I ❤️ Mesa Verde and Hovenweep

Years ago I visited Mesa Verde…at least I went to the museum and Spruce Tree House, because I was on vacation, and time was of the essence.  But it was enough.

Ok when I tell you this experience I had back then you’ll probably think I’m whacko…oh well, I probably am.

It’s maybe 1990, I’m alone walking through the Mesa Verde Museum when I see a small ancient pot, ( the place has many pots)  and the strangest feeling comes over me.  My thought is ‘That’s mine!  I made that!’  I’m instantly in shocked surprise and simultaneously feeling silly at such a thought and having a major emotional reaction.  I had to get out of there.  I hadn’t been much of a believer in reincarnation so I have no explanation of where the thoughts or strong feelings came from.  This is one of 3 strange reactions I had while I was on that vacation.  Returning home, that fall I signed up for a pottery class at the local community college.  I recreated that pot and I still have it among my meager possessions in Mary’s garage.  In class I found that I enjoyed making pottery with coils the most, and using the wheel held no interest for me.


Back in the present, it’s too early in the season for tours at Mesa Verde ( I wouldn’t go anyway, due to the dogs) but all the overviews are open and many are quite dramatic, such as afore mentioned Spruce Tree House and the Cliff Palace.  All in all there are more than 600 cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park, not to mention other dwellings which brings the total up to around 4000!  This was a heavily populated area 800 years ago!

FullSizeRenderSpruce Tree House.

FullSizeRenderI enjoy being here.  It just feels good.

FullSizeRenderNot sure of the names of the rest of these houses.  Notice the Kivas here?  The big round holes.  They used to have log ceilings.


There is a campground at Mesa Verde,not yet open for the season, and when it is reservations are needed.  I’m staying right across from the park and Hwy 160 at the Ancient Cedars RV Resort.  It’s nice enough, and a clean Good Sam park but RV sites tend to be tight, though there are some nice ones.  It’s not busy now so it’s not a problem.

There are many ancient dwellings in this general area, and I choose to visit Hovenweep National Monument as well.  One of the main reasons I choose it is because dogs are surprisingly allowed on the trails there!


It’s just over a 50 mile drive from where we are staying.  Many of the structures there are tower-like buildings.  The Square Tower group is the most accessible with the path starting right behind the Visitor Center, where I first watch an 18 minute movie, and then go get Joy and Shiloh to walk the trail with me.  It’s a 2 mile hike but we don’t do the whole trail due to Joys tolerance.  I think we cover about a mile total and I’m very proud of her for that.

FullSizeRenderTwin Towers.

IMG_3395Looking over the edge!

IMG_3399On the Square Tower Loop.


I’m in awe of the people who lived her…their strength, agility, architecture and farming skills, 800 and more years ago.  With our technology, we have nothing on them.  Really.

There is a small campground here with no hook ups and first come, first serve.  Some sites would accommodate a small RV.

We traveled to Cortez, Colorado via Shiprock and Gallup New Mexico and when we leave tomorrow we will spend the night in Gallup, then go a bit farther east before heading north for the Dakotas on the east side of the Rockies.  We will travel slowly, staying one or two nights at RV parks until we get to the Black Hills area of South Dakota.  Our path will take us into Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska, all places I haven’t been yet on this adventure!

*** If you are looking for Native American art such as jewelry, pottery or baskets, besides Hubble Trading Post mentioned a couple of posts back, I like Notah-Dineh Trading Company here in Cortez.  Of course there are MANY places to buy such art, and Gallup is filled with them.

IMG_3387This 12×18 foot Navajo masterpiece is on display at Notah-Dineh Trading Company in the museum there.


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14 Responses to I ❤️ Mesa Verde and Hovenweep

  1. Mush says:

    We might be kindred spirits 😍 Mesa Verde and Hovenweep are dear to my heart and I have been a potter (when I can find the facilities) since 2005. Took it in college and totally fell in love.

    • Hi Mush, kindred spirits we could be. 😊 One of my dreams is to do more pottery work some day if I settle somewhere. Hummm…someday….somewhere…that and gardening.
      As I travel I keep wishing I could paint, or at least draw. So far I’ve just settled for taking pictures.

  2. Dawn in MI says:

    Last time I was at Mesa Verda was probably 1986. I was visiting friends in Denver, and borrowed their truck and drove around CO. I was alone and really enjoyed exploring there. I had been there as a kid with my family, but it was nice to explore at my own pace. Thanks for the memories!

  3. Marcia GB in MA says:

    I don’t think you’re a wacko. Years ago, I had a weird experience in Utah where I spontaneously retrieved a lifetime in the 1830’s. Won’t go into the details here but it scared the socks off me as I was kidnapped by Indians and being dragged over rough ground. Some of it was later confirmed for me through internet research. OK, maybe we’re both wackos in good company 😘 What wonderful places you’re exploring. Thanks for taking us along.

