Three Years Later…and Future Plans

Yup, three years ago, after minimizing to the max, On August 10, we left our little life by the Monterey Peninsula of California, to….just wander.  There was a full moon that first night, which was important to me.  I know this is a silly picture but here is the full moon just a couple nights ago…three years later:


We certainly were not lacking in wonderful walks or local scenic beauty where we lived…..see below:



Walks on the empty beaches of Monterey Bay were our routine.


The happy rolling habit began in the sand there.


Big Sur, my favorite place ever (still!) was just a half hour drive.


I’m not kidding I’ve probably taken a thousand pictures of the Big Sur area.


And there were lots of wild flowers.  California Poppies in this case….

And yet, I needed to wander, because….oh, just because.

With very little camping and no RVing experience, I didn’t know how it would turn out.  I figured if it wasn’t working, or if at some point it was no longer fun, I’d just settle somewhere.

That is still the plan.

And though everywhere I camp I think about the possibility of staying and living in that area, it seems like when I settle it will be back somewhere near where I came from in California.  That’s home, and the more I travel, the more I know it.

I’ve also found that I love simple living.  No not without comfort or off the grid…but just living simply.  The less ‘stuff’ the better.  I hope that someday I’ll be able to find a tiny home of some sort.  And space for a garden.

But….for now….WOW, have we got plans!

When we leave Michigan in a few days we will trek straight west across Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota, retracing our steps to Bismarck, then on into Montana to a Casita Rally!  After the rally we will proceed to the west side of Glacier National Park and spend a couple of weeks there.

Next we head south through Idaho and Utah, right down to the White Mountains of Arizona.  Hopefully we will have timed it right to be able to see the fall colors there.  Then we move on to the Prescott National Forest, also in a mountainous area ( read ‘cool’…maybe cold by this time), until it’s safe weather-wise, to head to CLR…Caballo Loco Ranch, south of Tucson.  That will be our winter place again, except when we leave to spend some holiday time with family, yup, in the Monterey area!

I’ve been working on this plan a LOT, for a few weeks now, and I’m excited to get underway!  And yes, we have reservations for every single stop.  For whatever reason, I’ve found that’s the way I like to travel.

These have been 3 amazing years.  For now, this lifestyle suits me and I’m so glad I made the decision to wander!


Off we go. 🐶😁🐶

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18 Responses to Three Years Later…and Future Plans

  1. CHERYL KLINE says:

    It’s a wonderful life. I stayed my journey June 19th. Safe travels.

  2. dawnkinster says:

    It sounds wonderful! I look forward to reading all about it!

  3. Pat says:

    I would love to wander like that. I don’t think I will ever get to though.

  4. Beautifully said!!! Embracing life and seeing the beauty all around you in this great country is a true blessing!!
    I can just see you, one day, in a sweet cottage type home with a lovely garden!! Until then….happy, safe journeys!!!

  5. Marie Arnold says:

    What I admire about you and your travels is the faith that you have in yourself! Happy trails!

    • Hi Marie. You know, I think all of life prepared me for this. Like going out on a limb and going thru the process of becoming an RN while working and raising kids…things like that made me know this would be ok….and if not, then something else…

  6. Laura says:

    WOW! Three years! I love reading your posts and you’ve really inspired us to visit more of the US. I’m amazed as well that we’ve still managed to visit from time to time. I will never forget New Year’s Eve at the Salton Sea…what the hell ??!!

  7. Sadly, I don’t stop and take the time to read your posts all the time, but I’m always glad when I do! What an amazing journey! Thanks for always sharing your thoughts and your pictures. I especially love that last shot of the doggies walking in the woods. ❤ I often think of living life more simply, a you mentioned. I have so much stuff cluttering up my desk, my office, my closet… mind! I look forward to the day I can clear some of it out! Wishing you continued safe travels! Oh – and when you are in the Portland area, keep in mind that Diane and John live there now!

  8. Hi Marilyn. We’re always glad to have you along when you can make it!
    Gosh, was it really just over 3 years ago we sat in my back yard with those wonderful margaritas?
    I’ve gotta say, decreasing my ‘stuff’ was a really good thing. It’s like you say, it clutters up the mind too, and letting go of it is kind of…cleansing…
    Uh-oh, I foresee lots of travel back and forth between the East Bay and Portland!

  9. Linda Icenhauer-Ramirez says:

    Thanks for sharing your travels. I love the pictures of your two beautiful dogs and of the amazing places you have seen! Safe travels on this next adventure!

  10. einercnm says:

    No surprises in this last post. It always sounds so wonderful! Sometimes it makes me curious–do you keep track of all your miles? Gals. of fuel? Camping spots/camp grounds etc.It would be really fun to see it someday. 😀

    • Hi Elinor. I keep track of camping spots and how I liked them, and I put yellow marker on maps to remind me where I’ve been, but gas…miles…no. Well e truck keeps track of total miles driven and total miles towed.

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