New Friends And Very Old Friends!

Hold up your left hand with the back of it facing you.  There you have the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

IMG_2425Use your imagination.  That’s Michigan surrounded on 3 sides by lovely blue lakes!

As we leave Lakeport State Park we are headed west, towards the Lake Michigan side.  We are crossing at about the middle of the palm.  We could make it in one day, but I’m slow, and besides we have plans to meet some new friends while we camp at Birch Run.  That would be Dawn and her Sheltie princess, Katie.

FullSizeRenderDawn and Katie…and Joy too.

We discovered each other because we both read RV Sues blog.  Dawn (and sometimes Katie) write their own blog called ‘Change Is Hard’.  Dawn and I have been following each other’s blogs and when she read in mine that I was going to be near her neck of the Michigan woods, we decided to meet up.  The weather was so drenchingly wet that we came close to calling it off, but we had both prepared food for our little celebration (vegan food!), and we were hungry so darn it, we decided to go for it during a break in the rain, and when the flood around my site receded!

IMG_4497The flood…we can’t even get out the door!

We had a nice visit and lunch and the pupsters got along just fine.  By ‘just fine’ I mean that they were all very casual and peaceful about being in the presence of each other’s royalty.  🙂

Dawn is an excellent photographer and she took some very nice pictures:

IMG_5195How did she get everyone to look right at her?


IMG_5186In these two pictures I feel like Dawn picked up my kids personalities exceptionally well.

After a couple of rainy days in Birch Run, we travel on, mostly west, a little north, to Muskegon, to a KOA on a small lake there.  While in the area we check out Muskegon State Park.  It’s crowded with campers but the beach and the dunes are empty.

IMG_2382Sand dunes at Muskegon State Park with Lake Michigan beyond.

After a couple of days in Muskegon, we are on the move again.  So many places I want to see in this state where I lived half my life but never saw much of.  We spend 2 days at Silver Lake, not too far from Ludington ( still on the ‘left coast’).

IMG_4554Silver Lake.  Beyond the lake are sand dunes and beyond the dunes (which you can’t see in this picture) is Lake Michigan.

FullSizeRenderThe Petite Pointe Au Sable Lighthouse on Lake Michigan near Silver Lake.

FullSizeRenderJoy and Shiloh take a quick dip in Lake Michigan.

And then…

FullSizeRenderAwe man.  Well what did I THINK would happen?  Can you even imagine how much sand I got out of her coat?

Then finally, we make it to Petoskey.  I’ve been looking forward to this time at Petoskey State Park because there is another meet up planned.  Marie and Ray (the friends I stayed with in Tawas) are here already and another friend of Marie’s and mine from high school is coming to join us!  I haven’t seen Diane in about 12 years, and before that our meet ups have been brief and few and far between.  We three umm…girls… spend Friday non stop visiting.  We go waaay back.  These are the ‘girls’ I went to see the Stones with in 1965 and 66…my first two Stones concerts.  Well, in those days I guess ‘concerts’ really wasn’t the right word, but we went to see them…and try to hear them…play songs like Not Fade Away, Satisfaction, Get Off My Cloud, and like that.  November of 65 our seats were right in the center of the 5th row and we paid $3.50 each for them.  In July of 66 we scored the 12th row for a couple dollars more. Some great memories there, but mostly we didn’t talk about things like that.  We were catching up.  Fifty years…there’s a lot to cover.

IMG_4599Fifty years later…

Saturday Marie and Ray have to leave early, so Diane takes Joy, Shiloh and I on a little walking tour of the very lovely down town Petoskey.  She doesn’t live here but she’s worked here in the past.

FullSizeRenderNice day in Petoskey.

I’m SO VERY GLAD we were able to pull this off! What a great time we had!  Time…whatever it is…seems to fall away.  We are the same but different.  Shaped by life experiences good and bad, we are different but the same.  We’ve all worked out our lives and done ok.  It’s good to see that.

And kudos to Ray for backing WS into my site at the park.  Left up to me I’d still be working on that.  It was preplanned…those sites are tight  and small and he volunteered to do it when we were making plans to go there.

FullSizeRenderRays excellent back in job.

I have one more meet up planned with a friend while I’m in Michigan, but there are some other people I sure wish I could see again too…

We are going to hang out in the upper part of the Lower Peninsula for a couple more weeks.  I’ll keep you posted!




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12 Responses to New Friends And Very Old Friends!

  1. Hey Micky! Glad you are having such a good time back in our home state. Love all the pics, as usual, especially the one of all three babies. The singles of Joy and Shiloh are great also. How much longer do you plan on being in Michigan? Do you plan on coming any further south on the Lake Michigan side? I arrived in the Benton Harbor/St. Joseph area on Friday, to visit my Son and his wife. Will probably be in this area till after the 4th. Do you have an idea where you are going from Michigan? At some point, I will be headed toward Wisconsin. I know at one time you mentioned the possibility of passing through there. Would be great if we could cross paths at some point. Be safe and have lots more fun!!

  2. dawnkinster says:

    It was so great to meet you and the pups! Katie had a good time, it was a lovely adventure for us both, even if it was a bit damp!

    Best wishes and fun times in the UP! I love it up there! It’s just beautiful. The pups will love it as it’s bound to be cooler!

    Hope we meet again somewhere, and if you ever need a driveway, ours is open!

  3. Laura says:

    I love the photo of the bench 🙂
    miss you!

  4. DJ says:

    Howdy Spirit

    I am camp hosting at Old Grade Campground, about 10 miles north of Baldwin on M37. Lightly used, quiet campground on the Little Manistee. Stop by if you are in the area. If I’m not here, take site 11. Beautiful site and I am sure that Joy and Shiloh will love the river access.

  5. Andrea in Glendale says:

    Mickey you have such a way of writing that makes me feel like I’m there. My husband and I live in AZ and it’s so hot right now that reading your blog cools me off…lol. It’s so wonderful to have good friends that you can have adventures with and meet up with throughout your life. I enjoy seeing the pupsters and their antics in the water. Great pics. Take care and be safe.
    A fellow Stones fan, Andrea

  6. Pat says:

    I live in Charlotte Mi near Lansing, so you are right in my neck of the woods!


  7. Sounds like you 3 are having a wonderful time…we lived Michigan when we were there last year!! What a treat to meet up with blogger friends…we are meeting up with a couple here in Maine this week!! Hugs to you and your fur babies!!

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