Some Interesting RV Parks

We are taking he roads less traveled…at least somewhat less traveled…through mid-America, aka The Heartland.

We go from south to north, Through Texas and Oklahoma on Highway 54, then through Kansas and Nebraska on Highway 83.  The scenery is gently rolling hills, fields, some planted but most not yet.  I rarely see another RV though there are no shortage of big trucks and they are all passing me.  Yes, I mean ALL, as I travel 55-60 mph, which is below the speed limit but comfortable for me and within the safe range for WS.


Saturday night we stop in Guymon, OK, at the Corral Drive-In and RV Park.  Yup, there is a drive-in theatre here (not open for the season yet), and also an RV repair shop and a pizza parlor.

FullSizeRenderThe RV repair shop.


They’ve got it all!.  A nice young couple own the place.  They are RV’ers themselves and have made the sites nice and large ( but the trees are still small.)

Sunday we Arrive in Oakley, KS at High Plains Camping.  I get a nice site with a tree.  There aren’t many trees among the sites but there are only a few people here today.  Yes nice site, but the woman who owns the place has Attitude with a capital A.  I give her the benefit of the doubt…it’s Easter and she would probably rather not be working.  Later I meet her husband and he seems to be in the same mind set as his wife.  Maybe they had a fight?  Then as I read the handout they gave me with a map and rules, etc, I see that this attitude is the norm for them.  It mentions how they have cameras all over the park and will be watching everything I do!  Alrighty then!  I won’t be back!  No pictures, sorry.

We spend Monday and Tuesday nights in North Platte, NE at I-80 Lakeside Campground.


I thought the dandelions were a nice touch! 😀

This is a huge park surrounding a little lake between the South Platte River and I-80, and yes you can see and hear the traffic going by, still it’s a nice place.    The young couple who own it just bought it last year and they are working hard to fix it up.  It’s a day use Park as well and there are picnic tables randomly placed all the way around the lake.


Joy and Shiloh went swimming twice!


I noticed in these pictures that Shiloh holds his tail out of the water and Joy doesn’t.


After the dips, there are the obligatory rolls.  Oh my, what a mess!


More dandies!  So pretty!



Joy rolled in dandelions and got yellow on her head.


Flowering trees in bloom!



Tonight, Wednesday, we are at Cabelas RV Park and Campground in Sidney, NE.  It’s first come, first serve, pick your own site and pay at the store.


More dandys!


My view of the side and back of Cabelas.

These RV Parks ran from $19 (Cabelas) to about $35 a night.  Weather has been windy and cloudy most of the time, but no rain.  Or snow. ☺️

Tomorrow if all goes according to plan, we should arrive in South Dakota!

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28 Responses to Some Interesting RV Parks

  1. Chey Thurman says:

    Are you going to SD to renew plates? Is SD your resident state?

    • Hi Chey, yes, I do use SD as my state of residence, but the company who I use for my mail (Americas Mailbox) also does my registration renewal….at least they remind me, I send them the money, they tell me when the registrations are ready and I have my mail sent to me. I think they charge like $10 for that very nice service. The only reason I officially have to come to SD is to get my drivers license renewed every 5 years. That’s not why I’m going there now. I do have a specific reason for going, which I’ll be writing about soon.
      Americas Mailbox has worked out very well for me and I’d recommend them. This time I’ll be picking my mail up from them instead of having it sent. 😀

  2. Chris says:

    How do you budget with the varying cost of parks and fuel?

    • Hi Chris, yes you are right in what you are thinking…it varies a LOT in how much I spend. I keep money “ahead” in my account for that purpose. That way in months that I spend more, it’s there. When I spend less, what’s in there adds up a little. You also need to have emergency money because things come up that you don’t expect.

  3. Laura says:

    Love the dandelions – except when they are in my little lawn 🙂 Joy looks even more golden than ever! I must say that the thought of being in Oklahoma’s tornado alley with those big ol’ dark clouds makes me want to holler ‘it’s a twister!’

    • Laura I’ve been creeping across these states hoping the tornadoes don’t notice me. Having lived in California I guess my tolerance for earthquakes is better than my tolerance for tornadoes.
      That’s the thing about changing “lawns” frequently…I don’t have to worry about the dandies….I can just enjoy them when they bloom and then say bye-bye! 😊

  4. Pat says:

    Haha! You sure don’t need tht kind of attitude! I wonder they manage to stay open. There are too many nice, friendly RV parks to put up with a bad one.

