Having Reservations

No, not unsure feelings…not those kind of reservations!  This post is about insuring places to stay!


Foggy morning at Birdland Bay RV Resort.

Since I started full-timing almost 2 years ago now, I have found that often it feels better if I know where I’m going and have a plan, and have the security of a place to stay when I get there.  This is more important to me in the summer because it’s busier, and especially around the summer holidays.  Since I haven’t been feeling 100%, it seems even more important, AND I want hook-ups…no boon docking right now.   I understand that some folks like to wing it, and not know where they are going until they get there, and sometimes I find that fun too. But not right now.


Sooo, over the past week I’ve been planning.  I didn’t even know which direction I wanted to go.  I’ve been pouring over the maps and my Allstays app.  Allstays is my favorite app for finding camping areas of all kinds.  I got the $10 version and have never regretted it.


Nice place for birding at Birdland Bay!


And there’s the bird!

I wanted to reserve past Labor Day ASAP, because I’m going to have limited connectivity at an upcoming destination where I’ll be for 2 weeks.  It might be hard to reserve for Labor Day after that.

Yesterday I was finally able to wrap it up and get it together, and I have reservations through the middle of September.


We found a place for dog dipping in the Clark Fork River off the nature trail at Birdland Bay.

the plan is, we’ll be going through the Bitterroot Mountains in Idaho, and into Washington where we will head north and visit the Grand Coulee Dam.  Next we’ll take Hwy 20 through the north part of Washington, to North Cascade National Park, then  on Labor Day,drop down to north of Seattle where my son and his wife live.  I have one week reserved there, with another week on hold.  They are willing to save that second week for me and let me use as much or little of it as I would like.


The Clark Fork River and beyond….from a little park in Thompson Falls.

This morning we left Thompson Falls and we are at Jim and Mary’s RV Park in Missoula, MT for one night.  I spent a night here early in my travels and found it to be a nice place.  They specialize in flowers:


Flowers everywhere:


They even have their own greenhouses:


The gazebo:




And more flowers….


Tomorrow morning we go on our way to spend 2 weeks near Salmon, Idaho, right on the Salmon River.  The RV Park I chose has an open dog area on the river where they can swim to their hearts content.  🙂

There is no AT&T connectivity at the park, but they have free wi-fi.  I hope it works!  Look for lots of wet dog pictures, coming up!


This morning at the Clark Fork River.

Here we go again!  🙂







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6 Responses to Having Reservations

  1. ZenOnWheels says:

    Oh, sounds like a wonderful trip planned for Washington. The area around Grand Coulee Dam is so neat. I stayed at Steamboat Rock state park in late September two years ago and enjoyed the visit very much. My one night in North Cascade NP was not enough…wish I’d stayed longer! Perhaps on a later trip. I agree with your position on reservations – sometimes they are indeed very comforting to have. Wishing you a happy journey as you continue your explorations of Idaho and Washington. It’s beautiful country!

    • Hi Michael. There is so much beauty to see, isn’t there? Gosh I feel greedy but I can’t get enough. The more I see the more I want to see. Absorbing it is my occupation now. Thank you for the good wishes.

  2. Marie Arnold says:

    We went up the Columbia to the Snake/Salmon rivers. Lewis and Clark have towns c their names. You’re in a beautiful part of this beautiful country and I’m so happy that you and the dogs are enjoying it!Happy traveling and good health to you and your nuese’s back! Marie

  3. Marie Arnold says:

    That’s NURSE’S! not nuses

  4. Marsha says:

    We do a combination of both – wing it and make reservations. Our first long trip in retirement we made a bunch of reservations for weekends when we thought campgrounds might be full. In some cases, we wished we hadn’t because we wanted to stay in a certain location longer, but those are the chances you take. Our second year we made NO reservations and did OK. Lucked out a couple times, but it didn’t feel good knowing we might not have had a place to stay. This year, we’re doing a little of each.

  5. Hi Marsha, yes a little of each usually works well. I usually do that too. Right now I just want something more secure relate to the time of year, my health and even the dogs health. Nothing big and serious, just mostly age related 😁 aches and pains and whatnot. Need to insure as much as possible, comforts such as air conditioning and easier living conditions. 😏

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