A Few Trips Down Memory Lane Part 2

Warning!  This is long!

⚓️ Port Huron.

On the east side of the mitten that is Michigan, just about where the thumb attaches to the hand on the outside, sits the city called Port Huron.  On its eastern boarder is Lake Huron and the St Clair River, with Sarnia, Ontario on the other side of the river.

IMG_4281Canada is there on the far side of the river.  To the far left, the lake flows into the river.

The two countries are connected here by the Blue Water Bridge, which is now actually two bridges, one going in each direction.

IMG_4444A picture from under the bridge.

What makes me gasp though isn’t the bridge, but the color of the water that flows beneath!  I can’t describe it, and pictures don’t do it justice, but the blueness is just amazing.


I have a ‘thing’ for Port Huron.

IMG_4290Downtown Port Huron.

Various reasons I guess.  I bought a house with a view of the river,  and lived here for a very short time once.  It didn’t work out and I went back to California, but still, I have a ‘thing’ for Port Huron….and Lake Huron….and the St Clair River.

Lake Huron is one of the five Great Lakes.  It’s the 2nd largest by surface area and the third largest by volume of water.  It’s average depth is 195 feet, and it’s maximum depth is 750 feet!  That must have been a mighty big glacier sliding by, digging that trench.  The lake was named by the French, for the Huron people that inhabited the area.  The lake flows into the st Clair River, which is 40.5 miles long, 800 feet wide at its narrowest point, and between 30 and 70 feet deep.  The beautiful blue water travels through it, down to Lake St Clair (where I grew up), then into the Detroit River and on into Lake Erie.  Besides the water flowing through, there are the freighters, these behemoth ships are….I don’t know….something to behold….mesmerizing.  I love watching them travel silently down the river, and as a child I used to love listening to their fog horns mournful blasts, when they made their way through the mist and fog that hung over the waters of Lake St Clair.


FullSizeRenderMore wow.

FullSizeRenderGosh!  Actually those pipes that look like they are sticking up in the middle of the ship are not.  They are over in Canada.

Did you know that Thomas Edison spent part of his boyhood living in Port Huron?  He was the most prolific inventor in American history, and he only went to school for a few months.  His teacher considered him a poor student so his mom taught him from home.  Also he became deaf during his childhood.


IMG_4412Here is the rock mentioned above and his childhood home behind it to the right.

We think of him as the inventor of the light bulb and the phonograph, and those world changing inventions must have taken a long while, but he actually held 1,093 patents in the US, and many in other countries as well.  He was 7 when his family moved to Port Huron, and today the city honors his memory with the Thomas Edison Depot Museum.


FullSizeRenderNot a bad looking guy. ☺️

Oops.  Again I digress…but he’s kind of a hero of mine…along with Mick Jagger. (😁 Wonder how he would feel about that?)

☕️ Friends

I have some company!  Tuesday, June 13, my dear friend Denise comes to visit me at my camp at Lakeport State Park.  She brings her little tiny 7 pound dog, Macie.

FullSizeRenderDenise and I pick up like we’ve never been apart, though we have had rare contact since I moved from Michigan in 1987.

IMG_4353Denise and I, together again. ❤️

We talk non-stop.  She has very recently experienced a traumatic event in her life, with the death of her husband…’Buddy Boy’ to my kids back in the day.  We were church friends.  Remember the picture of Bethany Baptist Church in the previous post?  That’s where we met when I was about 20, and she a tad younger.  We got married around the same time and had our kids around the same time, except she had three and I had two….all boys.  Denise knows all my deep dark stuff and loves me still…as does Marie.  Thank you guys…friends like you are worth much more than gold.

On Wednesday another friend from ‘out in the sticks’ was planning a visit but that fell through at the last minute, which made me sad.  We were ‘that close’ to seeing each other again for the first time in 40-45 years.  I ate your lunch Jackie.  😐

Thursday, June 15, what a beautiful day!  And another chance to visit another old friend whom I met in Junior High.  Mary and her husband John invited us to their home.  These two were actually going together when we met, and they are still in love and it shows.


First we had an extended coffee time on their big beautiful front porch that looks out on the St Clair River.


Then Mary and I walk the dogs along the river to a place she knows of where they can take a swim.





When Joy and Shiloh are cool and comfortable Mary takes me to lunch.  We never stop talking…catching up.  What a sweet woman she is, and I swear, I REALLY swear, she looks the same as she did when we were in school…except even cuter.

