Tahquamenon Falls…and Trees

(To pronounce that, it sounds kind of like ‘phenomenon’.)

We leave St Ignace and head mostly north, but not too far.  Just to Newberry, where we are back to camping in the woodlands, surrounded by green.


When I look up…..


I see this.  Well…except I have the awning up now. 😀

Our first night here we have a big thunder and lightening storm, which I think is beautiful.  The dogs, not so much though.

In the morning the sun is shining and the fresh, clean earth and trees beckon.  We load up into JR and I head northeast.  When I start out I’m not sure what we’ll see today but it turns out to be Tahquamenon Falls….by way of Paridise!


I’m glad we made it, too!

Not far from Paradise is Tahquamenon State Park, with a river and falls by the same name.  At this point the river is close to reaching its destination…Lake Superior.  It’s grand finale is very colorful!  It was my understanding that the water is brown, but in the falls, it’s beautiful shades of gold!




Similar in color to Joy and Shiloh.



I couldn’t stop taking pictures!


The color is caused by tannic acid…tannin…from the Cedar swamps drained by the river, along with decaying Hemlocks and Spruce.  The ‘acid’ is very weak however and the river maintains a PH of 7.3 so it’s safe for fish and other wildlife.

There is a 4 mile trail to the upper falls…but there is also a road, so we take it!  The Upper falls is more than 200 feet across and has about a 45 foot drop, making it either the 2nd or 3rd largest falls east of the Mississippi, depending on who you ask.  The largest is Niagara of course.




There is a stairway of 90 some steps down to the bottom here, but needless to say, we didn’t go.  Joy would never make it….even though she really wanted to go.  They both have been receiving lots of attention and pats and have heard the word ‘beautiful’ directed at them numerous times, so they are all happy and waggy, but I know Joy is going to wear out soon.  In fact on the way back to JR we stop in the shade and rest because I see that she really needs to.  Also, it’s about 76 degrees and humid, and even that is warmer than they like to be.

Something unusual….not only are the trails to the falls at this state park dog friendly, but I noticed a sign telling people to NOT leave dogs in cars, by any means!  I wish more places would understand this important concept.

Now back to trees….


Maybe we take them for granted because …oh there seem to be so many and they have always been around….but each one is a miracle….


They live so long and see so much.  They are so….peaceful….


And maybe they have a prayer……



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24 Responses to Tahquamenon Falls…and Trees

  1. einercnm says:

    Thank you for all that beauty Mickey. Just the pictures were like being in the woods. So cool and pleasant. Then the golden falls! Amazing. Sometimes,when I am reading your posts,I feel like I have had a little vacation myself.

    • I am so happy to hear that Elinor! You certainly deserve a vacation. And you have all those peaceful, restful trees surrounding you, too. I hope you are taking in their wonderful energy.

  2. dawnkinster says:

    I camped at Tahquamenon Falls State Park last summer. (Didn’t have Katie with me) It was a lot of fun, and it’s so beautiful there! Also went north from there to Lake Superior White Fish Point. Hope you got to Lake Superior somewhere!

  3. Sharron says:

    Beautiful pictures and prayer!

  4. Annie says:

    Great post…I’m a tree lover and the shades of green leaves and canopy overhead they created is beautiful. …as was the Prayer of the Woods.live to see different areas of our country.

    • Hi Annie. People think hugging trees is funny, or crazy…or whatever….but I found when I’ve done it, it’s very touching and you somehow feel that entity, and it’s good. All good. And it kind of…changes you.
      Don’t know why I felt I needed to say that just now!

  5. Beautiful prayer!! The color of the water in the falls is absolutely beautiful. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anything like it!! Thanks so much for sharing!!
    The trees….awww the trees!! My favorite!! The many colors of green…fantastic!!

  6. MG says:

    Beautiful pics, again! Summer up there is definitely cooler than other parts of the US and I’m sure your dogs appreciate that. I know it takes a bit more care with older dogs but I bet Joy was very happy to be out there. I’m glad to hear of dog-friendly spots! I’m looking for some dog-friendly beach spots (with camping) in Ontario and there aren’t many. Might visit a few this fall. 🙂 Do you have any plans to go into Ontario? I’m a little nervous going with a camper, though I’ve gone with my dogs in the car before and it’s easy.

    • Hi MG, yes dog friendly spots can be hard to come by. The only State Park beach in MI that I’ve come across a dog friendly beach area was at Tawas St Pk, and most areas that people swim in general, have big signs about ‘no dogs’. However we’ve found places with no signs.
      Not planning to come over the boarder because I have a gun and I can’t bring it there. Last summer I had plans to join friends in western Canada and made appropriate arrangements for the gun. Very long story which I may blog about someday, but that gun is gone now and I have another one. Then, I never made it into Canada due to a back injury that left me unable to do anything except what was absolutely necessary for weeks.
      Very sad about that cuz I’ve heard that the area of Canada I was going into is as beautiful as it gets. Also I think circling Lake Superior would be neat. But I’ve heard that isn’t so easy, due to lack of camping spots in some areas….I think was the reason.

  7. Patty says:

    Thanks Micky – just beautiful! You are looking great too! As are the furry ones – this is agreeing with all of you!

  8. Marcia GB in MA says:

    What a lovely post!

  9. Ruby says:

    Hello my friend! What a wonderful trip to the falls through your eyes. Prayer of the Woods was beyond tender…should be required reading to remind us to slow down and appreciate the bounty all around us in nature. Our source of life.

  10. Judy says:

    It was 55+ years ago my family tent camped at Taquamenon Falls in early August. It dropped to 32 degrees one night. Our cocker found my dad willing to have a furry foot warmer at the bottom of his sleeping bag! Back then an evening’s entertainment was going to the Paradise dump and watch the bears scrounge through the garbage, too. Nevertheless, a beautiful area of which I have beautiful memories. Thanks.

    • Hi Judy, I’m glad the bears were at the dump and not at your tent looking for food!
      32 in August….I guess that happens up here sometimes, and I wouldn’t mind it happening now! Joy and Shiloh would love it and the mosquitos would go bye-bye!
      Glad this brought back beautiful memories Judy!

  11. Candace H. says:

    I do wish that everyone had to read that prayer every time before entering a grove or forest.
    The water, all that water! When ever we go east of here(Colorado) I am struck again by the amount of water everywhere it seems. That is a river! I look at the Colorado River and see how small it really is in comparison.

    • Hi Candace. Sometimes campers can be so….ok, ignorant. This campground gives notice to leave their trees alone here, and they sell campfire wood, yet a group came in yesterday evening and it wasn’t 10 minutes before I heard branches cracking and looked over to see them ravaging the forest behind their campsite. Thoughtless and inconsiderate.
      Being from California (after I was from Michigan) which was having drought conditions just about as long as I lived there, I am also awed by the amount of water in the east. And the rivers and lakes are so full this year, it’s just beautiful.

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