  5. Nina says:

    We have a Golden, and it’s all your fault. Well blame goes to Joy and Shiloh too. 😀 It’s a bit of a long story how he came to be ours and we his, but his name has evolved from Cody to Cody Lovebucket. You see he LOVES everyone and everything. Safe travels!

  6. Chey Thurman says:

    I just learned that you have a serious wind threat approaching. Be safe!

    • Thank you Chey. Yes the wind was blowing crazy here all day….and gosh just about every day for the past week. It seems to have calmed a bit and according to what I’m seeing on WeatherBug will be relatively calm tonight.
      I always appreciate warnings! Thanks again!

  7. Dawn says:

    This was an interesting post. Good to know that if you’re traveling across country (at least in the ‘off season’) there are places to stop. And you didn’t make reservations ahead? You just quit driving when you felt tired and found somewhere? Or did you plan your stops out?

    • Dawn I’m pretty compulsive about planning ahead. I just like to know where I’m going. At least that’s how it’s been most of the time in my travels. This Cabelas Campground doesn’t take reservations, but I usually try to make them most places. I probably wouldn’t need to right now, as you can see from some of the pictures, there are a lot of empty sites in the parks right now…unless perhaps you are near some touristy place, and that’s certainly not here.

  8. Gerri & Mike says:

    Looks like Dawn and I were thinking alike. I was wondering how you come up with your campground stops? How much planning in advance do you do? Reservations?

    You guys take care and travel safely!!

    • Hi Gerri and Mike. When I decide on a destination, I get out maps and use Allstays and Google Maps on my IPad and I get very industrious. With Google Maps I figure a route and find places or areas that are 200 or less miles apart. Then I get on Allstays and look for places to camp in those areas. I look at paper maps and Benchmark map books to get the bigger picture. I go to websites of many different camping places and decide what I like…be it for one night or a week, or whatever. Then I usually get on the phone and call them and see if I can reserve, what cancelation policies are, etc. I really enjoy the process…if I didn’t this would be no fun. I like planning it all out, knowing where I’m going, how far I’m driving, etc. I often use Google Maps to scope out the towns I’ll be driving through, see if there is anywhere I want to stop, see how many lanes the roads have, find out where the rest areas are…you name it!
      When I start planning it’s more general and when I get a good idea what I want to do it gets serious and I can spend hours narrowing it down and figuring it all out.
      Then as I make reservations or make decisions I write it all down so I don’t forget where the heck I’m going!😂😂

  9. DJ says:

    I just passed that Cabela’s. I took 80 across Iowa, very rough. I took a detour around Chicago. A trucker told me that was a wise choice because they started construction on 80 and it is a parking lot. I am headed north of Grand Rapids. Have a safe and enjoyable trip.

    • Hi DJ, oh boy no, I wouldn’t want to drive through Chicago, no way, no how. I drove I-80 today but tomorrow I’ll be going north again.

      I’m planning to head to Michigan eventually too…in another few weeks to a month I think.
      You have a safe trip too!

  10. Adrienne says:

    I haven’t started traveling yet so I find posts like this one to be very informative. I think I’ll like knowing where I’m going to spend the night and 200 miles sounds just about perfect. Do you have to bathe the dogs after they get out of the water and roll all around in whatever is there? Just wondering. Love your blog!

    • Hi Adrienne, you are making me smile. 😀 You would think I’d need to bathe them, I know, and if I had a good way to do that, it might happen more often, but usually I just dry them with a towel, then wait for them to ‘air dry’ then brush like crazy. It’s amazing how much dirt comes out and they don’t smell all that bad. Really. I use wipes on them, like Huggie wipes, almost daily and get some surface dirt off. Otherwise they somehow ‘self clean’ and it usually works pretty good. I do use some medicated soap on Joys tummy quite frequently, including after a swim, because she gets some kind of irritation there. Then I rinse.

  11. Michael says:

    The picture of Cabelas, to the right are horse pens for folks traveling with horses. Many Cabelas have overnight spots for horses. Enjoy your blog, thanks

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