Caballo Loco Ranch part 1

from January 5, 2017

The Sky is pure blue here at CLR today .  My thermometer reads 60 degrees at 10:30am.  We took a good walk this morning, all the way to the observatory which is as high as you can get here at the ranch.  High as in altitude.  😀The obserlvatory is not in usable condition at this time but the views are 360 degrees . And yes Joy made it all the way up there without her stroller.  She’s doing really well here so far.


View of the observatory. It’s the dome shaped building that is highest up.


Looking southwest from the observatory, at part of the CLR boondocking area.


Zoomed in a bit.

Forthe most part these RV’s stay here in the boondocks area year round but people occupy most of them just for the winter months.

The sites on the lower levels ( where I am) are full hookups run on generator for 12 hours a day.  Not all are 30 amp though, some appear to be regular 110.  Some of the sites are big with great views….others, not so much.

The generator that runs the place is huge, and loud.  In many sites you can hear it.  I’m telling you all this because I want you to know the good along with the not so good.  Many people in the full hookup section also have their RV home here year round but only stay for the winter.  In fact if you lease a lot in the full hookup section, it’s called ‘6 in, 6 out’.  You are only allowed to stay for 6 months.  If things are still the same as they used to be 2 years ago, in the summer the generator is only run once a week anyway, so I can’t imagine staying for the summer.


People have been asking me about the price so here is the print out I was given.  Sorry about the wrinkles.

Some people here have ATV’s that they use to get around this huge property, and also use on the trails round about.  CLR is boardered by BLM land so if you like to hike or ATV this is a great place to do it.  There are old mines to find.  If you are a rockhound, this is your heaven.  Hunters come here too, which is hard for me….right now it’s deer.

There is a potluck in the clubhouse every Tuesday evening. Bingo every Wednesday evening.


The clubhouse.

Every other Saturday morning there is a breakfast and every Sunday morning a non denominational church service.  You can socialize as much or as little as you wish.

Besides the big clubhouse with the kitchen, there is the ‘Bunkhouse’ which is a combo game room/pool table and quite a sizable library.  There’s even a sewing machine if you care to use it.


The Bunk House.

There is a laundry with washers, dryers, iron and ironing board and even close lines out back.  There are two bathroom/shower houses, one up by the boon docks and one next to the bunk house.

And yet more info….you can bring your horse.


This very sweet boy is Major, and he belongs to my neighbor.

Also understand that the boondockers have solar, but also rely on their own generators, and they use them as needed.

The community of Three Points is about 18 miles away.  There you find a restaurant, and a combo gas station/grocery/hardware, a school, and two dollar stores.  There is a tiny farmers market Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  About 20 miles farther on past Three Points is Tucson.  If you go south from the ranch, after you go down the dirt road eventually you will come to the road that goes to Avivaca.  If you continue down 286 you come to Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, and a bit farther, Mexico!

Not much traffic out this way.


This is the most traffic I’ve come across on the dirt road. 😀

Oh and the Caballo Loco….the crazy horse… he is….



He resides in the clubhouse!

In part two I’ll review how I ever found this place, how to get here, and my feelings about it.

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6 Responses to Caballo Loco Ranch part 1

  1. Gerri Jones says:

    What an interesting place!! Can’t wait to hear more about it. So proud for Joy and her long walk!!!!

  2. Alice says:

    wow, sounds like a good place to explore for a while. What do you do for refrigeration when they don’t run the generator? Ice?

    • Hi Alice, no actually the fridge is a three way, and I have it set on ‘auto’ so if there is no electricity it will automatically turn over to my propane. If there is no propane it will go to house battery. Can’t let that happen because it can drain the battery fast. I found that out on my 2 no or 3rd day into my adventure back in August of 2014! I caught it before it killed the battery but it was close.

  3. Yes indeed! I do believe this is my kind of place…pure country!! Enjoy your stay. Can’t wait to hear more…

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