The Beauty of People and Places

It’s been fun here in the Monterey area as Dr visits and taking care of business decrease, and friends & family time increase.

It’s a feeling of comfort to spend time with people I love.  I’m a loner by nature….and introvert for sure, so I need to be careful to get my ‘down time’….I do love and cherish being alone!  But right now, with the limited time I have here in the ‘home place’, some social overload is totally fine with me, and I’m loving every minute of it.  When I get on the road, I’ll have plenty of time to recharge my internal batteries.

“To everything there is a season…”

The Big Sur coast and the Monterey Bay area is a bucket-list worthy place to visit, if you have never been here.  Spring or fall would be favorable, due to summer crowds and possible rough weather and roads maybe falling off the edge of the world down Highway 1 in the winter.  Have I mentioned the bucket-list worthiness of this area before?  Maybe in my last post?  🙂  Can’t help it…because it’s my favorite place on earth.  And due to the fact that I feel that way, and the fun I’ve been having, (and Mary’s unlimited internet), I have LOTS of pictures.

IMG_7242 (1)

Laura and Joel came over and parked their cute little car in front of my cute little trailer.  We laughed because it looked like it was the tow vehicle. 🙂

While they were here, Joel, as my computer guru 🙂 , put VPN on my computer, IPad and IPhone, so I’ll have more security when I’m using public internet.  He also helped me update everything and back it all up.


We went to Tarpy’s Roadhouse for dinner…what a lovely place.

So charming…


Then it was back to my favorite place for breakfast…Deetjens Big Sur Inn…with friend Maureen.


Who would think an order of toast would be so lovely?



Soy milk and brown sugar chunks for the excellent coffee.  Yumm.



I must be hungry as I write this blog!  A nice snack Mary and I had at her house.  The cheese is vegan!



Meanwhile, I do get some work done.  I’ve packed up the back of JR again.  (JR is my truck, short for ‘Joy Ride’.)  All that empty space!  I love it!


Then yesterday we celebrated Jason’s birthday.  My ‘baby’ is 40!

IMG_7381 (1)

Jason and Mandy, married one year now. Mandy’s parents hosted the birthday party.


The view off of their deck.  So grateful to be able to spend the day there.



The moms wore stripes! 🙂


Time to celebrate YOU, Jason!

I brought bubbles, and they were enjoyed by all.  🙂  Larry and Sharon and grand baby Skylar.



Sharon and Skylar picking flowers in the garden.

When we finished celebrating Jason’s birthday we went on down Highway 1 to celebrate Mothers Day at Nepenthe.  This restaurant has been here for 67 years.  The word ‘nepenthe’ means ‘no sorrow’.  Hard to have any sorrow here.


Love these two.


My South Coast margarita, my rose from Sharon’s garden…and the ocean beyond.

IMG_7409 (1)

Gosh, does a day get ANY better than this?

My heart is full of gratitude for the beauty of people and places in my life!



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20 Responses to The Beauty of People and Places

  1. Sharron says:

    Awesome pictures and lovely family!!! And I like the stripes!
    Big Sur is definitely on my bucket list.

    • Hi Sharron, glad you like the pictures and the stripes. We didn’t plan that!
      And glad to hear Big Sur is in your plans. The place and the feelings it evokes are…well…like I keep saying, magical.

  2. Larry M from the Pac NW says:

    Beautiful pictures, family, and story. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  3. Marcia GB in MA says:

    Wonderful pictures and wonderful post. I have been to Monterey many moons ago and would love to return. Glad you are enjoying your stay!

    • Hi Marcia, I also hope you get to return to the left coast. From your past comments I’m thinking you felt the magic when you were here. It’s truly a special place. Glad you enjoyed the pictures!

  4. Ego.... says:

    You deserve this and I’m so happy for you.

  5. Maureen O'Connor says:

    I love my native state! Great post and photos, Micky!

  6. Oh Micky…what a beautiful family! The food looks scrumptious, and the ocean views are spectacular. So glad you are having such a wonderful time. Certainly hope I have the privilege of meeting you one day in our travels. New furnace put in Friday, and small repairs made. Checking on solar and antenna tomorrow. Counting down in weeks now…
    You take care & be careful,

    • Hi Pat (Freespirit),
      I hope I’m privileged to meet you someday!
      How exciting that you are down to just weeks now, and everything is being finalized! SO excited for you! It may feel like time is dragging now, but once you are on the road, it will fly. ‘Time’ is pretty inaccurate anyway. I especially feel like that after watching Interstellar at Jason and Mandy’s house last night!

  7. Laura says:

    Love the photos, including the one of my little car ‘towing’ hahahahaha! It did look extremely cute. We are considering adding a hitch so we can mount a rack to it, to hold the tandem of course. That will probably the scope of her towing adventures. Glad the VPN is up and running.
    hugs and hope to see you again this week…I can always vroom on down to you!

    • Hi Laura, well, it’s not that she wouldn’t have the POWER to tow WS…😃 i must say I’m surprised to hear you would allow her to ‘get hitched’ but that’s a great idea to tow the tandem.
      Would love it if you could vroom on down! Hope we can arrange that!

  8. Andrea in Glendale says:

    SOoooo beautiful! I think I feel the ocean breeze from here in AZ. ( I wish ).

  9. Roxanne Beckman says:

    Just loved reading this post. I could feel your joy and contentment and it made me smile 😊. And yes, as Andrea said I can feel the ocean breeze too, here in Tucson…not…boo hoo 😉.

    • Hi Roxanne, so glad you enjoyed the post! Yes Tucson and there abouts are just great in the winter months and Gilbert Ray is somewhere I’d love to return to, but this time of year I’d be having a really hard time there. I love cool, and have been spoiled with it for many years on the central California coast. In my travels, I try to keep it cool, though of course that can’t always be done.

  10. cc and canine (now in Damascus, Oregon) says:

    Another amazing post, of happy people, gorgeous scenery and yummy food. You’ve managed to strike a great balance of keeping up with your family and friends, health, and still have some me time. You are an inspiration to us all…

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