Meeting Nice People…& Lots Of Wheat!

While we are staying at the KOA at Lyons Ferry…which is of course no longer a ferry, but a bridge….


A very high bridge, over the Snake River….


View looking over the side of the bridge.

We check out Palouse Falls State Park, just 5-6 miles north, and we also take in the small town of Dayton, about 27 miles beyond Starbuck.

The state park is famous for the falls, has a small tent camping area, and a day use area with grass and trees.  Unless trees and grass are purposely planted in these parts, they seem pretty hard to come by.


The falls, on the Palouse River, are a bit low on water right now, so I’m told.  It’s a long drop though, at 200 feet, to the inviting pool of water below.  Reading reviews, it seems quite popular for folks to hike down there and swim.

I’ll take the elevator, thank you.  Oh well.  No elevator available!



Another day we head over to Dayton.

IMG_9442 (1)

I need a few groceries.  Well, not really, but it’s my excuse to go to town and shop at the Mercantile….a nice little grocery store in this case.


I didn’t think about taking a picture while I was there so I found this one on line.

Also I read about Blue Mountain Station Artisan Food Center, where I might find some organic fruits and veggies.

IMG_9445 (1)

Notice they have solar panels on the roof?

Sure enough, I find corn, heirloom tomatoes, plums, peaches, along with a loaf of fresh, home  baked bread.  Oops!  That last item is not a fruit or a veggie.  How did that sneak into my bag??

IMG_9443 (1)

Dayton Town Hall

Back at the camp ground Monday evening while watching the sun set from the marina, we meet our next door neighbors doing the same.  We sit talking awhile, getting to know each other a bit.  I meet the nicest people in my travels, and Larry and Polly are prime examples.

I can’t even remember the last time I bought propane but the tank I’m using feels very light, which makes me think it’s time for a fill up.  Speaking of good people, the KOA maintenance fella takes my tank in his cart, fills it, returns it, and hooks it up for me.  I certainly appreciate that, given my back issues of late.

Tuesday morning it’s time to move on, heading north to Wilbur, Washington.  It’s 120 miles through the wheat!  I’m following a back road route (there isn’t much else) and no matter which little road my GPS tells me to follow, there are fields and fields of wheat, as far as the eye can see.



And then the farmers home place.

We arrive at Wilbur and Country Lane Campground and RV Park, a small place at the edge of town.  It will cost $87 for 3 nights with full hookups, grass, and great big trees!  Yay!


Joy and Shiloh wait for me to register at the RV park.  🙂


Again we find ourselves next door to some friendly folks, Nancy and Duke, who have been on the road for 10 weeks in their Airstream.  We talk for quite awhile sharing ideas and info about things to see and places to stay.

The weather has changed!  It has cooled off considerably and we are really happy about that…for as long as it lasts!

We will be checking out the Grand Coulee Dam in the next day or so!


A different view of the precious trees at our campsite.



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6 Responses to Meeting Nice People…& Lots Of Wheat!

  1. Nancy Fleshman says:

    We were so happy to meet you and have you as a neighbor in this little oasis among the wheat fields! We look forward to keeping up with your travels! Nancy & Duke

    • Hi Nancy! It’s not often that I can reply to a comment on here and wave at the person at the same time. (Not that I’m waving but I could, I mean) 🙂 Really nice to meet you two, and glad to have you along on our travels!

  2. Reine in Plano (when we're not out camping) says:

    I’m so glad the guy at the KOA handled your propane fill up for you. You definitely don’t want to aggravate your back. It interferes with the fun you have when it’s feeling OK.

    • Hi Reine! Yes, I was thrilled, believe me! It’s awkward getting the full tank out of the back of the truck and setting it in that little kind of holder because when it’s full, it’s fairly heavy. I’m like a different person from when you saw me in Ronan. I just hope I can stay this way.

  3. Marsha says:

    Palouse Falls when it is in full water mode is phenomenal. We went in March one year and it was like Niagara Falls!!! And, yes, people swim in that water hole all the time!

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