Be Respectful Of The Cactus Garden!

Up on the hill where I live, there are two RV sites, uneven in size ( I took he larger one but the other one is not small).  I’d say it’s been many a year since the other one has been used at all, but hey, if anyone wants to pay me a visit and doesn’t mind boondocking, c’mon out.  It would be $15 a night or $70 per week.


My site from a different viewpoint.

Anyway, the two sites are separated by a garden of sorts…a cactus/rock garden.  More accurately it seems to have been a garden at some point in time, and it looks about as pitiful as a garden could look , but that just means more fun for me.  Well, except I’ve never worked (played), in a cactus garden before and I find I must be v-e-r-y careful.  When I’m not, I  tend to holler “ouch!”, and cuss some.  One doesn’t want to lean on anything, or steady oneself, against anything, or stand up after digging around under an occatillo branch!


That’s part of the garden to the left of the dogs, boardered with rocks. And the tall skinny branches on the far left are ocotillo.  Can you see all the sharp little thorns on them?


And here is an ocotillo when it gets leaves…one on each little thorn.  They look like they are neon in the sunlight.

There is lots to do in this garden.  I’ve been planting things and moving rocks around and pulling weeds.  Neighbor Vivian gave me a Century Plant and told me they grow quite huge, so I actually started a second garden.


Colleen and Fred gave me this cute little barrel cactus with yellow spines.

These are some more baby cactus that I planted in the garden.

There is a Mesquite tree in the garden that I hope is alive.  I should know soon.  At any rate I’ve been hanging various bird feeders in and around it.  ( I think I posted a picture of it in the last blog?) Some of the birds that have been feasting there are House Finches, Gold Finches, Cardinals, Pyrrhuloxia (similar to a Cardinal, but brown and red), Guilded flickers and Gila Woodpeckers….these last two have quite a display of spots and stripes, yellow underwings and red areas near their heads.  In the evening some Mourning Doves make the scene.

Working in the garden  and watching the birds, I feel peaceful and content.


These are not in the garden, but growing on the side of the hill.


Another sunset!

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15 Responses to Be Respectful Of The Cactus Garden!

  1. Aw, Micky…you make me so jealous!! I would love, love, love to come visit, but I wouldn’t be able to get out of TX till you are gone from there. It would be fun to help you in the garden…and thankfully, I have thick skin. (LOL) Oh my, I do love the sunset picture!! Rock on…no pun intended.

  2. Patty says:

    Love your cactus garden!!! We might have to visit you one day!!!

  3. Dawn in MI says:

    Nice that you have something fun to do and someone somewhere will appreciate your work after you move on to the next adventure. OR….are you thinking about staying there for a long time?

  4. Gerri Jones says:

    Love the cactus garden!! There is nothing more peaceful than working in a garden (of any kind) and watching the birds!! I love love love watching birds!!

  5. Maureen O'Connor says:

    I think that whoever planted that garden would be very pleased you are reviving it! Have fun! 🌵🌞

  6. cc and canine (now in Clackamas, Oregon) says:

    You sound like you are really enjoying turning your “spot” into a home. i think that you have
    struck a great balance between exploring during the warmer months, and coming back to a home base. And the price is definitely affordable!

    We have been getting our little used “egg” ready for her first big trip. Chris has been working on getting all the bugs out of both the tow vehicle, a Dodge passenger van that we have aptly named “Van”, and our trailer, a 2005 17.5′ Bigfoot that we have named “Heidi”. We’ve spent the last week cleaning and loading up Heidi, and are sooo pleased with all the extra storage and tankage that we have now, compared to our former Rialta class B. Who would have thought that a 17 foot trailer could be spacious?? At any rate, we’re preparing to leave for the S. Cal desert area in the next week or so….Joshua Tree, Salton Sea, etc.

    I may not comment all the time, but always follow your blog. Love reading about your adventures…it keep our dreams alive.

    • How exciting you you guys! Glad you are finding lots of storage space in Heidi… it’s so important!
      Enjoy your journey, every single minute of it!
      Glad to hear you are still ‘here’. I am enjoying being here but I do feel the travel bug starting to itch a bit. Need to start planning…

  7. Ruth says:

    Love your pictures and everything!! Went back and read through several! You capture the place and all its uniqueness so well! Can’t wait for more!

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