Gold On Gold


On Sunday, October 8 we travel the short distance of about 50 miles from Show Low to Eagar, Arizona, to Bear Paw RV Park. (Weekly rate comes out to about $21 a day.)

Eagar is at just over 7000 feet elevation, not quite high enough for Aspen to flourish.  The amazing trees in these pictures are in nearby Apache National Forest and on the Apache reservation, where the elevation is more in the 8000 to 9000 feet range.


Gold on gold.

Pictures work better than words here, so I’ll just let them speak…..






And then there are the Ponderosa Pines…..


Reaching for the sky.


It’s hard to stop taking pictures!


We’ve taken many walks on the trails here this week.

On Sunday we’ll be moving again….heading back near Flagstaff for a few days, .on our way to the Grand Canyon!

Excited to be there…but happy to Be.  Here.  Now.



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14 Responses to Gold On Gold

  1. Ann Foose says:

    Wow, those trees are spectacular. I haven’t seen the Grand Canyon in years, I’m looking forward to seeing it again through your camera lens.

    • Hi Ann, natures colors…trees…Grand Canyon…😀 Are just beyond beautiful, aren’t they?
      I was at the GC a year and a half ago, during the spring, so now we’ll try fall. It’ll be on the cold side I think, but not crowded. The camping is without hook ups, but with the senior pass the price is so right! Make reservations though! Oh, they also have an area just for RVs with hook ups, more expensive. Not sure how it looks in that area, but the non hook up area is woodsie and nice.

  2. dawnkinster says:

    Again I need a ‘love’ button. Love the aspens along with the green pines. And of course I love the two goldens with the gold. I wouldn’t want to leave! Of course I’m always wanting to stay in beautiful places like this, and frankly the Grand Canyon will be spectacular too, so I guess it’s OK for you to move. 🙂

  3. Teri Live Oak Fl says:

    Your pictures are awesome. Nice and clear. You should get a camera since you enjoy photography. Looking forward to the Grand canyon. Safe travels.

    • Hi Teri, thank you!
      The last camera I had, I fell on it and broke it. Not to mention I broke my pelvic bone at the same time.
      A point and shoot might be ok. Don’t know if I’d have the patients to learn anything else!

  4. Your pictures are as beautiful as any I have seen! Wish I was there among the trees and leaves, as that is just the kind of place where I find absolute peace and contentment. I have some medical issues to be taken care of here, then am hoping to leave late Feb or early March for parts unknown. Will probably make a “family stop” in Texas, and then this “young” lady is looking to head West. Hope all is well…thinking you may already be at the Grand Canyon!
    Happy trails to you, and hugs for the fur babies!

    • Hi Pat. Are you in Wisconsin? Beautiful color there at this time… I’m thinking?
      Yes health problems must be tended to. Please do take care of you.
      Thank you about the pictures. One thing about using the IPhone camera, it’s so nice and small and convenient to carry along everywhere.
      As I write this reply Joy, Shiloh and I are sitting outside. It’s silent and it’s mostly dark now and the stars are showing their twinklie selves. The older I get, the more enthralled I am with it all. I’m so thankful for every single day and night and star….

  5. Laura says:


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