It’s Almost Time….

To go.


Look, the Ocotillo are leafing out!

I do feel torn.  I feel it’s about time to leave CLR and I want to head out, at the same time that it hurts to leave this simpler way of living.  This energy.  These people.  These views. (NOT that I’ll mind having electricity again, and easy internet access!  Who-hoo!)


Sunrise yesterday.

I’m such a water person it seems strange that the desert here draws me so strongly.  There is something special about this place…right here….for me it’s a sacred place.

But, it’s time, and, there is going to be a lifestyle change coming up, at least for awhile.

The plan is to spend the spring and summer at least, in the ‘home place’ near Monterey, California.  Actually more precisely in Mary’s home place.  She’s had her trial run in her Prius RV and loved it, and now she’s ready to go for an extended trip, but doesn’t like the idea of leaving her house empty for a long period of time.  Meanwhile, I’m feeling the need to settle for awhile, so it works out really well for Joy, Shiloh and I to stay at her house while she hits the road.

Sooo…we leave Thursday.  Yup, this Thursday.  We will have a short visit in Prescott with our friends Kerry and Annabelle, and then travel on to Mary’s.

After summer….then what?  I just don’t know at this point.  Is my spirit done wandering?  I don’t think so, but only time will tell for sure.  I have thoughts of taking an extensive trip through California, and the Oregon/Washington coast still calls to me.  I might like to try Glacier National Park again.  (We got smoked out last time and the time before that I had a bad back injury).  I still haven’t visited the north rim of the Grand Canyon….there is so MUCH out there to see and experience….

But right now, I want to go home.  I want to walk Delmonte Beach with Joy and Shiloh,


Sit on the patio at Napenthe with a South Coast Margarita, absorbing the incomparable view and energy.


The view from Napenthe.

Hike in Molara State Park where the Big Sur River meets the ocean.

Maybe Patty will give me another Big Sur Lighthouse tour!

I’d like to have breakfast at my favorite place ever to have breakfast, Deetjens Big Sur Inn.


I want to see family and friends in a leisurely way…not rushing to see everyone in a short time.

I’dlike to walk on Asilamar Beach with Jason and Mandy and reminisce about their wedding.

Hey, I wouldn’t even mind a trip to San Francisco ( the big city!😀), and try out some nice vegan restaurant and go sit on a bench I know of with a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge. 😊(hi Laura.  Hi Ulf!)

Yeah, home sounds real good right now.


Nice sunsets from the Monterey Peninsula too.


Ohhhhh…Big Sur….I do love you, and miss you!

So, we are getting ready to go, and I will keep blogging.  One step at a time here!


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20 Responses to It’s Almost Time….

  1. Tom Sobers says:

    I enjoy your blogs so much. It was so much fun meeting you and your dogs in upper Michigan last year. If your ever out in Lancaster Pa area. Let us know there’s a nice little camp ground. It’s Beacon Hill Campground. Happy Travels. Tom & Tina Sobers

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  2. Maureen O’Connor says:

    Godspeed, Micky, safe travels and happy landings!

  3. Reine in Plano (when not camping) says:

    Have a relaxing spring and summer. Are you planning to keep your spot at CLR? From what you’ve written, you get another type of relaxation when you’re there.

  4. Kitt B. says:

    It sounds like you know exactly where you want to be for the time being. Speedy safe travels and enjoy the peace the coast gives you. I’ll be watching for those beautiful beach photos!

  5. Patty says:

    For sure we are going to the Lighthouse with a picnic. I think we should bring your Jason and Mandy!

  6. ulf kjellström says:

    ….Pubbie…wasn’t there a bird at the bench too….thinking about lots of blueberry pancaces+bacon & scrambled eggs 💖

    Den 11 mars 2018 19:00 skrev “Wandering Spirit” :

    > onewanderingspirit posted: “To go. Look, the Ocotillo are leafing out! I > do feel torn. I feel it’s about time to leave CLR and I want to head out, > at the same time that it hurts to leave this simpler way of living. This > energy. These people. These views. (NOT that I’ll mind ” >

  7. dawnkinster says:

    I will enjoy seeing your summer posts (assuming you have the time and inclination to post at all) of beautiful California. The dogs will love that beach for sure. Safe travels, hope to hear from you soon! (Though how you can leave those desert sunsets…..)

  8. Cindy CF says:

    Excited for you to plant in familiar surroundings for a while. How great it is that this is working out for you and your friend! Peace always for you and yours…

  9. Laura says:

    Breakfast and Deetjen’s and margaritas at Nepenthe sound great…as does some San Francisco time!

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