Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch…

Seems like I remember that phrase from my youth…a song?  A Cartoon?

Anyway, it’s been awhile, but that is because I have such limited internet and cellular.  All my internet and phone activities have been drastically reduced, and it looks like it will be that way for awhile yet.

We return from Q and make our way down the 7.7 mile dusty road back to CLR.  Up the hill we go and with no observers I back into my spot within inches of where I was last time.


We pick up a new blue mat while in Q.  My patio has been inlarged!

In the middle of the night I wake to howling winds and WS rocks like never before.  In fact it has been VERY windy, with rain and cold most days since I returned, until yesterday who the weather returned to beautiful.  The old timers here say it’s the worst wind they remember.  I don’t know what the gusts were but I’d guess 40-50 mph on and off for days and nights.  We rocked but we didn’t roll!


Scary Sky

Seeds just blow out of the bird feeders and the feeders just blow to the ground, so I don’t use the feeders but just sprinkle bird seed on the ground.  The little birds remain plentiful except during the very worst of the winds.  (Where do they go, anyway?). I don’t see how they manage to fly.  Those little bundles of feathers are more hardy than I imagine.


Bird feeders at a calmer time.

During a lull in the wind we walk to Colleen and Fred’s house, and I thank Colleen for watering my plants while I was gone.  I haven’t told you about my cactus garden yet.  Maybe next post.  I also planted a few herbs in pots and those babies really did need watering.

Joy and Shiloh usually love the wind and enjoy staying outside sniffing it, but even they had enough after awhile and preferred being inside, plus with those big gusts often they had to be inside anyway.  I did a lot of reading.  I’ve been reading Patricia Cornwells “Scarpetta” series on and off for many months now.  I finally finished the….I think it’s 24 book series.  The main character, Kay Scarpetta, is a Forensic Pathologist, and through many of the books she is the chief medical examiner of the state of Virginia.  Very interesting…if gory…stuff, because the author has a background in the same field.


These re are the last three of the Scarpetta series that I read.  I would have loved to read them in order the way they were written, but that didn’t happen.

It was a good time for soup.


Veggie soup with dumplings on top.

As of yesterday the windy weather broke and it’s calm and beautiful again.  Last night I had a campfire and watched the sun set behind Wandering Spirit.


Notice the star near the top of the picture?

And of course it’s not complete here without another amazing sunset.


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29 Responses to Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch…

  1. Ruby Red says:

    So glad to get your post and to know you’re ‘back at the ranch’…was just thinking that you haven’t posted in a while. Lovely pix as always, enjoy your books and yummy looking soup!

    • Hi Ruby Red. Found one more of the series I haven’t read…on
      Kindle…so one more to go. Yay! I hate coming to the end of a series of books I’ve enjoyed a lot.
      It is harder to post now, so I will post less often for awhile I think.
      Glad you enjoy the pictures.

  2. Bo Lindow says:

    Buck Owens

  3. einercnm says:

    Oh Wanderer,please resend your address for mail.I somehow disappeared the one you provided.( :c E.

  4. Laura says:

    Love the new blue mat! Oh and the soup and sunset are pretty too 🙂
    You’re amazing.

  5. Gerri Jones says:

    That wind sounded awful. I really get nervous in high winds. I think that came from my motor home days. Glad you rocked but never rolled…that’s good!!
    Love your bird feeders!! Those little birds must hunker down somewhere 😀. The pictures are great!! Take care!!

  6. Sharon C. Werk says:

    Thanks for the update. I had to reformat my phone and lost your new number. Could you please text it to me again. We are doing well.
    Love ya

    • Hi Sharon, so sorry to have missed your comment here. I just found it! Seems I missed a few while my internet was lacking. I think I have resent you my phone number but will resend both of them now jic.

  7. Glad you made it back “home” safely, though that sky looks wicked, and the winds sound fierce! Love the new mat, and the soup looks great. And that sunset is glorious. Am thinking I’ll head west around the third week of April. Any suggestions as to a good place to be that time of year? Just no mountain roads with drop-offs! You know I’m cowardly. Take care, my friend…

    • You are anything but coweradly Pat!
      South side of the Grand Canyon is a good place to be at that time, or anywhere near Flagstaff…though it could still snow. Meteor Crater RV park is good at that time. Not too far from Flagstaff which has Sunset Crater and the Old Native homes near there, also Walnut Canyon. Then there is Winslow, Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest State or is it National Park. And the Meteor Crater itself is neat to see.

  8. Krystina McMorrow says:

    Love your BIG outdoor room. In February we had 50″ of snow so far. I have no garage (first time in my 70 years)! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Patricia Cornwell’s Scarpetta series. I think I have read them all but who knows. Stay safe and continue having LOTS of fun.

    • Oh my gosh, that is a lot of snow Krystina! And of all times, no garage.
      Yes those mats do seem to extend living space for some reason. Then further on I have a fire pit that is more like a fireplace, and the garden. On the other side is the shed…lots of room!

  9. dawnkinster says:

    Glad you stayed safe in all that wind. We saw the same star the last few nights.

  10. Callie Capitano says:

    I so enjoy your amazing and beautiful pictures of our beautiful country! Thank You!

  11. Lisa and Michael Davies says:

    Greetings from snowy Waterville, WA. We always enjoy your posts, and I am now forwarding each one to my sister who so admires you and your lifestyle! I am reading Louise Penny’s series featuring Ispector Armand Gamache and set in Quebec. The stories are a little lighter than Cornwall’s, but still very enjoyable. There are 13 books in the series and Penny develops the characters more in depth with each book. When Michael and I talk about our time on the road last October, you, Joy and Shiloh are always mentioned as we so enjoyed meeting you three at Lone Pine. Safe travels!

    • Hi Lisa and Michael, I’m so sorry I missed replying to your comment. I just this morning found a few comments I’ve somehow missed… probably had to do with the internet black hole I was in.
      I enjoyed meeting you two as well, such a nice spot we were in and such a nice dog area!😀
      I hope the snow is decreasing by now, but you know I may be seeing some here in AZ before long!

  12. Caroline in seattle/las vegas says:

    It hasn’t been a typical winter in the Southwest…..more wind, rain and grey skies than i’ve seen in several yrs. Watch for scorpions under those outdoor carpets; I’ve been surprised a few times when lifting up the mat at my back door.

  13. That’s a great photo of the early evening sky after the windy weather.

  14. lyricalaska says:

    It certainly is a wonderful time you are having.  Days and nights of glory (even if there were winds).  We’ve read all the Scarpetta series and love them without a doubt!  Lots of love and hugs to you and your fur kids!!Gip and Carmen Smiling and laughing are good for every part of your body!

    • Hi Carmen and Gip,
      So nice to hear from you guys! Being retired is so great, isn’t it?
      Honestly never thought I’d live to see the day so this is all icing on the cake!
      Glad to hear you both read the Scarpetta series too. Feel like I know all those people…😀

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