I Do Love It Here

After months in the desert, one feels….dusty.  So…..

Shiloh gets a bath….


And the next day Joy gets a bath.


Too hard on my achy joints to bathe them both on the same day.

Much as they love jumping into any body of wild water, baths are barely tolerated, but getting dried off is loads of fun.

Then a few days later, Wandering Spirit gets a bath too.



After the washing a couple days later she gets a wax job…except for the top.  Right now my knees aren’t letting me go up and down the ladder multiple times like waxing the top would require.


Joy next to WS as if we were still camping.  This was taken while everyone was still dusty.

And then I bought this great big tarp and Mary helped me cover WS to protect her from sun damage.

74317E78-2D52-4C48-A99A-FB6CACC95A04😕. Not all that attractive  is it?  By releasing a bungee cord or two I have easy access to the inside so I can clean and whatnot.

C16324F3-5B2D-4899-B038-8101662CF8D2After and between the bathing and waxing, I’m working on a little garden in Mary’s front yard, and some potted herbs in her back yard.  This is a work in progress, something I’ll be playing with throughout the summer.

California is in bloom right now…..

E650A985-9E7D-4887-A8BA-1586D870507EA field of wild mustard.


Gardens everywhere.


This is called Breath Of Heaven.  A favorite of mine. I planted one in Mary’s garden.

8CA0C699-C77D-4D08-B342-A15F42C36A2CHeading towards ocean and sky…a view from Imjin Road in Marina.


A view of a small bit of Monterey Bay driving on Hwy 101 through Sand City.

Yes, I do love it here!



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11 Responses to I Do Love It Here

  1. Ruby says:

    And what a beautiful place to be and call home….I could hear you exhale all the way across the country. Enjoy and I know you will.

  2. Laura says:

    I want to buy a house there!

  3. dawnkinster says:

    So glad you are getting to stay in a place you love so much! Nice to see the dogs relaxed to (even with the bath thing).

    • Hi Dawn. I think we all needed some stability. I still have no idea what’s next. For one who is always planning ahead, that feels weird. Maybe it will help me live “in the moment” more.

  4. Mike & Gerri says:

    What a beautiful place and such a lovely garden!! You definitely have a “green thumb!!”

  5. Carol Jungwirth says:

    Welcome back 😘.

  6. Can see why you love it there. The picture of the beautiful blue of the Bay is enough to suck me in!! Got a chuckle out of Joy laying by WS. Enjoy every bit of your stay, however long that may be.

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