Mis-named Blog?

I didn’t realize how true that was, until now.  Until Shiloh is Purely Spirit.  It wasn’t ONE Wandering Spirit, it was three.  I got it wrong, and then comforted myself with thought that the three of us are one combined spirit…all one with each other.

Now I know that even more so.  We really ARE one….Shiloh’s spirit is still here with me…he is part of me.  I feel his presence.


Shiloh & Sun

Shiloh on the sand dunes

This is part of how I’m coping with his death….by believing that he is still here….because I just don’t know how to be without him.

Anyway, the blog is now mis-named in another way too.  Well.  Sort of.  Because we are no longer wandering.  I’ve decided to settle.  Joy and I will be starting a new chapter in our lives….so….

why not start a new blog too???

(Besides, I’ve used up about 90% of my space on this one)!


Joy on the beach this morning.

i brainstormed new titles for a blog and read them to my friend Laura.  She commented that I left ‘wandering’ out of all of them.  I said, yes, because I’m no longer wandering…it would be misleading.  Her thoughts on that were that no, it wouldn’t be misleading because she has always seen me as a wanderer.  If not spiritually then physically wandering the beache, or Big  Sur, or moving from Michigan to California to New Hampshire, back to California, back to Michigan, then back to California, then traveling four years, and now back to California!  Yes, she said, you ARE a Wandering spirit.  That’s not misleading!

08CFAA0F-0B20-4F3D-973A-DCAA4C06FE1D‘Our beach’…so to speak.

Landing in California four times, I think I can safely say the coast of California is home.  So, I came up with the title of a new blog…..

“Wandering Spirits At Home”.

The blog is there, though sometimes Google says it doesn’t exist.  (It needs a lot of work.  I’d like to get the words below the picture, and the small picture out of the middle of the big picture…but it’s got me totally frustrated right now so I’ll try again later.  Also the picture and quote at the very end were added by WordPress….not mine.)


12AA06A0-0FAF-49E7-A42F-2C0E9E069E2ALooks like this right now.

Yes, that’s plural on the ‘spirits’ this time.

All of us, Shiloh included.  And maybe someday another spirit will join us….

First blog is called ‘An Introduction All Over Again’, but it’s very brief.

I was hesitant to do this, because I may lose a lot of you.  It means you will have to find me again, and if you want the new blog to come to you automatically you’ll need to sign up again.

And you may no longer care to read the new blog because we are staying in one spot for now and that may not interest you.

I don’t know where it’s going to lead.  There will be things about minimalist living I think, because right now I have very few possessions and I like living simply.  Changing over residency to California. Dogs, gardening,  beach walks, poetry, vegan/vegetarian lifestyle….who knows what else.  Right now the plan is to spend some time at Caballo Loco Ranch in Arizona this winter, up on my hill, boondocking. so there’s that.

I will also continue to post here for awhile to remind those that might come looking, that we’ve moved the blog.

I hope you all will understand and if you think you might have some interest in our new adventures, I hope you’ll come along!


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30 Responses to Mis-named Blog?

  1. Claudia Sutherland says:

    I completely understand and would like to continue following you. I tried to pull up the new site and it says it doesn’t exist. Please help!

    • Hi Claudia, it’s not working right now for some reason! I’ve got questions in to WordPress, waiting for answers. I can get that blog because when I come to this one it gives me the choice to change sites. If I put the address into a search, it tells me that it doesn’t exist. (sigh). When I get it figured out I’ll let you know!

  2. Gerri Jones says:

    Of course I will follow your new blog!! Thank you for continuing to blog because you guys are important no matter where you are!! It wasn’t the “moving” that attracted me it was you all!! Count me in!!
    Shiloh will always be a part of you!!!

  3. mariah says:

    Wandering Spirit is still perfect and a true tribute to Shiloh as well as yourself and Joy. Please don’t change it. The Spirit lives on…

  4. Jami Badala says:

    I’ll continue to follow you, no matter where your spirit (Shiloh) guides you! Your travels and your fur babies have held my interest, and you still have my attention ! Don’t change a thing, just be true to yourself, you know you, don’t worry about what happens next, if we could predict the future, what fun would that be ? God Bless you, I’m looking forward to your new Blog !!

  5. Mo D says:

    Hi Micky! I found it, and am following 🙂

  6. Yay Maureen! how did you find it?

  7. Cindy CF says:

    Oh I don’t think it’s always about the RVing. That’s what brought me here in the first place, but you and your family kept me here. Of course I’ll follow!

  8. judilyn says:

    It’s 1816 Mountain Time, and I’m not finding the new blog yet. Will keep trying.

    Virtual hugs,


  9. dawnkinster says:

    Of course I’ll find your new place.

    • Hi Dawn. If you can find it would you let me know how you did it? The only way I can find it is by going to this site and changing over to the other site. When I put the address in search it tells me it doesn’t exist!

  10. Callie Capitano says:

    I look forward to reading your blogs and pictures of your babies and places you have been. I definitely want to continue following you and I too have lost my fur babies due to age and the illnesses that aging brings. I feel your pain and pray for peace to be with you!

    • I’m glad you will be here Callie. I’m so sorry that you feel this pain too. And to think….they love/loved us equally as much. So thankful they no longer suffer. Thank you for your prayers. hugs.

  11. Janet Johnson says:

    I am behind on blog reading because life got too busy, and I am so sorry today to hear about Shiloh. I loved the poem you wrote for him except it made me cry. Dogs have always been my best friends, sometimes my only friends. I finally adopted a couple of human kids, and I adore them, but as they move into adulthood they naturally move more into their own. But my current pack of dogs are always there, always seeing me as important enough to yowl their heads off when I come home, even if it’s only been 10 minutes. I think a change of pace and a new blog are a good idea. I wish you well and i wish you peace.

    • Thank you Janet, isn’t it amazing to be appreciated and loved that much? Something we shouldn’t take for granted….all that love. Each with their very own personality and way of being. We are so fortunate to have these sweet beings in our lives.
      I hope you’ll be able to hook up with the new blog….I think it’s working now. I hope.

  12. I’m working on trying to make the new blog findable. Lets try this:

  13. Ego says:

    I’ll need help signing up. That’s a positive!

    • Hi Linda, I now have a sign up button on the page, near the top, on the right. I just added that. I was also able to change the format to get the little picture out of the big one and get the title off the picture. If you go to the site and see something weird, hang in there, it’s probably me trying to figure out how to fix something….

  14. Abel in Austin says:

    I will continue to follow. i don’t comment hardly ever but every now and then I do. Thanks so much for your blog.

  15. Paula says:

    I will continue to follow. Wandering Spirits at Home is a perfect name for your new blog. And of course Shiloh will always be with you!

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