I left Caballo Loco Ranch March 15, 2018 and came back November 11, 2020. So about 2 1/2 years, and it probably changed more here during that 2 1/2 years than it has changed in the last 20 or so years.

Our view of CLR as Blue and I walked in the desert this morning.

Most of this change is due to owner Jim Steinman being interviewed by Bob Wells of ‘Cheap RV Living’. After that, the secret was out. Remote desert RV living with minimal development ( but wells with good water and a big-ass generator), nice people, and not tons of rules to follow… pretty much just, ‘be kind to the earth and each other’. Oh and it’s cheap. 🙂

Oh and don’t forget those amazing sunsets. This one happened last evening.

But of course if you double or triple the population, that changes things. A lot more sites have been cleared, and many aren’t as large as most of the ones that have been established for years. More people running their ATV’s on the dirt roads means more dust, helped by the fact that there was almost no rain this past summer, which is rainy season here.

Then due to Covid there won’t be the many socials and camaraderie there used to be, and since only about half the folks are wearing masks and social distancing, if they are gathering I’m not as likely to go. I do have my mini group here, my two neighbors, Ruth and Joyce.

Ruth on Red, leading Rennie, for a desert ride.

One really great change is that there is almost always some AT&T cellular floating around out here now. I can make phone calls, text, write my blog, order my groceries on line, even Zoom without driving 18 miles to Three Points.

It’s been too hot for me, the wilting flower. For over a week now it’s been reaching 90 degrees, which has been breaking records. I’ve felt cranky and crabby ( can you tell:-)), and sitting in the shade sipping ice tea most of that time, while Blue Sky lies near me or under the trailer. We walk early, before the heat, and come alive again as the sun goes down.

Blue enjoying another morning walk.

This place has been known for Happy Hour at Fort Kelly, but I’ve been having mine with Joyce and Ruth. We ‘meet in the middle’ which is Joyce’s patio.

They say the heat is supposed to break tomorrow. Fingers crossed for that.

The good thing about the heat is that the nights are really pleasant. Once we spent the night outside. I watched the meteor shower when I wasn’t sleeping on the Amit- gravity chair. It was quite the show with this dark sky and almost no moon.

Blue experienced his first camp fire last night.

Jim, the owner, says he’s booked solid this winter, and apparently has a waiting list as he opens up more sites. So probably don’t plan to make the trip this winter, if you’ve been considering it.

I’ve got mixed feelings about all this, as you can probably tell by now.

I’m glad we are here, though I’m a bit homesick. The experience seems good for Blue, but not sure how long we will be staying.

Maybe I’ll feel better when it cools off?? We’ll see…

Blue would be climbing a waterfall in a wash if there was any water.

Oh and one more thing. Well, more than one.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Be safe. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Stay 6 feet apart. You might be saving someone’s life. And… I love my country.

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6 Responses to Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. Lynn OBrien says:

    I love your posts. I am living your journey vicariously through you. You are living your dream, albeit some serious, unplanned events (losing your 2 darlings, and covid, for starters). Blue Sky is darling, and your blog and accompanying pictures are wonderful. I am sorry I don’t respond often but please know that I enjoy your stories and I am so very happy for you……. and for Blue Sky.

    I am with you in spirit, here in the concrete jungle, the Big Rotten Apple.

    Love you, my friend….. until we meet again, Lynn


    • Hi Lynn,
      It makes me so happy that you commented here. It’s really good to hear from you. Yes, I do hope we meet again. Life just keeps getting shorter.
      I enjoy your walks in Central Park… I go with you vicariously, and I know you would enjoy walking in these mountains.
      We met in London! Remember that? :-)) and we had our our Big Sur time …
      Take care… be safe.
      Love you too Lynn.

  2. Patty says:

    You know Micky, I am not surprised your secret spot was discovered. Hopefully it doesn’t totally lose it’s charm.
    We can give thanks for being alive & well & looking ahead for calmer times!
    Hugs to Blue & you & Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Sharon Wood says:

    Micky, Looks like you are having an amazing trip! Thank you for the card! We will miss you very much! Hope to see your for Christmas! 🌲🎄 ❤️ Sharon Sent from my iPhone


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