Mesa Verde Museum (add on)

This will be short!

Yesterday in the blog I got so carried away telling you about my first experience at the museum, I forgot to mention going there this time.  I guess that’s important to me because I was feeling a bit anxious about it.


I try to prepare myself mentally and emotionally for what I might see there.  What if I see ‘my’ pot again?

Yes, what I might see, but I don’t see.  Phew, I’m almost relieved, but also a little bit let down.  Well, it’s been about 27 years, and displays have probably changed 27 times or more.


‘My’ pot was very similar to the one at center top.

The following pictures I took just because the pottery and the designs are interesting to me.




Ok, that’s my little add on!  Heading back to Gallup today, and then east, simply to avoid towing WS through the Rockies while the weather is so unstable.

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4 Responses to Mesa Verde Museum (add on)

  1. Love pottery! My dad was a very talented self-taught potter. He just had a gift as some do. Perhaps you have that gift too.

  2. dawnkinster says:

    That’s beautiful pottery. Love the bowl with the bird in the bottom. Safe travels!

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