It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…

As I sit down to write to you today.


And, we’ve decided to stay here at Mary’s until after it has passed.  (and we have Mary’s blessing on that, it’s ok! 🙂

Soooo….Mary and I have spread a bit of our combined Christmas decor around her house.  We are both working on being minimalists, so our decor is fairly sparse.  We’ve both saved some sentimental items.



Christmas brings out my inner child, through memories of both when I was very young and when my kids were.  I love the feelings created by soft Christmas music, the glow of candles, cozy Christmas lights, and a big pot of soup simmering on the stove.




What’s left of my Christmas bear collection.  That dark brown bear wearing the button that says “When in despair, hug your bear” is older than me.



I’ve been living the ‘Joy’ theme for some years now.  🙂




And the ‘Peace’ theme for even longer.


Shiloh’s name comes from “Shalom”, meaning ‘peace’.



Shiloh wore his hat and bells quite proudly.  Joy wouldn’t even keep the hat on for 2 seconds, so no picture of her wearing it.



Mick didn’t have much to say…just looked at me with the same expression he always does.



Don’t think I’ve ever seen Santa without his hat.



I like bells!



And candles.   Oh, and wine.  🙂


Even JR is decked out:

Inside and out.

This past couple of weeks I’ve seen some friends.


Mary and I went to dinner at an Indian restaurant where it was easy to pick vegan food.

Sharon and I had lunch together twice, and wandered the Christmas-y streets of Carmel-By-The-Sea.  Had a visit and lunch and a walk with Marian, and coffee with Debbie, after which  we ‘did’ the Monterey Farmers Market.


Had breakfast at Deetjens Big Sur Inn with Mo, a tradition for us.

Mary and I went to a Native American Christmas craft showing.


We bought some gifts…


Then just Tuesday I had lunch with Carol at Rocky Point Restaurant in Big Sur.


All these windows in the restaurant face the ocean.



And you get to see things like this…



And this.  Takes my breath away….


After lunch Carol took me to her home, not far from the restaurant.  She and Mac live among the Fairies, Sprites, and Tree Spirits in a home they have built themselves, from absolute scratch.


They have continued to work on,  and improve it for over 30 years.



Carol by the front door.

The door is made from walnut….and not just any walnut, but from a tree that they knew and loved.  Mac made the door himself, along with a table and some other items in the house.



Another view.



Their home is on the side of a fairly steep hill.  Here is part of the driveway.



The road they live on takes us deeper and deeper into the woods….narrow, windy, and full of magic.  I so enjoy this visit!

All in all, I’m having a GREAT time being in the ‘home place’,  and there is lots more friends and family time planned right up until Christmas.

Yes, and I’m seeing doctors and the furry ones are seeing the vet too.  Joy had an ear infection that needed to be treated, and is now healed.  My stuff is routine.




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22 Responses to It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…

  1. Laura says:

    beautiful beautiful!

  2. Sharron says:

    All good things in a wonderful place….home. Hope Joy is better with her leg strength.

  3. Ego.... says:

    Hope all is well at the doc’s for you and fur ones. Enjoyed the pictures.😀

  4. Patty says:

    Happy Holidays Micky!!

  5. Reine in Plano (when not camping) says:

    “My stuff is routine.” Great. Glad you’re doing the good things to keep it routine. All is well here in Texas but it’s COLD today. Oh well, it won’t last too long. Enjoy your friends and family and have a Blessed Christmas and a Joyful New Year.

    • Hi Reine,
      I have to drag myself to doctors. I don’t like it one bit, but there are things that I need to keep a check on, so I do it….grudgingly.
      Seems like that must have been a gigantic cold front, with blizzards in North Dakota, and even cold in Texas by you. Kerry and Annabelle in Bend, Or had 6 degrees the other night! She said there was ice on the inside of her windows. (Travel Trailer).
      Take care and have a wonderful Christmas with those little ones Reine.

  6. Heidi says:

    You reminded me that i’ve always want to eat at Deetjens! Whenever I’m in the area i always forget because I’m passing through to Carmel. Need to spend more time there next time! Looks like you’re having a wonderful time.

    • Such a beautiful area Heidi. Yes, a good idea to spend more time on your next trip through. Just for FYI, Deetjens is open 8-noon for breakfast, does not serve lunch, then opens for dinner at 5 (I think). Probably make reservations for dinner. Also they have rooms for rent….very eclectic, have a look if you stop to eat. I stayed there many times over the years…each time a unique and wonderful experience.

  7. Krystina McMorrow says:

    WOW!!! You are having a fabulous time. Your photos are soooo great! Love the pics of all the Christmas decorations. I used to have 45 boxes of vintage Christmas decorations. George Winston- Winter….my favorite George Winston CD! I love him and I love piano music. Thank you for sharing Micky!!! Hope your Christmas is a good one.

    • Hi Kristina, wow 45 boxes! I used to have about 6 bins of Christmas decor, including a giant bin. Now I only have the giant bin.
      Yes George Winston, “December”. One of my very favorite Christmas CD’s. My other favorite is “Winter Dreams” by R. Carlos Nakai and William Eaton, Native American flute and guitar.
      Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Krystina!

  8. Deborah white says:

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful shots. Merry Christmas to you and your furry family! XO

  9. What a beautiful place and I love your Christmas decorations. I love the colors of Christmas!! I’ve enjoyed catching up…been pretty busy. Our home sold in 48 hours…surprise!!! We are totally excited to rejoin the full-time lifestyle. We did upsize our rig to an Oliver for more space for two.

  10. lbksmith says:

    Sorry I’ve been absent! For some reason I stop receiving notifications of new posts. So happy to see that you are enjoying your time at the homebase. Your holiday decorations I lovely and it’s always better to have those things that mean the most to you. At least, that’s what I think.

    Shiloh is so adorable. I just want to hug his furry face!

    And your friend Carol’s house is absolutely amazing! If you’re going to live in a sticks and bricks, that’s the way to do it.

    • Hmmm, and it seems like WordPress doesn’t recognize me as the one who writes this blog. I wonder what’s up with that?
      Shiloh is very huggable, that’s for sure!
      I will pass on your sentiments to Carol about her wonderful hideaway!

  11. Gerri Jones says:

    Didn’t want you to think I’d forgot about you guys but things have been crazy here. First, everything looks amazing!! So Christmasy….I love the colours of Christmas!! I confess I do have some catching up to do with reading your blog….and I will.
    We sold our house in 48hours….yep you read that right. We really had to bust it to get packed and out in record time. it was a cash offer. We are now officially full-time once again. We are excited!!
    Our travels will be limited due to my being tethered to the doctor for awhile but we’ll go when we can and do what we can as we enjoy simplifying our lives.
    We did upgrade the size of our RV to the Oliver. With two of us we felt the added space would be beneficial. Loved our Casita though!!!

    Merry Christmas to you, Joy and Shiloh!!!!!!

    • Wow Gerri, congratulations! And cash, that’s wonderful!
      Yes an Oliver is definitely roomier for two people who are full timing. Staying around the home place for awhile can be a nice thing. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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