Getting Back To CLR



Actually this first picture was taken in Gila Bend but it’s so spectacular!

I’d been dreaming about getting back…I mean, literally dreaming while sleeping.  And finally I turn onto the dirt road that leads to the ranch…


Not exactly dream material, but I drive very slowly….IMG_3603

And finally we reach the sign above the road…IMG_3604

And I feel like I’m home.


I make it up to ‘my’ hill and with a little luck manage to position WS so she’s pointing pretty much north so the door is facing east and we get the afternoon shade.


It’s about 10:30 in this picture.


Evening here.

I planned to have a long post here but am having internet problems so….it will be short IMG_3636

I’ll share some pretty sky pictures….




This last one was this morning .

And some happy dog pictures….



And I will end this and hope that next time I get a chance to post the internet is in a better mood!

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5 Responses to Getting Back To CLR

  1. What beautiful pictures…love the dog pictures…I’m glad you are in your happy place.

  2. dawnkinster says:

    Wow. Just an amazing place. Thank you for bringing us along.

  3. Ruby says:

    Beautiful and home…..what could be better. Enjoy my dear friend.

  4. Beautiful pictures and welcome home!! I love the one of the children playing and having fun!! Oh how I love Goldens!!!

  5. Welcome home, my friend! When you said “And I feel like I’m home”, I felt the peace and contentment you must have felt. I long to find that place again…and hopefully I will. The pictures are great(as usual), the babies look happy, and I know you are. Is there someone parked next to you now?? Take care and have lots of fun!

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