Sweet Times Around Tawas

Tawas City and East Tawas lie along the east coast of Michigan, in the middle to lower section of the index finger, right up against Lake Huron.


We are at the blue dot. 😁

Its a lovely little area with various parks along the shore, affording lots of lake access to residents and tourists. This isn’t the case everywhere, as much of the Michigan coast is private property.  ‘Down town’ is a couple of blocks of quaint little shops, but yes, there is also a Walmart nearby on M-23, with great lake views from the parking lot!

FullSizeRenderThere’s even a Ben Franklin!

Marie and Ray live a couple of miles from town and Marie volunteers at the hospital gift shop, and and the little library, which, thanks to her design and decorating talent, has become the sweetest, coziest little book nook you can imagine.

FullSizeRenderThe 20 bed hospital.

FullSizeRenderTawas City Library.  So cute inside, thanks to Marie.

Ray is constantly busy fixing, building ( including making things for the library), mowing, and enjoying retirement in general.

IMG_4102Ray enjoying retirement!

Tawas has a huge art fair over Memorial Day weekend.  Marie and I wander through it, and I buy this sweatshirt with a cute design.


Now on to the natural beauty and more green and blue!


Tawas Point State Park has a very nice campground, a lighthouse, and a dedicated dog beach!



Look at that clear water!  Dogs are allowed off leash here, (how often do you see that at a state park?) but this overprotective mom didn’t comply.

We check out the Lumbermans Monument area in Huron National Forest.



The lumber industry stripped most all the trees from Michigan in the late 1800’s.  They came back, both by nature or by being replanted.


One of the trails near the monument.  If you are thinking these trees look evenly spaced it’s because they are.  This part of the forest was recently replanted.


A view of the Au Sable River from near the monument.  There are some hundreds of steps you can go down to get a closer look, but that wasn’t for us at this time.


We drive some back roads…really, truly back roads….and find ourselves at Loon Lake for a little swim.

IMG_4158Pretty little Loon Lake.



And of course, the obligatory roll in the grass!  That’s Joy, enjoying.

We’ve also been to Oscoda….


There is a boardwalk and a nice pier at the beach.IMG_4199

so we walk out to the end.


Wanna see my new Michigan hat?

IMG_4204Isn’t this an interesting picture of the water?

FullSizeRenderAnd here is the same water, farther out.

IMG_4239Is this Jonathan?

Feeling peaceful and quiet inside as I write this…like I’m in the right place at the right time.  Marie and I suddenly realized yesterday that it was 50 years ago this month, we graduated from high school.  Now that’s a rather stunning thought.  We seem to be having our own little reunion.  So many memories and people have come up in our minds of those long ago times.

Im so happy we are having this opportunity to reconnect.

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14 Responses to Sweet Times Around Tawas

  1. I am so happy that you are SO happy!! Old friends and good memories, I’m sure, are responsible for a huge part of that happiness. Love the pictures…Michigan is such a beautiful state. Of course I’m just a tiny bit prejudiced, like you. The different picture of the water is truly awesome. I wonder what causes that look. You know, I was supposed to be headed north today, but have had some problems. The big one is that I woke up to water on my floor again…somehow it is coming in around the slide. When I can get it to the shop, it will be the third time I’ve had it in for the same thing, and they can’t seem to find the problem. Very soon I am going to start yelling for a new trailer! Have also had some medical problems, so don’t know when I will get out of here, but my feet are itching to go. You take care, and enjoy every minute!

    • Hi Pat, you take care girl. Whatever the physical problems are…get that taken care of.
      Yes, I’d say if they don’t fix the trailer this time…3 strikes and they are out. They need to get you a trailer that doesn’t leak! That is your home and it needs to be snug and dry.
      I hope everything gets straightened out for you very soon Pat.

  2. Gerri & Mike says:

    What a beautiful place!! Now don’t laugh at me but I have never visited Michigan but really really want to. Now you have totally convinced me I should!!
    Looks like Joy and Shiloh are really enjoying Michigan as well. They sure love the water!
    So glad you are having fun with good friends!!

    • Hi Gerri and Mike, hey there are quite a few states I’ve ever been to, and some I may never get to. I do hope you make it to Michigan sometime. Fall is wonderful because of all the trees turning colors!
      Yes everywhere you turn here, there is a lake or a river, and Joy and Shiloh appreciate them all!

  3. judilyn says:

    I was born in Michigan, but have not lived there since I was just under six years old. We visited once or twice over the subsequent 68 years, but basically I am completely ignorant of my birth state. Your pictures are beautiful.

    Virtual hugs,


  4. marianblum says:

    I love hearing your peaceful, grateful voice here, Micky, I took a little vacation with you just now! Lovely close-up of the water! Love your color-coordinated Michigan hat, seeing the dogs having a ball, great to know you are having a happy reunion with your friend. Big hug ~ Marian

  5. autumngirl84 says:

    I grew up in that area of Michigan, just 7 miles from Lake Huron. So nice to see this area featured in your blog!

    • Hi Autumngirl, just found your comment, sorry to take so long! Yes, Lake Huron is beautiful, isn’t it? I think it’s my favorite of the Great Lakes. I also lived not far from it for a short time, and about 25 miles from it for many years growing up.

  6. Patty says:

    Good to see your smiling face!!

  7. Mandy says:

    Beautiful! With ur writing I feel like I was actually there! 50 years! That’s amazing! Enjoy ur reunion! Miss and love u😘

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