    • Hi Marcia, wow what an experience/retrieval. If we ever meet I’d like to hear about that experience if you feel like telling it. I would love to meet my fellow whackos!
      Glad to have you along with me Marcia!

  4. Gerri & Mike says:

    Who knows?? But I truly don’t believe you’re wacko!! I have always felt after listening to you describe nature that you had Native American blood somewhere in you. You have that spirit….I can’t explain it.
    We plan to visit that area this late summer/early fall. I can’t wait!!
    If course, Mike and I have always loved the Black Hills. We can’t wait to return there and visit Crazy Horse Monument!!! It’s been a few years. I got a good clean and clear CT scan last week so we can actually move this rolling home!!
    Safe travels!!

    • SO glad to hear about the good CT scan Gerri! What a relief and a joy for you to be healthy and free to explore.
      I corrected my error and it’s the Black Hills in South Dakota not North Dakota where I’ll be staying for awhile.
      I can’t explain it either Gerri, but I do feel that Native American spirit inside me. Something that goes deep. My DNA doesn’t show it but my heart feels it.
      Safe travels to you as well!

  5. Well…add me to the list of “wackos”!! I’ve had two past life readings, and one of those times I was an Indian Brave. That was so real, weird, and exciting. I had a great, great Grandmother that was Cherokee, and have felt drawn to the Native American culture and spiritual beliefs, even as a child.
    Thanks for sharing your past experience, and these wonderful pictures! I will go there myself one day. Good for Joy walking the trail with you…she is such a trooper!

    • Yay Pat, another whacko! 😀
      I’m drawn in that way too, but have no NA ancestors that I am aware of. A long while back when much in my life seemed to fall apart I began to discover this spirit within. Then I realized I’d had intuitive hints of it even as a child it my intuition was slow to develop, partly due to lack of self esteem I guess.
      So many deep mysteries inside of us….like those past life readings you had….very interesting.

  6. Eileen says:

    Great photos as usual and interesting story. I don’t know about reincarnation but I do believe “genetic memory” is incorporated somehow into our genetic code. That would explain a lot of the déjà vu or “having been there before” feelings we get. If you care to, please Google genetic memory and see what you think, if you don’t already know about it, that is. Lots of psychological and scientific studies on it. How we might even inherit fear and anxiety disorders based on genetic memory for example. Anyway… I don’t know when you will be heading to Michigan but the weather is finally starting to warm up a little here. We had some friends from Arizona visit us last week and they could not wait to get back to the sun and warmth of AZ and leave the cold, rainy, gloomy misery of Michigan weather behind them. I’m sure you must remember the weather here.

    • Hi Eileen, no I haven’t really learned anything about genetic memory but you have gotten me interested and I will definitely be looking that up. There is so much about our brains that is not understood or even touched yet, scientifically…so much yet unexplored territory.
      I’m hoping to get to the UP of Michigan around May….still pretty cool up there then, I know. I hope, that is.. But if we’re lucky, past the big snows. My goal is to be gone from the lower peninsula by the time it gets hot and muggy. I get mad just thinking about hot and muggy, unless I’m immersed in cool water. Joy and Shiloh feel the same. 🐶😂🐶

  7. cc and canine (now back in Oregon) says:

    We’ve been on the road for the last few weeks,,,,and we don’t have internet, so I’ve been enjoying catching up with your blog. I am also drawn to the areas you’ve been visiting. I took my mom to an elderhostel at Canyon de Chelly around 10 years ago, and also stayed at the Thunderbird Lodge. The program was taught by local Navahos, and included a visit to a hogan, anda guided hike into the canyon. At that time the campground was free, too.

    One of the places that we enjoyed the most was Chaco Culture NHP in New Mexico. It was worth the washboard road in. It keeps the tour buses out. We stayed 5 nights at the park service campground…our site even had a small cliff dwelling behind it. Once at the park, the roads are paved, and we were able to ride our bikes to see the many pueblos. The night sky is amazing! If you get a chance it is worth the trip!

    On your way up to S. Dakota, you may want to give Denver a large berth…the traffic on I-25 is quite nerve wracking. Have a safe trip!

    • Hi Sharon, I was sure thinking of you guys when We were wandering around the dog run at Meteor Crater RV Park dog run!
      One of the places I was interested in seeing was the Chaco Canyon area and I didn’t make it. I need to come back here, no two ways about it. So much to see, and this area just feels good to me.
      It sounds like you had a wonderful time at Canyon de Chelly with the tour. Yes they require guides to go into the canyon and I’m glad they do. Besides those of us being guided learn so much that way.
      Oh believe me, I plan on giving Denver a very wide berth, because of the traffic yes, but also to stay east of the Rockies this time of year. Just can’t trust the weather.

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