with a Wave 6. Never have it on at night and I have enough ventilation that I can have it on during the day without opening windows. Except for the condensation – that may require an open window. Low night time temperatures are not a problem for me, I just add more blankets. It is a bit of a shock when I get out of bed but it gets me awake and I don’t lollygag getting dressed and out the door to walk Patches.

    I think the Little Buddy may replace your furnace although you will still have it but not use it.

  5. I don’t know Ed. I love my furnace too much to let go of it. It’s a blast of warmth right now, when I need it. After warming up, Little Buddy takes over…at least that’s how we did it this morning.
    I’m warm enough at night with blankets too…it’s getting out of the blankets that can be…shocking!
    I warm my cloths in front of the blasting furnace and get dressed while it’s blowing on me. 😏

  6. Patty says:

    We have a similar propane heater that is not in our camper. Thanks Micky! It is now on my list for cool night camping! We bought ours years ago for the spring Strawberry music festivals!

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