Between visits with friends I spent time around the Port Huron area, watching the freighters, shopping, and taking the dogs to a little riverside park I know of, where they can take a dip….and I can watch more freighters.

FullSizeRenderWatching freighters with the ducks!

🏕 Lakeport State Park


The little camping I did (in a tent) when the kids were young, was here at Lakeport.  My son Jason’s best friends mom Sue, liked to camp, and she literally taught me how right here.  The park also has changed however, and all I recognize is where the trail leads down to the beach.  Nothing else looks familiar.  It’s a really nice…and popular…state park with electric at each site and always a water spigot nearby.


IMG_2309Our campsite at Lakeport.

There are showers and bathrooms, and a fair amount of pull through sites, one of which I had reserved.  Also there is a nice camp store with a little bit of everything.

The only problem is that there are no dogs allowed on the beach, so, needless to say, there is no ‘me’ on the beach either.  I remember it to be quite beautiful, and rocky at the waters edge, which is not unusual at Lake Huron beaches.  Swim shoes are needed.  But beware, the water is COLD!!  Always.


One thing I’m seeing here at Lakeport, and at other campgrounds since I’ve come east, is that the hook-ups can be in some very unusual…and inconvenient…places.  I’ve traveled awhile now and camped in various kinds of places, but here in Michigan is the first time I’ve seen 30 or 50 amp extension cords used on a regular basis.  Good thing Marie and Ray bought me one for my birthday, because I needed it at Lakeport!  In fact, I pulled into my site and didn’t even see an electric box.  As it turned out, it was on the other side of a ditch and a small forest.  As we go for our walks here, I check out other sites and see similar situations.  So a word to the wise, keep an extension cord that carries your amperage, and an extra water hose with you.  If you don’t have an extra long poop shoot…err…dump hose….carry an extension for that too.

I am here in my old stomping grounds for only 5 days.  I need a much longer time. The problem is that I didn’t make reservations far enough ahead, and it really didn’t look  like there was anywhere else near ‘home’ that seemed a good fit for me.

We head out on Friday, across the middle of the ‘palm’ of the Michigan mitten.  There are more places to explore and more friends to meet up with!


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8 Responses to A Few Trips Down Memory Lane Part 2

  1. dawnkinster says:

    I’ll have to look up Lakeport State Park, I’ve never been there. And if you’re ever planning on coming back and making reservations there or at Harrisville State Park let me know. Maybe Katie and I can camp at the same time!

    • I will do that Dawn. You got me curious about Muskegon State Park so I went to look at it today. Beautiful dunes and beach! No dogs on the beach.
      And I wasn’t allowed to drive through the campgrounds. They said they don’t allow it Memorial Day through Labor Day! Nice for those camping though.

  2. Laura says:

    wonderful post!

  3. josephlacey12 says:

    Hi (again… I’m Joseph… the guy with two therapy dogs… looking for a Casita Freedom.
    I found one… bought it ‘sight unseen’… (yikes!) The owner (Katie) will deliver it to me… from Texas… in a couple of weeks. She is a glutton for punishment because it is 121 degrees at 4pm in Surprise, AZ.
    You wanted an update… that’s the briefest I can share. I would like to start a blog… might do it.
    Great photos… love the dogs enjoying their dip in the water.
    BTW… Katie also travels solo…a photographer… just turned 80… I wonder if you know her…


    • Hi Joseph, wow, congratulations! That didn’t take long at all. Wondering if you found it on the Casita Forum? No I don’t know Katie.

      Take care in that treacherous heat. I start fading after 80 degrees…120. No way.

  4. Candace H. says:

    I too moved from MI in 1987 although from Dearborn where we lived for a few years. Port Huron has fond memories for me as it was the first and only place I ever hitchhiked. I was almost 35 years old, traveling on a weekend with my sister who was visiting from CA. My husband was home with the kids and needed the car to go to work the next day. A nice woman picked us up and drove us all the way to Kmart and the auto store nearby. A lovely man offered us a ride back to our car, which we took!. We still fondly remember that trip and our only hitchhiking experience.
    SO nice that you are visiting people and places that you care for. I hope you continue to have a wonderful trip down memory lane and adding new ones as you go.

    • Hi Candace, wow you hitchiked! That’s something I’ve never done….and hopefully never will at this point! 😁 Yikes girl, you and your sister were very brave! I think….

      Somehow Port Huron still has that ‘feeling’ it had many years ago. Oh it’s grown, but so much is the same…down town…and those big old houses. It seems to be spreading, but that sprawl is actually Fort Gratiot just north of Port Huron, but kind of attached.

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