Moody Waters and Wild Flowers

And some other things….

This post will be mostly pictures…just pictures of pretty scenes I’ve noticed in and around St Ignace, Michigan.


Like the blue and green I’m so fond of.  With a freighter , toooo….

Lake scenes really can be moody.  The one above is carefree and light….


And this one of the same area but by the shore instead of on the hill, on a stormy day is so somber…sad…sorrowful.


There are wildflower bouquets by the basket full….


At the lake side…..


At the roadside….


Everywhere in between.


Add some fog….


And a rocky shore…..or….


Morning stripes of pastels.  And a sailboat.


Sometimes shades of gray.


Wind….oops, that picture is crooked!


Some rain…..


Waves splashing on the rocky shore.


Super blue with another sail boat!


Beautiful boquet!


Joy thought the flowers were beautiful too!


Shiloh blends in with the sandy shore as he watches moody Lake Michigan.


Seagulls!  Jonathan Livingston…is that you?


Beautiful morning blues.


Stand out in a crowd!  Dare to be different!  Bloom where you’re planted!


Joy, sleeping it off.

Tomorrow we move again.  I’m unsure (as I often am), about if I’ll have decent internet or cellular connections.  So until next time…take care.

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14 Responses to Moody Waters and Wild Flowers

  1. Laura says:

    beautiful photos, thank you!

  2. dawnkinster says:

    Such a beautiful place. Thank you for the information on the KOA there. I love the UP and I hope to get up there next summer. These are all beautiful shots, my favorite of the bunch is the moody lake with Shiloh blending into the beach. That is just wonderful! Have a wonderful move on to your next place…looking forward to seeing where it is…whenever you have good internet!

  3. Marcia GB in MA says:

    Love these pictures. You really captured the many moods of water, earth and sky.

  4. The pictures say it all….Gorgeous!!!
    I love flowers so I have to comment on how beautiful they are and what lovely colors!!
    I especially love the picture of the “kids.”. Joy is just precious and Shiloh looks so handsome there on the sand.

    • Aren’t the wildflowers beautiful Gerri? Don’t think I’ve seem so many anywhere…but maybe I’m just here at the right time.
      Seems I never get tired of taking pictures of the furry ones!

  5. Callie says:

    Such a peaceful and serene place. Seems to have a great affect on Joy and Shiloh!Calliecap

    • Hi Calli, being that I’m here at the height of tourist season, it’s really fairly calm….at least compared to a lot of places. The bridge is an attraction and sonare the locks, and there have not been crowds. Now Mackinac Island is another story I’ve heard. Not going there.

  6. Rocky Mtn Bob says:

    My first comment on your blog which I have followed since you started, which I picked up from rv Sue’s. Anyway I’ve been enjoying your trip in Michigan, I was stationed (Army) at Soo locks at a small base called Camp Lucas, winter 58-59,(artillery protection for locks), now closed. Worked with some civilians on base, so became “adopted” by some and invited to their homes for dinners,partys ,etc. I loved the laid back life and felt like second home. Traveled across UP apx 15 yrs ago and still somewhat the same.
    Couple sites to visit, “Shipwreck Museum”at Whitefish Point and Taqaumemon​ Falls, especially in the fall.
    Too old now to handle the “winter’s” up there but a great place to visit, spent some time in St Ignace also.The bridge is in unbelievable, hard to describe and your pix’s are great thanks.
    Rocky Mtn Bob

    • Hi Rocky Mountain Bob, so glad you commented after all this time! Thanks for the suggestions of where to visit, those places are on my list, the Whitefish Point area coming up in the next few days.
      The town of Sault Ste Marie….I doubt it’s changed much, even to this day. As I drove around I was thinking that though I’d never been there before, it reminded me of where I did grow up, and is just so Michigan. It has expanded though, and on the outskirts is one of the few Walmart in the UP, and a Meijers…maybe the only one in the UP, not sure. But down town, except for the touristy street by the Locks….looks just like the old days. If I ever come back, I’d like to spend more time there.

  7. Candace H. says:

    Your pictures tug at my heartstrings, you captured so much beauty and the tone of the UP. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful photos.

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