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Just A Note

Yesterday I accidentally posted a blog to this site, which is where I posted while I was traveling. After I did it, I realized I goofed, so I then posted almost the same post to my current blog which is … Continue reading

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New Post on Wandering Spirits At Home

I’ve stopped blogging here and continued with a new blog called Wandering Spirits At Home. Please come visit!  Todays post is called “Making A Nest”  

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“Wandering Spirits At Home” seems to be working now

New Blog….Wandering Spirits At Home I don’t know if the link will work.  I hope so but if not if you go to or the blog does seem to be showing up now. The reason I don’t … Continue reading

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Mis-named Blog?

I didn’t realize how true that was, until now.  Until Shiloh is Purely Spirit.  It wasn’t ONE Wandering Spirit, it was three.  I got it wrong, and then comforted myself with thought that the three of us are one combined … Continue reading

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Ode To Shiloh

I didn’t think I’d write a poem about him.  But then, there it was inside, insisting to be let out.  Barking at the door, you might say. So I’ve written it for days…bits and pieces would come to me, along … Continue reading

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The Way Things Stand…

First, let me say thank you for all the kindness so many showed in your comments on the last  post.  I wanted to answer each one but when I would try….it was too hard.  Please know I appreciate every word … Continue reading

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Just over a week ago, I thought Shiloh had a month or two or three….and then it all went so fast.  But then I realized the pain he began having…”its time mommy….I don’t want to leave you… but it’s time … Continue reading

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The Storm

Shiloh’s spirit is now running free….he used to run like the wind….and now he’s able to do that again.  I think he’s met his friend and mine, Jo, at the Rainbow Bridge.  She was there waiting for him….still helping me … Continue reading

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The Calm Before The Storm

The storm we will be dealing with concerns Shiloh, who will be going in for some tests tomorrow.  I’m trying to hold it together, but I give myself about a ‘D’ for that right now.  I’ll tell you more in … Continue reading

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My Friend Jo

Mary is now in Utah with friends traveling in her ‘Prius RV’.  I haven’t been feeling great…actually not very good at all much of the time, with just a good day here and there, otherwise having some serious aches and … Continue reading

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