….And we are on our way back to the ranch and Wandering Spirit.

Tonight we are in Blythe, CA, right on the boarder with AZ.  I’m binging on NCIS, since this afternoon and so far this evening, USA channel is playing it continually.  After tonight I won’t have TV for months so I’m glad I’m getting my Gibbs fix now! 😊


Once we get back to CLR, I’d like to stay put for a week, so I’ll be getting some groceries here at the Albertsons early tomorrow morning, then driving 300 plus miles, ending in the 8 miles of dusty, rocky road that leads to my door.  Neither Joy, nor Shiloh, nor I like these long drives.  I’m sure the furry ones will be happy when we get home and they can be leash-free on our hill.


Sorry, the only other pictures I have are of Big Sur.

All 3 of us are having a lot of joint aches and pains, with limping and such, involved. The fur babies are taking their Rimadyl, and for me it’s extra strength Tylenol for my knees now.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another, it seems.


That’s Point Sur and the lighthouse, with clouds of fog behind, and beach afore.

I’ve been having knee issues for a long time now, but very recently it’s gotten worse.  I’m hoping it’s an arthritic flare up which will calm down very soon.


Some hills in the foreground, cloud covered ocean, and then the sun behind a cloudy sky.

I’m going to try to lose some weight, to take some of the pressure off my joints…it can’t hurt.

And so the year begins…..

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19 Responses to 2018….

  1. judilyn says:

    Knees, hips, ankles – they last a lifetime, but they sure do complain after about five or six decades!

    To watch television shows once you get to CLR, you could download items from Netflix, or similar, onto a hard drive, and then hook it up to your computer to watch the shows piecemeal. Can also be done on an iPad as well. A high-capacity iPad has a lot of uses for entertainment purposes when there is no Internet available.

    Virtual hugs,


    • Hi Judie,
      That stuff is so far beyond my understanding, and maybe takes bandwidth to download it? I do have this wonderful IPad, which I suppose I’m using at kindergarten level. I’ll get the DVD’s eventually I guess…some I already have.

  2. We have a wine guard dish and a receiver and stand for sale for $325.00, paid over $500.00 last year and only used 3 months. With Dish you can start and stop service at any time…if interested then please call me at 262-215-6987..

  3. Thanks for the offer but just too complicated for me, and I’m not motivated enough to spend the money. DVD’s someday is about my speed!

  4. Marie Arnold says:

    I hear you about the knees, Micky. Do all nurses have knee issues? I’ve been on an NSAID c Tylenol and of course Zantac because one drug needs the other. Your idea’s alot better! Happy New Year !

    • Hi Marie. I presume you mean my idea about losing weight! Yes, famous last words for me! And I no longer own a scale, but I can tell if I lose/gain even a couple pounds by the way my cloths fit. I will try, it really makes a huge difference for our joints.

  5. Sharron says:

    Nice pictures!…..Gibbs and Big Sur! I think Arizona helps with aches and pains and I will test that theory soon. Plan on leaving here Saturday to make it to Ehrenberg for the RTR. Will keep in touch.

    • Hi Sharron, congratulations on setting off on your journey! I hope you and my friend Mary will find each other. She will be there too, in her white ‘Prius RV’, her first real venture of this kind, though she is a seasoned camper in a motor home.
      I also hope you will consider coming to visit me at the ranch when you finish in Q!

  6. Eileen says:

    I can understand about the joint aches, but I don’t like all these “new normals” I’ve reached in the “70’s Club.” My 12-year-old cat Calvin doesn’t exhibit joint problems yet; but I have to administer sub-q fluid injections to him everyday due to his chronic kidney disease. However, we are very fortunate in many ways; and, at this particular moment in time, I’m glad I’m living in central Florida!

  7. dawnkinster says:

    Sorry about everybody’s knees. I hope AZ helps some. Losing weight is so hard! I think Sue is somewhere near you in Blyth.

    Safe travels!!

  8. DJ says:

    Try an energy healer. It worked for my knees.

  9. Mark R Watson says:

    I had a bad knee once. My Dr said to streatch my iliotibial band. ……https://www.webmd.com/pain-management/it-band-syndrome#1……pain was sometimes on the outside of knee one day, the inside of knee the next and behind the knee cap next. streatching the band fixed me up.

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